hunny Co., Ltd. Marui Kinshicho store xAdbox Private room space advertisement distribution service “xAdbox ” conducted a demonstration experiment at Marui Kinshicho store.

hunny Co., Ltd.
[Marui Kinshicho store xAdbox] Private room space advertisement distribution service “xAdbox” conducted a demonstration experiment at Marui Kinshicho store.
In addition to toilets, private rooms can be monetized!

hunny Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shinichi Furusawa; hereinafter referred to as “hunny”) will operate from September 15th to October 15th at Project Management Associates Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director) Director: Akira Tatsuko, hereinafter “PMA”) has installed a private space advertising distribution service [xAdbox, hereinafter “Adbox” in the breastfeeding space “mamapod” (manufactured by Happo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) on the 7th floor of the Marui Kinshicho store. ”] was installed.
What is xAdbox?
[Image 1d93839-11-fda8f04605eb087a23ae-3.png&s3=93839-11-fea9798b8259647ea2ba4897ade9a7d6-1920x1080.png
Adbox is a service that installs digital signage in a “space where entry and exit can be detected” and distributes advertisements when entering the room.
Features of the adbox are:
Revenue sharing of advertising expenses for businesses that provide space Can be installed if there is a power supply and network environment (Wi-Fi, etc.)
Monthly fee is free forever*1
3 points. You can earn monthly advertising income simply by providing vacant space in the facility.
We are currently providing “TOILET xAdbox”, an advertising
distribution service for private toilets.
*1: Communication costs such as electricity and Wi-Fi are actual costs. ■ Background of the demonstration experiment
Nursing spaces such as “mamapod” are in high demand from end-users, and since they can be installed externally without the need for construction work, an increasing number of facilities are considering installing them in recent years. Marui Co., Ltd. also sympathized with the social issue of “lack of breastfeeding space” and started trial installation of “mamapod” at Marui Kinshicho store in July.
However, the introduction of an external breastfeeding space requires an initial cost, so many businesses have postponed the installation, and the spread of breastfeeding spaces has slowed down in response to needs.
Therefore, PMA and hunny are working together to set up an “ad box” in “mamapod” and provide a service that collects initial costs from advertising costs and can be monetized after collection.
In this experiment, an ad box was installed in the “mamapod” installed on the 7th floor of the Marui Kinshicho store, courtesy of Marui Co., Ltd., “If it contributes to the spread of breastfeeding spaces,” We verified user reactions and future profitability.
[Image 2d93839-11-9b3dc89a04df291bdfc6-1.jpg&s3=93839-11-b125e0e252699bb491d64f54f52aaf3f-3900x2925.jpg
*Installed digital signage
[Image 3d93839-11-9ccd7de15917f284df85-0.jpg&s3=93839-11-3b8100835fc87e4ed5f7759545c573a2-1280x1280.jpg
* mamapod installed on the 7th floor of the Marui Kinshicho store ■ Future development
By combining “mamapod” with “adbox”, it is possible not only to recover the initial cost, but also to monetize in the long run. In addition, since most of the users of “mamapod” are families with small children, we believe that this segment has a very high advertising value for products targeting this demographic.
Therefore, we believe that the collaboration between “mamapod” and “adbox” is beneficial not only for breastfeeding space users, but also for installers, advertisers, and everyone else.
We will continue to work with hunny and PMA to promote the spread of “mamapod” with an “ad box” installed.
■ TOILET xAdbox is looking for new installation facilities
“TOILET xAdbox”, an advertising distribution service in private toilets, is currently being introduced to private toilets in various facilities such as restaurants, commercial facilities, office buildings, hotels, and co-working spaces, mainly in Tokyo. If you are interested, please contact us as it can be introduced from one piece. Learn more about adbox
Click here to contact hunny
Person in charge: Takahiro Iwasaki
Click here to contact PMA “mamapod”
Person in charge: Akira Tatsuko

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