HP Japan Announces Case Study of Aiming for Sustainable Business with Digital Printing

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HP Japan Announces Case Study of Aiming for Sustainable Business with Digital Printing
Introducing the latest solutions and case studies at IGAS2022
HP Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Nobuki Okado) will present the latest case studies of customers and printing companies that are promoting business transformation using digital printing. At the IGAS 2022 International Printing Technology & Solutions Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as IGAS2022), which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 24 (Thursday), about 100 In addition to a wide range of use cases and sample exhibits, we will provide demos of the latest HP Indigo digital presses and the opportunity to experience next-generation support for digital presses, “HP xRServices,” which utilizes mixed reality.
Looking at global trends, in 2022, HP Indigo digital presses achieved a record high number of B2 size prints, and commercial printing grew again. HP Indigo’s industry-leading, proprietary wet
electrophotography (LEP) technology enables customers to gain market advantage and help unlock new business opportunities. More than 120 units of the HP Indigo 100K digital press have been sold over the past two years. The HP Indigo 15K Digital Press, which supports HP’s widest range of inks and is ideal for commercial and photo printing, is highly versatile, and more than 1,200 units of the Series 4, including this press, are in operation in 70 countries around the world. In the label and packaging market, more than 2,000 units of the
market-leading HP Indigo 6K Digital Press are in operation worldwide. As more and more users take advantage of cloud computing and remote operations, there is a growing demand for management tools such as production monitoring and management, workflow automation, color matching, and variable data printing (VDP). HP PrintOS usage continues to grow. This year, the number of users has increased by 25% compared to the previous year, exceeding 21,000. In addition, HP xRServices, a service developed to support faster and better uptime, which allows press operators and HP support to collaborate via mixed reality, has already been introduced by more than 200 companies around the world. increase.
The number of pages printed by the HP PageWide Web Press series of inkjet web press solutions for large-volume commercial printing also accelerated, reaching a cumulative total of 750 billion pages. In Japan, we also have customers who use digital printing to achieve sustainability and provide high value-added services, as well as customers who introduce, replace, or expand the latest digital printers, manage tools such as HP PrintOS and “HP xRServices,” More printers are adopting support to drive productivity and
-Customer case-
《Sansan Co., Ltd.》
Sansan Co., Ltd. provides a business card creation service “Sansan Business Card Maker” that allows employees to create business cards and apply for orders from existing in-house infrastructure services that employees always use. Business cards, which serve as proof of business encounters, need to add value and contribute to branding. In addition, in order to meet the diversification of work styles, it is necessary to create only the required amount at the required time to eliminate waste. I’m here.
Business cards ordered through this service are produced on HP Indigo digital presses with photo quality and unique designs. In addition, through our network of HP Indigo digital press users, we can contribute to reducing CO2 by creating and delivering at a location close to the destination.
-Example of a printing company-
◆Commercial printing
<< Oohora Printing Co., Ltd. Daido Printing, which specializes in special printing and processing, utilizes a total of two “HP Indigo 30000 digital presses” and “HP Indigo 7900 digital presses.” In the field of clear file and package printing, Daido Printing, which leads the production of small lots and a wide variety of products, has been expanding its business in the commercial printing field in recent years. In 2021, we became the first Japanese partner of HappyPrinting, an online print ordering platform that is expanding globally, and introduced HP PrintOS Site Flow Pro for the first time in Japan. “HP PrintOS Site Flow Pro” is a system that manages the manufacturing workflow from order receipt to shipment. It also processes orders for large-volume, small-lot printing, making it possible to manufacture products in a short period of time. Daido Printing is expanding its business as a global print service provider, collaborating with domestic and overseas brands.
