Hotel New Otani Strawberry! foam! And meat! A night buffet that is perfect for an “adult girls’ party” will be held for a limited time!

New Otani Co., Ltd.
Strawberry! foam! And meat! A night buffet that is perfect for an “adult girls’ party” will be held for a limited time!
The ever-popular “Strawberry Buffet” is now available for dinner with 5 kinds of free-flowing sparkling wine!

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Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
Tea & Cocktail “Garden Lounge”
“Super Sweets Night Buffet -Strawberry Sweets-” At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), in the Tea & Cocktail “Garden Lounge”, in addition to the hotel’s traditional roast beef and strawberry sweets that use seasonal strawberries, you can enjoy free flow of 5 kinds of sparkling wine at the same time. Super Sweets Night Buffet -Strawberry Sweets-” will be held only on Fridays and Saturdays from December 3rd (Sat) to 25th (Sun), 2022.
*Special business only on December 25 (Sun)
Now is the season! “Super sweets buffet” full of strawberries will be available for a limited time at dinner time!
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The Garden Lounge’s lunch strawberry buffet “Super Sweets Buffet” is a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of sweets and dishes with an outstanding view overlooking the vast Japanese garden. We change the theme for each season and offer sweets using seasonal ingredients. And in December, the current “Super Sweets Buffet ~Strawberry Sweets~” will be supplemented with extravagant menu items such as free flow of 5 kinds of sparkling wine and “Roast Beef”, a traditional taste of the hotel that has been passed down from generation to generation. “Super Sweets Night Buffet -Strawberry Sweets-” will be held for a limited time.
Irresistible for strawberry lovers! Gorgeous sweets lineup
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A luxurious lineup of seasonal strawberry sweets such as strawberry shortcake, which is characterized by its silky sponge fabric and attracts many fans, as well as strawberry rolls, strawberry tarts, strawberry jelly, and panna cotta ~strawberry sauce~. .
In addition to strawberries, Patisserie SATSUKI’s popular sweets such as “Super Melon Shortcake”, which uses muskmelons with a sugar content of 14 degrees or more, and “Soymilk Basque Cheesecake”, which uses soymilk, which is popular as a healthy ingredient, are also available. Please enjoy.
Perfect for year-end gatherings and adult girls’ associations! With free flow including rosé sparkling wine!
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One of the attractions is that the night buffet comes with a free flow of drinks. Five types of sparkling wine that go well with sweets will make your night even more spectacular. In addition to wine, draft beer and cocktails, we also offer a full lineup of non-alcoholic drinks. Limited to night buffet! Hotel’s traditional “prime roast beef” cutting service [Image 5

“Roast beef”, which has been handed down from generation to
generation, is available only at the night buffet. It is juicy and fragrant, and the more you chew it, the more the red meat’s original umami that spreads in your mouth stands out. We will cut it in front of the customer and provide it to the size of your choice.
Cold and hot dishes to enjoy with sparkling wine
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The hotel’s traditional beef stew, which features slow-simmered meat and rich demi-glace, Marseille-style seafood, and even black vinegar pork. A wide variety of lineup will appear in the buffet corner along with sweets. Also, from December 23rd (Friday) to 25th (Sunday), you can enjoy “Akaza shrimp grilled with herb bread crumbs” and “Aigamo loin carpaccio” for a limited time.
Live jazz music that colors the winter nights
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“Super Sweets Night Buffet -Strawberry Sweets-” period
Every Friday and Saturday from Saturday, December 3, 2022 to Saturday, December 17, 2022
23rd (Friday) to 25th (Sunday) *At Christmas special price
120 minutes each
-Every Friday and Saturday from December 3rd (Sat) to 17th (Sat)- Adult ¥13,000
Children ¥6,000
-December 23rd (Friday) to 25th (Sunday)-
Adult ¥15,000
Children ¥7,000
*With free flow
*A separate service charge will be added to the price.
*Children are 4-12 years old
[Contents of free flow menu]
5 types of sparkling wine (4 types of white and rosé), wine (white and red), draft beer, original cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks
Tel.03-5226-0246 (Direct to Garden Lounge)
*Photo is an image
*If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance.
*The contents of the menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
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