HYBE JAPAN Co., Ltd. Outline announcement of “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY NAGOYA”!

Overview of “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY NAGOYA” announced! HYBE’s global “Urban Concert Play Park” project, implemented a program to liven up the holiday season in Nagoya, the final destination of SEVENTEEN’s Japan tour

-Finally, on November 19th, SEVENTEEN’s Japanese dome tour will begin, and the program of “THE CITY” project, which will be held in 3 cities along with the concert, has been announced!
-Nagoya has illuminations and original programs that are perfect for the holiday season.
-New programs such as an after-party in Tokyo and music-linked illumination production will be announced to bring even more excitement to SEVENTEEN’s first Japanese dome tour.
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HYBE’s Japanese headquarters, HYBE JAPAN, is a 13-member group SEVENTEEN in the “THE CITY” project, which is being developed at each venue of the Japanese dome tour “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – JAPAN”. , will announce the program outline of “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY NAGOYA” in Nagoya, the final destination of the tour, and detailed information on the event to be held in Tokyo.
‘THE CITY’ is an ‘urban concert play park’ that provides an expanded experience for fans by holding various events throughout the city before and after the concert.
This project, which will be held in three cities in a row for the first time in Japan and for the first time in conjunction with a tour, will be held in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya with the theme of “SEVENTEEN shines like the sun” after the tour title “BE THE SUN”. We will hold various events in each region that combine the uniqueness of each city with the charm of SEVENTEEN to provide new experiences.
■In Nagoya, an event that is perfect for the special holiday season will be held, including a glittering illumination!
At “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY NAGOYA”, various original events will be held only in Nagoya in conjunction with the concert to be held at Vantelin Dome Nagoya on December 3rd and 4th.
First of all, a special photo exhibition “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] PHOTO EXHIBITION in NAGOYA” will be held from November 26th at a special venue on the 1st floor in front of the Aeon Mall Nagoya Dome near the concert venue. From the world tour “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN]”, you can enjoy more than 80 behind-the-scenes photos, including the first public release.
In addition, in Sakae, the center of Nagoya, we will develop a light-up production that will make you feel like a holiday and a photo spot that is perfect for making memories. At Sunshine Sakae, a SEVENTEEN-wrapped kitchen car will appear in addition to the photo spot, and hot cocoa (with original sticker benefits) will be provided to warm the body during the cold season.
At “Hisaya-odori Park (Hisaya Odori Park)”, we plan to hold a collaboration project with “THE CITY”, including a special
illumination production of SEVENTEEN’s official color Rose Quartz & Serenity.
In Tokyo, we will develop programs that will make the concert even more enjoyable, such as after-parties after the performances and music-linked illuminations of the Tokyo Dome City Tree.
“SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY TOKYO”, which will be held on November 26th and 27th at the Tokyo Dome, will hold an after party “SEVENTEEN THE CITY FAN NIGHT” as a new program. At TOKYO SKYTREE(R), we have prepared a special space where you can enjoy DJ performances using SEVENTEEN songs while enjoying the night view from the tallest tower in Tokyo while keeping the heat of the concert intact.
Winter illumination is currently being held at Tokyo Dome City, where the concert venue is located, and for a limited time before and after the concert, the main tree will perform a light production linked to SEVENTEEN’s songs (*). Various programs, including the already announced “SEVENTEEN THE CITY TOKYO SKYTREE(R),” will bring excitement to the concert at Tokyo Dome.
*The production will be stopped before the performance and after the performance to prevent congestion.
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■The Japan Dome Tour will finally begin on November 19th in Osaka! “THE CITY OSAKA” also started
In Osaka, the first host city of the Japan Dome Tour, “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY OSAKA” has already been held in preparation for the concert, and many people are wrapped in SEVENTEEN specifications, and Nankai Electric Railway’s limited express Rapi:t and HEP FIVE’s Ferris wheel, and participating in a digital stamp rally that takes you around 18 spots set up all over Osaka. increase.
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■ Various events will be held in each city where you can create memories with SEVENTEEN!
In addition, in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya, there will be a large-scale panel exhibition, a collaboration of hotel accommodation plans with novelties, and pre-sales of prizes. In addition, “SEVENTEEN museum 2022”, “SEVENTEEN CAFE 2022 ~WINTER CAMPING~”, and “SEVENTEEN POP-UP STORE 2022 -DREAM-” (all require advance reservations) are being held throughout Japan, including concert venues.
Details about “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN THE CITY”, which will be held in three cities, will be announced on the special project site
(https://www.seventeen-bethesun-thecity.jp) and SEVENTEEN JAPAN’s official SNS. All program information will be posted on the special site on November 24th.
[Osaka] Kyocera Dome Osaka / November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022 [Tokyo] Tokyo Dome / November 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun), 2022 [Aichi] Vantelin Dome Nagoya / December 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun), 2022 Details about this release:


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