HOYA Corporation Approximately 2,100 schools nationwide participate! Empty disposable contact lens case recycling activity “Eye City eco Project” released a short movie depicting the pure youth of high school students

HOYA Corporation
About 2,100 schools nationwide participate! Empty disposable contact lens case recycling activity “Eye City eco Project” released a short movie depicting the pure youth of high school students
Miyu Oshima and Tomoya Oku, the next-breaking actors from the dramas “My Family” and “Kamen Rider Revise”, co-star for the first time;
HOYA Corporation Eye Care Company (business location: Nakano Central Park South 6F, 4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo), which operates the contact lens specialty store “Eye City”, has released a short movie “High School Days-High School Days-” will be released on the web from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday).
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This work is a coming-of-age story about two high school students who come to know each other through a small eco-friendly activity, collecting empty contact lens cases, during school life. It depicts a pure love story unique to high school students, such as seeing each other on the school grounds or on the way to school and chasing them with your eyes, or studying together in the library.
Miyu Oshima, who is active as an actor and model (appeared in the drama “My Family” and the magazine “Chao”) and Tomoya Oku (appeared in the dramas “Kamen Rider Revise”, “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry”, etc.) , played “two people who are aware of each other with a small eco”. In addition, to commemorate the release of the short movie, we will release an interview movie and a making movie. In the interview, we asked about impressions of co-starring for the first time, roles that we would like to play in the future, youth episodes, etc.
“High School Days-High School Days-”
In this work, two high school students played by Miyu Oshima and Tomoya Oku depict the sweet and sour youth of being attracted to each other during school life. We will convey the efforts of the “Eye City Eco Project” through the appearance of the two people working on small and familiar eco-friendly activities such as sorting garbage and recycling empty contact lens cases. There are 6 movies in total. Based on the theme of “two high school students’ one week”, the contents are cut out of student life from Monday to Saturday. Please pay attention to the relationship between the two that changes as you progress through the story.
Title: “High School Days-High School Days-”
Release date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Starring: Miyu Oshima (Yuko Kanazawa as Yuko Kanazawa) / Tomoya Oku (Ryo Kondo as Ryo Kondo)
[Monday -The Moment of Moment-] https://youtu.be/C-tdmFO5SGc [Image 2

A high school boy, Ryo Kondo, who has finished putting on his contact lenses in the bathroom sink, is teased by his friends, saying, “Yuko Kanazawa of Class C seems to be interested in you!” Empty disposable lens cases end up in the trash as a reaction to playful games. Yuko Kanazawa, a high school girl who passed Kondo when she came out of the bathroom, turned around and stared at him. A casual remark from a friend causes a slight change in Kondo’s heart…
――By recycling empty disposable lens cases, you can reduce CO2 emissions. [Tuesday -Beyond the Line of Sight-] https://youtu.be/Vp-odxMHARQ [Image 3

On the way home from school, a friend asks Yuko about Kondo, saying, “Isn’t Kondo of Group A cool?” At that time, by chance, I see Kondo helping a visually impaired person at a pedestrian crossing. Yuko responds, “Well, you found it (even though it’s far away),” but before you know it, her friend’s voice has faded away, and she’s following Kondo with her eyes. did.
–Recycling empty disposable lens cases can help blind people. * *All profits from recycling are donated to the Japan Eye Bank Association. [Wednesday -A moment of hesitation-] https://youtu.be/DwXQ5feBL7U [Image 4

Kondo tries to throw away plastic bottles in the school. However, there are various boxes such as combustible garbage and empty case collection boxes for “Eye City eco Project”, and it seems that they do not know where to dispose of them. When Yuko sees them, they finally exchange words, saying, “That’s different~! This way!” Triggered by garbage separation, the distance between the two gradually shrinks. ――Empty disposable lens case collection boxes are installed at approximately 2,000* schools nationwide.
*As of August 2022
[Thursday -The future is important-] https://youtu.be/G90mnlbYuXs [Image 5

