Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport “Nikubar Yokubaru Buffet” will be held from December 3rd

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[Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport] “Nikubar Yokubaru Buffet” will be held from December 3rd
– Last year’s popular “Meat Bar Yokubaru Buffet” is back! Meat lovers gather! –
Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport (Location: Kansai International Airport, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, General Manager: Takashi Kondo), which is directly connected to Kansai International Airport, will be open from Saturday, December 3, 2022 to Sunday, January 29, 2023. , “Meat Bar Yokubaru Buffet” will be held at All-Day Dining “The Brasserie” only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
[Image 1

Image of “Meat Bar Well Bar Buffet”
The popular fair “Meat Bar Yokubaru Buffet” held in the winter of 2021 will return again with the desire to “enjoy a wide variety of meat dishes while being greedy”.
At this year’s fair, we have prepared dishes that allow you to enjoy beef, pork, and chicken in various arrangements and with seasonal ingredients and flavors. In the open kitchen, you can enjoy a variety of menus that are irresistible for meat lovers, such as “Herb grilled chicken thigh with mint flavored tomato sauce” and “Roast beef & beef steak” that you can choose from multiple condiments and two types of salt to your liking. You can enjoy it as much as you want. There are also limited menus for December and January, so you can enjoy the fair every month. “Matcha and black soybean trifle cake” will be available only in January. Please use it for meals with your family, loved ones, and friends.
Meat Bar Well Bar Buffet Overview
[Exhibition date] December 3, 2022 (Sat)-January 29, 2023 (Sun) *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
[Business hours] Lunch 11:30-14:30 (Last entry 14:00) / Dinner 17:30-20:30 (Last entry 20:00)
[Provision location] All-day dining “The Brasserie” (2nd floor) [Fee] Adults (13 to 64 years old): 5,300 yen / Seniors over 65 years old: 4,900 yen / 7 to 12 years old: 2,800 yen / 4 to 6 years old: 1,000 yen
*Children under the age of 3 are free.
*Price includes service charge and consumption tax.
*The price is the same for both lunch and dinner.
*Dinner from December 23rd (Friday) to 25th (Sunday) and lunch and dinner from January 1st (Sunday/holiday) to January 3rd (Tuesday), 2023 will be charged separately.
[Buffet menu contents (partial excerpt)]
●Recommended menu
2 months common menu
[Image 2

Herb-grilled bone-in chicken thigh mint tomato sauce
・Bone-in chicken thigh grilled with herbs mint tomato sauce
・Roast beef & beef steak 2 kinds of salt and various condiments (truffle salt, fleur de sel, garlic onion sauce, Japanese mustard, wasabi, grated ponzu sauce, soy sauce)
December limited menu
[Image 3

Grilled pork and sausage brochette
・Grilled pork and sausage brochette style
・Bone-in uncured ham cutting service
January limited menu
[Image 4

Grilled Spareribs with Spicy BBQ Sauce
・Grilled Spareribs with Spicy BBQ Sauce
Cold dishes
2 months common menu
・Pulled Pork and Quinoa Power Salad
・Smoked pork fillet cooked at a low temperature
・Chicken liver pate with citrus scent
・Cold beef Cobb salad
・Uncured ham, cold meat
December limited menu
・Blue cheese mousse with crunchy bacon and honey croutons
[Image 5

Oil sardine, bacon and sundried tomato cake sale Truffle fragrant yogurt sauce ・Jellied pork with mustard-flavored sauce
・Chicken breast and taramo croissant sandwich
・Marinated uncured ham and fried eggplant Sappari sauce with 2 kinds of vinegar ・Marinated salmon French caviar and herb sauce
・Oiled sardines, bacon, and sundried tomato cake salad with
truffle-flavoured yogurt sauce
・Cold Cheese Fondue Fruit and Smoked Chicken Breast, Shrimp, Spice Croutons January limited menu
[Image 6

Grilled pork belly and spiced potato salad
・Cauliflower and dried persimmon salad and smoked salmon
・Quail eggs and pickled turnips with sardine frittto
・Marinated smoked chicken breast and red cabbage with raisins ・Chicken Breast and Bacon American Clubhouse Croissant Sandwich ・Marinated gizzards, pork ears and lentils
・Marinated salmon and pink grapefruit salad
・Grilled pork belly and spiced potato salad
●Hot dishes
[Image 7

Turkish style eggplant and pork belly
2 months common menu
・Two kinds of tomato pilaf served with thick omelet rice
・Cheese baked with tripe tomato stew
・Turkish-style eggplant and pork belly
December limited menu
・Fricassee of chicken thigh and seasonal vegetables
・Pork cartilage and taro ajillo
・Crab meat and cheese flan
・Steamed grilled pork belly with olive-flavored sauce
・Deep-fried chicken thighs marinated in apples, honey mustard sauce ・Vegetable corn chowder soup
・Bread crumbs of beef tendon and mashed potatoes
・Roasted chicken wings with onion sauce
・Simmered red fish and mussels in cream with shellfish broth January limited menu
[Image 8

Roasted Cabbage and Sausage with Mustard Sauce
・Grilled chicken thigh with chickpea sauce
・Simmered Creamy Chinese Cabbage and Meatballs
・Film-wrapped steamed hamburger steak and potatoes with cheese ・Cheese and beef tendon flan
・Squid ring herb fragrant squid ink beignet caper fragrant tomato sauce ・Chicken Wing Spice Frit Yogurt Sauce
・Winter vegetable soup with tomato flavor
・Boiled beef tendon miso and breaded eggplant
・Roasted cabbage and sausage mustard sauce
・White fish acqua pazza
●Recommended dessert monthly trifle cake
[Image 9

Raw chocolate and berry trifle cake
December only
・Raw chocolate and berry trifle cake
January only
・Matcha and black soybean trifle cake
●Other desserts
・Chocolate Fountain (Seasonal Fruits & Marshmallows & Grissini) ・Colorful candy
・Assorted fruits
·Soft cream
*The menu may change depending on the season and availability of ingredients. Please note.
*All photos are images.
[Reservations/Inquiries] Restaurant reservations: 072-455-1120 All Day Dining “The Brasserie” Details:
About Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
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This hotel is located inside Kansai International Airport, a sea airport that connects cities around the world. It is located inside Aeroplaza, which is directly connected to Terminal 1 and the railway station. Access to Terminal 2 is free from the first floor of Aeroplaza. Shuttle bus service. The interior of the building is based on a spacious space design, and the guest rooms are completely soundproof and completely blackout, with an emphasis on soft color interiors and tranquility. In each restaurant, you can enjoy delicious dishes made with safe domestic ingredients. Enjoy a meal with your family or loved ones at the beginning or end of your trip.
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