Huckleberry Co., Ltd. The Shopify app “All in gift” is adopted at the online shop of “Kuranao CLUB”, w hich directly connects the brewery and the drinker.

Huckleberry Co., Ltd.
The Shopify app “All in gift” has been adopted by the online shop of “Kuranao CLUB”, which directly connects the brewery and the drinkers. “All in gift” Make your online experience more comfortable with e-gifts that can be easily sent to friends and acquaintances who do not know the address

The Shopify app ” All in gift” has been introduced in the online shop ( of “Kurachoku CLUB”, which directly connects the brewery and the drinkers.
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Introduction comment from “Kuranao CLUB”
-Gifts from Kuranao CLUB-
Founded in 1845, using the experience and technology cultivated in sake brewing, you can pick up original gift products that only Kuranao CLUB can do.
As a gift for your loved ones, of course, it is also very appreciated as a reward gift for yourself.

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-About “All in gift”-
The number of connections on SNS is increasing, and most people do not know the address of their close friends.
Among them, I thought that being able to easily send it to the other party without asking for their address is a form of gift that fits the times.
About Kuranao CLUB
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From 11:00 on November 1, 2021 (Monday), we opened the EC site “Kuranao CLUB” that directly connects the brewery and the drinkers. Until now, there have been many sakes that could only be made in very small quantities due to the seasonality of the agricultural products used as raw materials and the delicate brewing process, which only brewers could taste. Although it cannot be sold at retail due to its rarity, we want our customers to pick up this high-quality sake. increase.
Furthermore, from the desire to “deliver directly to customers what can only be tasted at the brewery”, from March 2022, as a “food” of Kuranao CLUB, Nishi Shuzo’s original brand black pork “Kuroho pork” and sake lees We have started selling mackerel pickled in sake lees, additive-free amazake, natural water, etc. In addition, at the end of May 2022, we launched a new alcohol brand “ORIGIN” series that supports “RAISE YOUR LIFE” working adults.
In the future, we plan to continue to deliver sake and food that are packed with the unique taste of the brewery.
Directly from the warehouse to the customer
We will deliver it in a vacuum pack so that you can enjoy the taste of freshly brewed sake as it is.
Enjoy the atmosphere of the brewery together.
“Bespoke preparation” series
We at Nishi Sake Brewery, who are particular about sake brewing with agriculture as the starting point, know about special ingredients, a delicate brewing method that is almost made to order, and a special sake that overturns existing common sense.
That is the “bespoke preparation” series.
Kurachoku CLUB Official Online Store: -Gifts from Kuranao CLUB-
We offer a variety of gift sets.
■ About the “Free up to 100 million yen (0 yen) campaign”
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In Japan, there is a culture of giving gifts to those who have been indebted to you as a way of showing gratitude on a daily basis. In order to spread the experience of giving gifts in a fun and easy way, we have started a campaign that allows you to use all the basic functions of “All in gift” for free at “0 yen”.
Today, social networking sites and online friendships are becoming commonplace, and the need for online gift purchases is rapidly increasing due to issues such as “I want to send my favorite gift, but I don’t know the recipient’s address.” I’m here. In order to contribute to the further expansion and spread of the e-gift culture, which is still growing, we have started this campaign so that more businesses and customers can use it.
Through this campaign, we will support merchants (operators) who want to start giving gifts and want to boost gifts.
-Campaign content-
During the campaign period, you can use the following functions for free. gift settings
Option settings (settings for Noshi, wrapping, etc.)
Cooperate with each shipping operation / logistics service application Specify delivery date
SNS gift (a function that allows you to easily send gifts to people who do not know their address via SNS, etc.)
-Campaign target-
Merchants (operators) whose payment amount is less than 10 million yen using the “All in gift” app
-Campaign Period-
Until the distribution amount of all merchants (operators) who introduce the “All in gift” app exceeds 100 million yen
■ About the “All in gift” app
Shopify app “All in gift” (former “SNS gift”)
Nowadays, social networking sites and online friendships are becoming more common, so if you want to send your favorite gift, but don’t know the address of the recipient, There are more people who give up. If you use the Shopify app “All in gift”, you can easily send a gift by simply sending a “gift receipt” URL via DM on LINE, Twitter, or Instagram.
Since it is a service made in Japan, all management screens can be used with Japanese support, so you can use it with confidence. -function-
Gift setting function for multiple delivery destinations (multi-ship) gift settings
Noshi settings (items can also be specified)
Detailed settings for table writing
Support settings for wrapping, gift cards, carrier bags, etc. (items can also be specified)
digital message card
Feel free to add notes to each setting
Issuance of SNS gift receipt URL
Gift recipient registration/update
Cooperate with each shipping operation / logistics service application -Introduction step-
install app
gift setting
Noshi paper / Name engraving, wrapping settings, etc.
-Customer usage steps-
Add product to cart and enable gifting
Launch SNS from the Thanks Page and send messages
The message will automatically include the receiving URL
Register by specifying the delivery destination and delivery date and time from the receipt URL
-Click here for app details and download-
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We will continue to update this app and develop functions according to Japanese business practices.
In addition, Huckleberry, as a leading company in Shopify site construction / application construction, will continue to support merchants (operators) by releasing applications that can be easily and safely introduced to support long-term sales.
[About Huckleberry Co., Ltd.]
A team that plans, develops, and operates services related to improving e-commerce sales, with the mission of “creating a normal lifestyle that is unique to that person in the digital society”, aiming for purchasing that allows everyone to have a comfortable and exciting experience. is. It consists of veterans such as serial entrepreneurs, engineers with extensive startup experience, and PdM graduates who have been involved in the open innovation field for a long time, as well as highly motivated young people, and supports the improvement of Shopify store sales.
Headquarters location: Building C, 2-14-28 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yusuke Ando, ​​President and Representative Director Business: Development and provision of Shopify apps. EC site construction support. Launch of co-creation business in EC/SaaS area URL:
Huckleberry is looking for members to work with!
[About the service provided]
Shopify App “Marutto Attracting Customers”
Shopify app “All in gift (You can send gifts on LINE and Instagram!)”
Shopify App “Subscription”
Web media “EC Magazine | Know-how magazine for successful EC”
[About App Unity]
Shopify is growing in usage in 175 countries around the world, but the number of merchants (operators) is also increasing rapidly in Japan. On the other hand, there are still not many domestic apps that provide functions that are compatible with domestic business practices, and when multiple apps are installed, it is difficult for business owners and support to investigate and eliminate interference between apps. There are some issues with the app, such as being a big burden on the company. In order to contribute to the further spread of Shopify in Japan by solving these problems, Feedforce, Huckleberry Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Ando), Rewire Co., Ltd. (location: Bunkyo, Tokyo) Ward, CEO: Yoshihiro Okada) have established a corporate alliance “App Unity”.
App Unity service site:
Details about this release:

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