Hotland Co., Ltd. First store in Ibaraki Prefecture Full volume! A whole lot of deliciousness! “Yaromeshi” opens on 11/18 (Friday)!

Hotland Co., Ltd.
[Ibaraki Prefecture’s first store] Full volume! A whole lot of deliciousness! “Yaromeshi” opens on 11/18 (Friday)!
We also have a new menu “Chicken Nanban set meal” with homemade tartar sauce that will whet your appetite!

A subsidiary of Hotland Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Morio Sase), which operates “Tsukiji Gindaco”, “Nihonbashi Karari” http://www Hotland Nextage Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoki Ota), which develops, etc., will be the “first” in Ibaraki Prefecture on November 18, 2022 (Friday). Yoromeshi Tsuchiura Otsuno store will open.
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* Product image of “Exquisite Ginger-grilled Set Meal”
“Yaromeshi” is a “lively everyday life!” through “food”! This is a restaurant where you can enjoy “exquisite side dishes” that stimulate your appetite with rice “excitingly” and “fully”.
Our recommended “Exquisite Ginger-grilled Set Meal” is made with filling pork shoulder loin, and the [Special Original Sauce] brings out the aroma and umami of ginger, creating a seasoning that goes well with rice. Enjoy it with a heaping amount of shredded cabbage and dip it in the sauce! The carefully selected “Joshu Specialty Motsuni Set Meal” is made by slowly and carefully simmering “offal” with a creamy texture at our own factory, together with vegetables and konnyaku to create a rich miso-based flavor, served in a hot earthenware pot. put it in and serve it. In addition, we have a menu full of volume and full of individuality, such as “Freshly fried chicken tempura set meal” that you can enjoy with salt and tempura sauce.
[Image 3d31747-301-d45934e71bfa74422671-2.jpg&s3=31747-301-c5a1f9d0d7b20c07d1502159feef65a5-2204x1483.jpg
* (Left) “Joshu Specialty Motsuni Set Meal” / (Right) “Freshly Fried Toriten Set Meal” Product Image
We also have a new menu “Chicken Nanban set meal”. Using carefully selected domestic chicken, you can enjoy the texture of the freshly fried batter that is “crispy! Juwa!” If you stuff your cheeks with plenty of homemade tartar sauce and sweet and sour sauce, you’ll definitely enjoy your meal! You can enjoy it not only at the new store but also at stores nationwide.
[Image 4d31747-301-99f7c3628e01a2c4928f-6.png&s3=31747-301-14722a0c4726f164b92f88095786618f-1152x1628.png
[Image 5d31747-301-d700aea0a7be240e162c-7.jpg&s3=31747-301-785179fe31ad2929976aed8ca899fb95-3900x2600.jpg
* New menu “Chicken Nanban set meal” storefront POP / product image In addition to the regular menu other than a la carte, we also have a large serving of rice and side dishes, the Yaromori, and an even larger amount of the Tokumori, so you can choose the amount you like and enjoy ni”, “full stomach” Please enjoy!
The store with a large parking lot is highly convenient for driving, and you can easily use the store and takeout. In addition, the bright and spacious interior of the restaurant can be used alone, with friends and family, as a “everyone’s popular dining room”, and can be used and satisfied (satisfied both stomach and heart) in a variety of situations, regardless of age or gender. We aim to create. Insert flyer image *Scheduled to be distributed in areas near stores *Menu contents and prices vary depending on store and season [Image 6d31747-301-5ad86996b0e29387bccf-10.png&s3=31747-301-a1d5ebd00f36e019eb3017b58bb23f56-3519x2475.png

Popular No. 1 menu “exquisite ginger grilled set meal”
Namimori: 680 yen (excluding tax) / 748 yen (tax included)
Yaromori: 860 yen (excluding tax) / 946 yen (including tax)
Tokumori: 980 yen (excluding tax) / 1,078 yen (including tax) *For take-out (bento), one size, tax rate and price are different *Photo is an image of “Yaromori”
Store overview
Store name: Yoromeshi Tsuchiura Otsuno store
Address: 1-1-1 Otsuno, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture 330-0028 Phone number: 029-879-7788
Business hours: 10:30 – 22:00 (Last order 21:30) *Closes when ingredients run out
Number of seats: about 46 seats
Parking lot: 35 cars
Take-out: Possible (excluding some products) *Telephone reservations for bento boxes are accepted
Yaroumeshi Homepage:
The Hotland Group will continue to propose better products and services so that customers can enjoy a relaxing time through “Zettai yummy!! Food”.

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