Hotel Nikko Alivila Held a night reef trail “Ijai” to observe nocturnal sea creatures

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[Hotel Nikko Alivila] Held a night reef trail “Ijai” to observe nocturnal sea creatures
Edutainment program limited-time menu

At Hotel Nikko Alivila (Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture / General Manager: Koichi Nakajima), an experience program unique to Okinawa where you can observe nocturnal sea creatures for a limited period of 5 days from November 2022 to March 2023. “Ijai” will be held. [Image 1

“Ijai” means “clam digging at night” in the Okinawan dialect. Clam digging, which is held from spring to summer, is done during the day when the tide is at its lowest, but in winter, when the tide is at its lowest, it is at night. “Ijai” (Izari fishing) for catching octopus, shrimp, fish and shellfish is held here. “Ijai” is also one of the seascapes of Okinawa in winter.
Alivila’s edutainment program “Ijai” observes nocturnal creatures and creatures hiding quietly behind rocks while walking with a guide on Nirai Beach, which spreads out in front of the hotel on a night when the tide is low. . This is a limited-time “sea play” night program where you can “feel and learn about nature” by observing sea creatures that look different from the daytime on nights when the moonlight and starry sky are beautiful.
[Image 2

Observing sea creatures at night
Night Reef Trail “Ijai” Overview
Dates: November 21, 2022 (Monday), December 20 (Tuesday), January 19, 2023 (Thursday), February 18 (Saturday), March 19 (Sunday)
Fee: 4,000 yen per person (including consumption tax)
Time / From 23:00 (60 minutes)
Eligibility: Junior high school students and above, hotel guests Capacity / 8 people
Reservations/Inquiries: 098-982-9111 (representative) Edutainment Room (business hours 9:00-20:00)
Remarks / Minimum number of participants is 2. Reservation required by 18:30 on the day. Business days and hours may change depending on the situation. For details, please contact us or check the official website.

[Image 3

Nirai Beach
[Image 4

Nirai beach at low tide
[About efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection]
At Hotel Nikko Alivila, as a countermeasure against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus, we put the health and safety of our customers and employees first, and are taking measures so that our customers can use our hotel with peace of mind.
For details, please check the URL below.
Hotel Nikko Alivila -Yomitan Resort Okinawa-
A blissful space created by the sea of ​​Alivila blue and the shining sun Hotel Nikko Alivila is a resort hotel on the beach featuring a Spanish colonial-style building with an exotic atmosphere. In front of the hotel, the sea called “Alibira Blue”, which boasts one of the best transparency on the main island of Okinawa, spreads out.
You can enjoy a superb stay filled with high-quality comfort, such as special dishes that make full use of carefully selected ingredients, a variety of marine menus, and relaxation.
Location: 600 Gima, Yomitan Village, Nakagami District, Okinawa 904-0393 TEL: 098-982-9111 (representative) FAX: 098-958-6620
Access: About 70 minutes by car from Naha Airport, about 90 minutes by airport limousine bus B area
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