Hotel New Otani Makuhari 2023 will be celebrated with a dream collaboration of “Pierre Hermé Paris” x “ Patisserie SATSUKI”

New Otani Co., Ltd.
“Pierre Hermé Paris” x “Patisserie SATSUKI” welcomes 2023 with a dream collaboration
All-you-can-eat sweets that cost more than 4,000 yen per piece! A sweets festival that colors the New Year that can only be done at New Otani.

[Image 1 At Hotel New Otani Makuhari, “SWEETS COLLECTION-PIERRE HERME PARIS & SATSUKI” where you can enjoy sweets from “Pierre Herme Paris” and “Patisserie SATSUKI” in buffet style will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2023. increase.
The best sweets buffet that can only be done at Hotel New Otani Pierre Hermé continues to lead the patisserie world and boasts an overwhelming status. His own pastry shop, Pierre Hermé Paris, opened in 1998 at the Hotel New Otani (Tokyo). At the same time, Shinsuke Nakajima, who became the chef patissier of Hotel New Otani, opened “Patisserie SATSUKI”. We have released many popular works such as the “Super Series” that generously use carefully selected materials of the highest quality, and continue to give joy and excitement. We will hold the ultimate sweets buffet for one day only, which can be realized only by Hotel New Otani, which has such two brands.
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Enjoy the masterpieces of the two brands to your heart’s content! [Pierre Hermé Paris]
Pierre Hermé Paris’ elegant sweets full of esprit are works of art themselves. Among them, the masterpiece “Ispahan”, which boasts an overwhelming presence with the harmony of roses, lychees and raspberries, is especially popular among women. In addition to popular classics such as “De Mille-feuille” (right photo), “Tart Infiniman Chocolat” (center photo), “Plaisir Sucre” and “Infiniman Jasman”, the balance of marron, passion fruit, and matcha. There are also popular sweets such as the exquisite “Sara” (left in the photo). In addition, you can fully enjoy a variety of Pierre Hermé Paris sweets such as “Macaron” and “Bonbon Chocolat”.
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[Patisserie SATSUKI]
The super sweets series that made Shinsuke Nakajima famous. Using brown rice egg dough from chickens that grew up eating brown rice, deliciousness and health, and a new material “soy milk cream” that considers the environment, only one tree is raised from one tree, and the taste is condensed. “New Extra Super Amaou Shortcake” (¥4,320) using muskmelons from Shizuoka Prefecture and “New Extra Super Amaou Shortcake” (right photo, ¥3,456), generously packed with Hakata Amaou (R), are available every year. At the storefront, there are also exquisite sweets that cost more than ¥4,000 per piece, such as the ever-evolving “Super Mont Blanc” (center photo, ¥3,780). In addition to the classic “Super Opera Legere” (photo left, ¥ 1,782), pancakes, croissants, glass sweets, gelato, and light meals such as original sandwiches are also available.
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≪Pierre Hermé≫
Pierre Hermé, an up-and-coming patissier who overturned the existing concept of sweets and was called “Picasso of the patisserie world” by US Vogue magazine. In 1998, he opened the world’s first pastry boutique bearing his own name at the Hotel New Otani. The “world of taste, sensibility, and joy” drawn by a genius patissier has an impact on the food culture of Hotel New Otani, and Pierre Hermé also develops macaroons that incorporate Japanese ingredients and flavors, and collaborates with various hotels. and.
≪Shinsuke Nakajima≫
Executive chef of Hotel New Otani. In 2002, he won the overall award as the Japanese national team at the “World Pastry Championship”. In 2009, he led the team to win the World Patisserie 2009 as the manager of the Japanese national team Taste. He fully demonstrates his commitment to ingredients and creates the “Super Sweets Series” represented by the “Super Melon Shortcake” that has been created with time and effort.
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Overview of the event
Hotel New Otani Makuhari
[Date and time] Saturday, January 7, 2023 [Part 1] 11:30-13:00 [Part 2] 14:30-16:00
[Location] Foyer/Banquet Hall (2F)
[Price] Adult ¥14,000
*Price includes sweets buffet (including snacks), tax and service charge. *Children must be 4 years old or older (fees apply).
[Inquiries] TEL043-297-7676 (Banquet reservations Weekdays
11:00-19:00/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00-19:00)
[For details and reservations]

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