HQ Co., Ltd. HQ, which provides “Remote HQ”, announces series A funding of about 700 million yen and new f eature release at the same time

HQ Co., Ltd.
HQ, which provides “Remote HQ”, announces series A funding of about 700 million yen and new feature release at the same time
Evolution into a service that replaces telecommuting allowances with a new function that is tax-free and directly linked to results
HQ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shoji Sakamoto), which provides the remote work support platform “Remote HQ”, has a total of about 7 from Coral Capital, Spiral Capital, Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd., and SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd. We are pleased to announce that we have raised 100 million yen.
We are also pleased to announce that Remote HQ has released a new feature that allows employees to pay for the internet and electricity bills tax-free when working from home. As a result, Remote HQ has changed from a service that provides office furniture and equipment tailored to each individual to a completely new “remote work support platform” that replaces telecommuting allowances in a tax-free and results-directed manner. Evolved.
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A new function that solves the “problem of telecommuting allowance” in a tax-free and result-directed manner, making it an unprecedented service
Remote HQ has released a new function that allows employees to pay the company (* 1) tax-free Internet and electricity bills when working from home.
Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, “hybrid work”, which combines remote work and office work, is rapidly spreading as a new work style these days. Along with this, many companies have adopted a “work-at-home allowance” that provides employees with a fixed amount of money as compensation for the maintenance of a work-at-home environment.
However, since telecommuting allowances in the form of monetary payments are flexible in their use, they tend not to be used for their intended purpose, which leads to results (*2). In addition,
telecommuting allowances are taxable because they are treated as salary compensation for employees, which leads to a burden of income tax for employees and a burden of social insurance premiums for companies. The new function solves such “work-at-home allowance issues”.
For details on the new functions, please see the following service site and press release.
Service site: https://remote-hq.com/
Press release on new features:
(*1) Based on a system design that ensures fairness, it is possible to settle expenses in a form that satisfies tax exemption requirements. (*2)Based on the results of analysis of photos of the working environment at home that were voluntarily submitted to remote HQ users before using the service (n=747).
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Information on new function briefing (online)
Regarding the new function that allows the company to pay the Internet and electricity bills tax-free when employees work from home, We will hold a new function briefing online.
Date: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 13:00
Speaker: Shoji Sakamoto, CEO of HQ Co., Ltd.
Scheduled content:
・Taxation of telecommuting allowance
・Remote HQ service provision scheme
・ Tax cost simulation by switching from telecommuting allowance ・New function demo
・Interview with customers who have already introduced the product Anyone can participate, so please feel free to apply using the application form below.
■Purpose of fundraising
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, “hybrid work”, which combines remote work and office work, has rapidly spread as a new work style. With signs of a post-corona era emerging, such as the lifting of restrictions on movement and the spread of vaccinations, the way Japanese companies work has changed from the emergency response phase of “defense” to a more productive and It is becoming necessary to shift to an “aggressive” phase aimed at employee well-being. The funds raised this time will be used to strengthen the development of “Remote HQ” and strengthen the recruitment and organizational structure. Through the remote work support platform “Remote HQ”, we will promote new work styles in the post-corona era, further improving the productivity of Japanese companies and accelerating the well-being of each employee.
■ Comments from investors
Coral Capital / Founding Partner & CEO James Riney
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It’s very rare for us to lead both a seed round and a subsequent Series A round, but HQ is the rare company that has to make an exception. The clarity of product/market fit, outstanding execution, and Mr. Sakamoto’s leadership are all impeccable.
There are also tailwinds blowing from different directions. Remote work and hybrid work are no longer a luxury, but a matter of course. In Japan, where the population is declining, it is becoming more and more important to create a comfortable working environment for both men and women. Employee health and productivity improvement are very important management issues.
HQ’s products and vision meet all these demands of the times. We are thrilled to be backing this great team at a great time and building a great business.
Mr. Takashi Chiba, Spiral Capital / Partner
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I have had a relationship with Mr. Sakamoto since my time at the investment company, and I have been wanting to support him since I heard that he was going to start a business! I thought, so I’m happy to be able to join you this time. In particular, the trend toward hybrid work is irreversible, especially for advanced human resources such as engineers.
Remote HQ is a service that directly solves the major issues related to optimizing the working environment under hybrid work, and we are confident that it will become an indispensable infrastructure for next-generation work styles.
Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd. / Investment Manager Shinichiro Kuge [Image 6

“Remote HQ” is a fair and new environment development platform for both “organizations and individuals”, and is being rapidly introduced to major corporate groups that promote remote work.
We sympathize with President Sakamoto’s passion for “creating a rich relationship between the organization and the individual” and HQ’s purpose, and Mizuho Capital will support the group with all its strength.

Mr. Ryo Morita, SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
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As work styles diversify after the coronavirus crisis, I feel that the welfare system is at a turning point. Remote HQ has gained a sense of productivity improvement and high employee satisfaction from the companies that have introduced it, and as proof of this, many companies have expanded the introduction to hundreds of people. We will do our best to support HQ, which aims to contribute to corporate growth and individual happiness.

■ HQ Co., Ltd. / CEO Shoji Sakamoto Comment
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HQ is a company founded with the mission of “shifting benefits from cost to investment”. The telecommuting allowance is a representative example of welfare that does not contribute to the original purpose, and as the first step to realize our mission, we would like to replace the telecommuting allowance with tax exemption and directly linked to results through Remote HQ. .
And in the future, we would like to fully utilize the power of technology to develop services one by one that meet the original purpose of welfare programs, not just in the field of working from home.
We will evolve into a company that provides a “system that creates work-life synergy” that leads to the happiness of each employee while contributing to the improvement of corporate productivity.
【Company Profile】
Company name: HQ Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shoji Sakamoto
Address: 2-8 7SE/2 Yotsuya Honshio-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 2021
URL: https://hq-hq.co.jp
[Inquiries from customers]
Email: info@hq-hq.co.jp

Details about this release:


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