HYBE JAPAN Co., Ltd. HYBE and HYBE IM Declare Full-Scale Publishing and Game Business for “Dragon Slash 2”

HYBE and HYBE IM Declare Full-Scale Publishing and Game Business for “Dragon Slash 2”

– Publishing contract and investment contract for new work “Dragon Slash 2: Knights of Veda” announced at “G-STAR 2022″
– HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk “The game business is a field that must be entered as a vision of a global lifestyle platform company” – HYBE CEO Park Ji-won “Full-scale game business and expansion of game IP spectrum as a comprehensive entertainment company”
– FLINT CEO Kim Young Mo “HYBE IM is the best partner for FLINT, which pursues high perfection and perfect service.”
On November 19th, HYBE and HYBE IM held a press conference to announce their intentions and true intentions for the game business at “G-STAR2022”, one of the largest game events in Korea. HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and CEO Park Ji-won, HYBE IM CEO Jung Woo-young, and FLINT CEO Kim Young-mo attended the event held on the same day at BEXCO in Busan.
In his greeting at the event, chairman Bang Si-hyuk spoke about HYBE’s authenticity in the game business and HYBE’s philosophy in facing the game business. “From the point of view of the chairman of a company that runs a comprehensive entertainment industry, games are very attractive content that includes all elements related to
entertainment,” If that is the fate of a platform company, I believe that HYBE, with its vision of being a ‘global lifestyle platform company,’ will be able to provide customers with new, colorful, and enjoyable times through the game business.”
HYBE, which expressed its strong intentions for the game business in Chairman Bang Si-hyuk’s remarks, signed a publishing contract with HYBE IM, the corporation that oversees the game business, for FLINT’s new work ‘Dragon Slash 2: Knights of Veda’. Announced the full-scale launch of the game business.
Along with the conclusion of the publishing agreement, HYBE will also make a direct investment in the form of acquiring FLINT’s shares, which will further strengthen the trust in the partnership between the two companies, and will be the basis for “Dragon Slash 2: Knights of the Vedic”. He also expressed his intention to take all possible measures for the smooth publishing of.
CEO Park Ji-won said, “Following the successful launch of an independently developed work, HYBE’s entry into the publishing business means that HYBE will become a full-fledged game business as a comprehensive entertainment company. “We will be able to further expand the game IP lineup through the publishing business and expand the user experience,” he said.
FLINT is confident in the high degree of perfection of “Dragon Slash 2: Knights of Veda” announced by HYBE IM, and Kim Yongmo, general director of “Dragon Slash 2: Knights of Veda”, said “FLINT pursues the highest degree of perfection in all the elements that make up the game, such as graphics, story, and music, in order to give users fun and excitement. HYBE IM is the perfect partner for ‘Dragon Slash 2: Knights of the Vedic’.”
HYBE IM is a corporation under HYBE that is in charge of the interactive media division, with games at the top. Along with our own game development, IP licensing, and game publishing business, we are also pushing ahead with various advanced technology research such as the Metaverse and artificial intelligence.
FLINT was established in 2013 and develops game development business based on the philosophy of pursuing the highest degree of perfection. “Dragon Slash”, which was first released in 2014, has been loved since its release for its fairy tale-like emotional graphics, attractive story, and enormous content. At this “G-STAR2022”, the successor work “Dragon Slash 2: Knights of Veda” was released for the first time in eight years.
“Dragon 2: Knights of the Veda” reinterprets the fun of the
belt-scrolling action game that was popular in the 80s and 90s with modern trends, and maximizes the strengths of intuitive 2D action to improve action quality. build. In addition, for the sake of
storytelling and realistic game environment production, the dialogue reaching 57,000 characters and more than 200 cut scenes are fully voiced by Korea’s top-class voice actors. In addition, the detailed setting of the world view and the beautifully designed characters are also elements that double the fun of “Dragon Slash 2: Knights of Veda”.
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