Hyper Drive Co., Ltd. First landing in Japan! British dress brand “Millia London”

Hyper Drive Co., Ltd.
First landing in Japan! British dress brand “Millia London”
Up-and-coming maison which is chosen as actress of Cannes Film Festival
Bee’s Knees DRESS BOUTIQUE will start renting 3 types of wedding dresses from London, England and the first landing in Japan “Millia London” from November 17, 2022.
■ Artistic photo wedding comes true
[Image 1d43818-42-a431500f62e4a2daa255-1.jpg&s3=43818-42-f52feffb33411340eb285228db6f459b-3900x2652.jpg
“Millia London” is a fresh dress brand that was launched in 2019 and features fluffy “cascade frills”. Recently, it has been attracting attention, such as being selected by actresses and influencers walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.
At Bee’s Knees, we have started handling 3 types of black, pink, and green as rental dresses.
It is recommended not only as a costume for the wedding day, but also for photo weddings.
The design has an avant-garde impression reminiscent of a global fashion show, so you can leave artistic photos like a supermodel. At the beach or in the garden, make use of the sheerness of the tulle and the volume of the dress for a dramatic effect. If you use historical buildings such as Tokyo Station as a background, make use of the avant-garde design to create a mode. Enjoy various expressions according to the location. You can
Below, we will introduce the characteristics of the 3 types handled by Bee’s Knees.
■ Light and airy black (rental price: 462,000 yen (tax included)) [Image 2d43818-42-b0b777661b4bd978efb6-2.jpg&s3=43818-42-14da46a98a315e83248723459ce789af-3900x2652.jpg
Recently, black dresses have been gaining attention among fashionable brides. Milia London’s black dress is layered with thin and delicate tulle, so it’s not too heavy compared to satin or other firm materials.

[Image 3d43818-42-c467d181fedda967a67a-3.jpg&s3=43818-42-f68c3036709638bf2d251f88ad5b4c62-3900x2652.jpg

In the photo wedding, if you unify the accessories with black, the impression of mode will be strengthened.
If you wear it at a wedding, you can create a bridal gorgeousness by combining silver and gold accessories.
■ Adorable fluffy pink from head to toe (Rental price: 418,000 yen (tax included))
[Image 4d43818-42-4e776073c91752d329d2-4.jpg&s3=43818-42-17b387d3581095d55d97c9b43f30d2d0-3900x2652.jpg

It is a bustier type that is wrapped in fluffy tulle from the chest down, giving it a lovely impression.

[Image 5d43818-42-c52408468c468a50e5df-5.jpg&s3=43818-42-cd64d1164ca0282fcfc33405b4e26c3e-3900x2652.jpg
For an outdoor photo wedding, we recommend Bee’s Knees original silk flower earrings as accessories. This accessory is made from a silk fabric called “habutae” that allows sunlight to pass through and is dyed to match the color of the dress. It accentuates the lightness of the tulle dress.
If you are going to wear it at a party, keep accessories such as single pearls and casual crystal earrings modest. As the silhouette of the dress is large, by minimizing the other decorations, you can make your face smaller and improve your style.
■ Heavy and dramatic green (rental price: 495,000 yen (tax included)) [Image 6d43818-42-2a83ab57689e145c3652-0.jpg&s3=43818-42-b6fc617e1cb2be9e8ff43e7c99018667-3900x2652.jpg
The first place that gradation is impressive. It features a delicate color that is unique to hand dyeing.
Although it is a light pastel color, it has a solid volume and a solid feeling, so it looks great in a large space such as a hotel wedding.

[Image 7d43818-42-b9db25f9e924189c2f8b-6.jpg&s3=43818-42-0e39f8d0fe6b31aa3d5e9b7b41a7fdbf-3900x2652.jpg
As with the pink dress, we have prepared original silk flower ear cuffs that match the color of the dress.
The chest has a V-neck and a neat design, so we recommend coordinating it with swaying earrings and other accents around your face. However, since the volume of the dress is large, the smaller the accessories, the better the balance.
[Image 8d43818-42-f21f4378701b24371b58-7.png&s3=43818-42-e9f1d7ffb9d52f7d3a48b2b1d832ea67-2000x1414.png
Wedding dress rental boutique. In addition to imported dresses and original dresses, we have a carefully selected lineup of bridal costumes such as tuxedos and men’s accessories.
The concept is “I think every bride is a rough stone”.
This is a word that symbolizes our determination to maximize the charm of each customer through coordination. We offer not only veils, gloves, and accessories, but also hair and makeup, bouquets, and advice on how to behave on the day of the wedding.
We would like to be a presence that further enhances the beauty of the bride with the power of the wedding dress itself and the power of coordination.
-Operating company-
・Company name: Hyper Drive Co., Ltd.
・Representative Director Goji Asada
・Established July 2017
·main office
〒105-0022 DS Kaigan Building 1F, 2-2-6 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・TEL 03-6433-2772
・Business content
1. IT service business
2. Costume business
3. Wedding production business
4. Consulting business
5. Overseas interior import and sales business
6. Restaurant business

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