Humming composer: CD release Includes 10 songs composed with “Humming only”! Yoji Hirano’s 1st album “Humming Season” will be released on December 1st.

hum composer
Includes 10 songs composed with “Humming Only”! Yoji Hirano’s 1st album “Humming Season” will be released on December 1st.
Many songs that are catchy and make you want to sing over and over again. Reservations are being accepted from the reservation sales site.

Humming composer Yoji Hirano will release his first album “Humming Season” on December 1, 2022. All of the songs on the album are ‘humming songs’, and are all catchy songs that make you want to sing as soon as you hear them. It is a must-listen to the many songs created with next-generation music production methods, with lyrics that resonate with the heart and colored with high singing ability. [Image 1d110133-1-cb1170edbb007aec64c8-7.jpg&s3=110133-1-0e11ddbdcb39880f71afc04dc16cea1c-900x892.jpg
■ 1st album “Humming season”
・ Reservation sales site:
This album begins with four songs that make you feel the change of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The melodies born from humming are all catchy that once you hear them, you won’t forget them, and you will pass them on to future generations. Some of the titles are named from a different point of view than other artists, and are designed so that you can enjoy them together with the songs. 【recorded music】
1. Sakurafubuki
2.Rainbow Road
3. Autumn leaves
4. Christmas Eve
5. Rocket
6. Paint
7.Feel Alive
8. Katana ~Don’t run away~
9. Hymn to the young
10. A ray of light is a chandelier
[Image 2d110133-1-d0c0df23b171c3ac0bae-6.jpg&s3=110133-1-2f831268612fb34c53ce65e767373a43-900x900.jpg

About humming composer Yoji Hirano
[Image 3d110133-1-3e40c2eaf982a3644667-4.jpg&s3=110133-1-01c0fc50a0c50e3c8a09e62f5c3f5983-360x360.jpg
Official website:
A composer from Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Also writes lyrics and vocals.
Ever since I was a child, I have been able to come up with phrases and record them on a recorder each time.
He tried the general method of composing music by playing instruments, but could not come up with the phrases he wanted. After suffering from keratoconus, a vision-related disease, he gradually concentrated on humming music. By adopting the humming composition theory, even those who have no experience with musical instruments or music can compose songs “anytime, anywhere, anyone”.
In addition, we are distributing songs on Youtube, and we have a good reputation for both singing and writing lyrics.
In the future, we plan to spread awareness of humming composition based on humming composition theory and aim for a major debut. As an innovative artist whose goal is to create classic songs that will be passed down to future generations, this album sale will be a turning point.

[Image 4d110133-1-05dda976febe313eea2d-8.jpg&s3=110133-1-64c222493d9c19d898300096bbeeb9db-344x360.jpg

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