On the way home from school, Kondo calls out to Yuko, who has dropped an empty disposable lens case. However, if you nervously say “it fell” and just say that you’re dropping it, it will immediately leave the place. “Kondo-kun, that’s all…?” Yuko widened her eyes. Kondo looks frustrated when Yuko peels off the aluminum from the empty case and puts it in the collection box.
――Recycling* will help support the independence of people with disabilities. *Empty disposable contact lens cases can be recycled.
[Friday -Swaying Feelings-] https://youtu.be/AnxJYQ02QQs
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Kondo points out the empty disposable lens case that his friend tried to leave before club activities. On the other hand, when a friend points out that they have a high level of awareness, they say, “That’s a little strange,” and try to throw it in the collection box. Then, Yuko, who was watching Kondo’s situation, actively asked, “Would you like to go with me?”
――492 million empty disposable lens cases*1 were collected.
However, the collection rate is still 1%*2 of the total.
*1 As of August 2022
*2 From our company’s research “2020 Eyecity Contact Lens Sales Results” [Saturday -Small but Big Value-] https://youtu.be/cbvcPOoYu7M [Image 7

The two become closer and study together in the library. Looking at the empty contact case, Yuko started to say, “I wonder what the recycling of this small thing will do? I don’t think it will have much of an effect…” Kondo grabs Yuko’s hand without thinking. Then Kondo exclaimed, “That’s right! This one small thing was the reason why we started…” in a loud voice. Yuko smiles at Kondo, who notices the attention of those around her and gradually lowers her voice. ――Recycling creates value beyond imagination from its small size. Interview with Miyu Oshima and Tomoya Oku https://youtu.be/vez0blwokPg We have released a special interview with Mr. Oshima and his wife about their impressions of the shooting, scenes that left an impression, roles they would like to play in the future, actors they respect, and youth episodes.
Mr. Oshima, who is 6 years younger than him, calls him “cute”. [Image 8

[Interview with Miyu Oshima] https://youtu.be/iNy41RPQlU8
――What was the most difficult scene?
It was set in high school, and it was a little difficult to fill in the gap between the actual age and the age. After all, I devised such things as the tone of voice and calmness.
– What role would you like to play in the future?
After all, I would like to appear in a school drama, such as a role that is enthusiastic about club activities. Also, I have no experience doing a lot of acting in a movie, so I would like to challenge that as well.
――Please give us a message.
I hope that this movie will give you an opportunity to think about the SDGs. Please enjoy watching it.
[Interview with Tomoya Oku] https://youtu.be/s3R3yfaD2Ug
――What did you do in particular this time?
Kondo seems to be quite slow when it comes to love, so I wanted to express a freshness, a feeling of nayonayo. Trial and error how to express in the short time of that commercial. When our eyes met, I thought that there should be a temperamental gesture, so I did it consciously.
――Please give us a message.
It is a project that balances youth and ecology, and suggests that we high school students, junior high school students, and students can contribute to society, such as environmental conservation, support for people with disabilities, and donations to the Japan Eye Bank Association. Since it is a composition, I hope you will pay attention to such places. I hope that you will continue to cooperate with me in eco-activities, i-city’s eco-projects.
Making movie https://youtu.be/SGgvD_Nph84
We will also release a making movie that shows Mr. Oshima and his wife seriously challenging their acting and the peaceful atmosphere during filming.
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Performer profile
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Miyu Oshima
Born November 19, 2009. Born in Saitama prefecture.
She won the semi-grand prix at “Chao Girl 2018 ☆ Audition” and has been a model at Shogakukan “Chao” since 2019. Fuji TV Drama “Radiation House ~Radiology Department Diagnosis Report~” (2019), TBS Drama “Fight Song” (2022), TBS Sunday Theater “My Family” (2022), WOWOW Serial Drama W “Ame ni” Many appearances such as the disappeared sunflower (2022).
[Image 11

Tomoya Oku
Born July 18, 2004. Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
His special skills and hobbies are karate, badminton, skiing, and fishing. In 2020, he made his debut as an actor in the Netflix original drama “Followers”. KTV/CX “Blue SP-School Police Ryuhei Shimada-” (2021), CX “Inspector Morning Glory” (2021), NHK “Kiyoshiko” (2021), WOWOW “Brilliant Clan” (2021) 2020), EX “Kamen Rider Revise” (2021-2022), TX “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry” (2022), etc.
About the “I-City eco Project”
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In the fields of “life care” and “information and communication,” HOYA Corporation, which has many of the top market shares in Japan and overseas, operates contact lens specialty stores “Icity” as one of its core businesses. Based on the solid management foundation of HOYA Corporation, one of the world’s leading companies, the Eye Care Company has achieved both steady growth and major challenges. Company Profile
Company name/business division name: HOYA Corporation Eye Care Company Business location: Nakano Central Park South 6F, 4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo Business description: Sales of contact lenses and contact lens accessories Number of icity stores: 357 stores (as of November 1, 2022)
URL: https://www.eyecity.jp/
Details about this release:


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