《Seeds Create Co., Ltd.》
Seeds Create Co., Ltd. is a company responsible for the printing of direct mail and flyers. Currently, five web offset presses are in operation, and in July 2022, the HP Indigo 7K digital press was introduced as the first digital press. We aim to expand our business while creating synergies with our existing businesses by leveraging the unique features of HP Indigo digital printing, such as variable printing, RGB color tone reproduction, and clear file printing. In the future, we plan to introduce a post-processing machine, and plan to actively work on new products such as stickers and packages. http://seeds-c.jp/
◆ Photo
《Kimmei Printing Co., Ltd.》
Kinmei Printing Co., Ltd. is a printing company with three pillars of business: publishing, photography, and commercial printing. In 2010, we introduced the “HP Indigo Digital Printing Machine” and are using digital printing in the photo field, where there are high demands for small lots, short delivery times, and personalization. In December 2022, we will replace one of our conventional products with the HP Indigo 7K digital printer due to a review of our equipment due to an increase in orders, and will further improve photo printing quality, high value-added printing, and significantly improve productivity. , to expand the photo business. At the same time, we introduced “HP xRServices”, aiming to improve productivity by reducing downtime through self-maintenance.
《Shimauma Print Co., Ltd.》
Shimauma Print Co., Ltd. has achieved low prices, high quality, and quick delivery, and continues to grow with a service that allows you to easily order photo books, photos, and New Year’s cards online. In August 2021, the “Standard Photo Book” was added to the lineup in order to launch a higher quality photo book as the company’s new standard. Photobook production utilizes three HP Indigo digital presses that deliver high quality and high productivity with 6-color inks and B2 size. In addition, from 2022, we will utilize Print Beat, a function of HP PrintOS, to further stabilize quality.
◆ Doujinshi / RGB printing
《Osaka Printing Co., Ltd.》
Osaka Printing Co., Ltd. is an industry leader in the printing of manga and anime doujinshi and related goods. Since the introduction of the first HP Indigo digital press in 2018, three “HP Indigo digital presses” equipped with special inks, Vivid Pink and Vivid Green, which are optimal for reproducing the RGB color gamut, have produced doujinshi. Orders are increasing due to printing in vivid colors favored by creators and support for a variety of paper types. In response to growing demand, we added a fourth HP Indigo 7CPO digital press in October. Osaka Printing also uses HP xRServices.
◆ Labels, packages
《Yoshimura Co., Ltd.》
Yoshimura Co., Ltd., which plans, manufactures, and sells food packaging materials centered on Japanese tea, introduced the HP Indigo Digital Printing Machine in 2008, and has been using the advantages of digital printing for packaging production. We have realized lots and short delivery times. In order to meet future demand growth, we have replaced one of our existing units with an “HP Indigo 6K digital press.” This will be the second replacement to a new model following 2021. Yoshimura utilizes Print Beat, a function of HP Print OS, to monitor the operating status of four HP Indigo digital presses in real time, constantly comparing them with Indigo users around the world to improve the efficiency of printing operations. increase. We are also looking forward to improving the efficiency of maintenance services through the mixed reality service “HP xRServices.”
-Exhibition overview at IGAS2022: Becoming a sustainable partner for a decarbonized society-
The theme of HP Japan at IGAS2022 is “Becoming a sustainable partner for a decarbonized society.” In order to aim for net zero carbon emissions and realize sustainable management, there are many points to consider, such as business transformation centered on digital, sustainable factory operation, contribution to a recycling-oriented society, inks, materials, and delivery. I have. At this year’s HP Japan booth, in addition to exhibiting various digital printers and experiencing next-generation support, we are introducing the possibilities of digital printing to address new social issues through approximately 100 types of print samples. In addition, we will aim to reduce the environmental load by using recycled materials and reducing waste in the production and management of our booths. In addition, during the period, a special channel will be opened on HP Japan’s website “HP Tech & Device TV”, and we plan to plan linked projects such as webinars that can be attended online.
For IGAS2022 exhibition information, please refer to the following URL. https://jp.ext.hp.com/printers/digital-presses/indigo/event/igas/ ◆For product information, please refer to the following URL. Digital printer https://jp.ext.hp.com/printers/digital-presses/ Large format printer https://jp.ext.hp.com/printers/large-format-printers/ ◆ Product photo library (Image data can be viewed from the following URL.) Digital printer http://www.hp.com/jp/digital_pr
Wide format printer http://www.hp.com/jp/wfp_pr/
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