Hyundai opens FIFA Museum. FIFA World Cup(TM) exhibition held to unveil record-breaking sculpture “The Greatest Goal”

Hyundai Mobility Japan Co., Ltd.
Hyundai opens FIFA Museum. FIFA World Cup(TM) exhibition held to unveil record-breaking sculpture “The Greatest Goal”

・The FIFA Museum provided by Hyundai is the company’s FIFA World Cup 2022 (TM) Part of the “Goal of the Century” campaign
‘Goal of the Century’ is about a world where football fans around the world unite for sustainability.
Aiming to start moving toward the realization of big goals
Also by contemporary artist and Team Century member Lorenzo Quinn Official release of “The Greatest Goal”, a record-breaking sculpture made of recycled steel
On November 16, 2022, Hyundai Motor Company opened the FIFA Museum provided by Hyundai at the FIFA Fan Festival(TM) in Doha, Qatar as part of the FIFA World Cup 2022(TM) “Goal of the Century” campaign. A special exhibition themed “Goals Create History” is being held inside the FIFA Museum, looking back at the greatest moments and goals in the history of the FIFA World Cup™.
The FIFA Museum was built using a compaction method that allows the outer walls of the building to return to nature without generating waste during demolition. Hyundai worked on the construction and exhibition in collaboration with British architectural consulting group “Grimshaw” and German design firm “Uniplan”. The interior is finished with recyclable materials, underscoring the commitment to sustainability of the ‘Goal of the Century’ initiative. The exterior, which embodies the goalposts of a soccer field combined into one, expresses solidarity and unity for the ‘Goal of the Century’. At the opening event, the FIFA World Cup 2022(TM) championship trophy was viewed in a special viewing section. Throughout the exhibition, the Jules Rimet Cup(TM), the original FIFA World Cup(TM) trophy from 1930-1970, will be on display in the public viewing section. Visitors will also be able to see unique showcases such as the “Rainbow of Shirts” exhibiting the jerseys of all 32 teams that won the
preliminary rounds, as well as original products and their stories based on the FIFA World Cup™ since 1930. You can take a look. Another highlight is the screening of the 8-minute film “The Final.” Team Century’s autographed campaign jerseys are also on display, along with signage of each member’s best ‘goal’. Hyundai invites visitors to the show to become supporters of Team Century, which shares the vision and mission of the “Goal of the Century” initiative.
Eun-soo Kim, Executive Vice President of India, Middle East and Africa Strategic Region of Hyundai Motor Company and Park Ji-sung, a member of Team Century and former captain of the Korean national team The opening ceremony of the museum with three people (2006 FIFA World Cup winner Gianluca Zambrotta of Italy, 2010 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball winner Diego Forlán of Uruguay, and former Swiss national team goalkeeper Pascal Zuberbühler). I participated in.
“We are delighted and very much looking forward to welcoming football fans from around the world to the exhibition in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to connect, engage and share the love of football together. Thanks to Hyundai, we will once again join the world in celebrating football’s heritage and culture in the host country of the World Cup, for the third time in four years, and for the FIFA Museum, this is another big milestone. We can’t wait to open its doors as part of the FIFA Fan Festival(TM),” said Marco Fazzone, President of the FIFA Museum.
“Sustainability is another goal that Hyundai and FIFA envision together. Through the solidarity of football, the world can work together on the theme of sustainability to make a difference for a better future. We believe that,” said Kim Eun-soo, Hyundai Motor Company’s Strategic Region Vice President for India, Middle East and Africa.
Hyundai has also officially unveiled “The Greatest Goal” by Italian contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn. The company collaborated with Quinn to create this monumental piece, inspired by the common dream of football fans: a world united for sustainability. Lorenzo Quinn, Kim Eun-soo, Jürgen Griesbeck, CEO and co-founder of the global football charity Common Goal, Danish national team and surgeon Nadia Nadim, former Oman international Ali Al-Habsi, Park・Team Century members, including Ji Sung and Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot SPOT, celebrated the official release of the sculpture.
The sculpture, shaped like a giant frame embodied by two arms holding hands, is a ‘Goal of the Century’ to create ‘a world united for sustainability’. ” symbolizes the mission of the concept. At 7.7m high and 18.25m wide, this gigantic sculpture is about three times the size of a soccer goal post.
Quinn sustainably crafted ‘The Greatest Goal’ using recycled steel mesh and welding over 70,000 points. At the center of the sculpture is a recycled steel globe, covered in a vibrant foliage green. Positioned on the finish line, the globe represents Hyundai’s commitment to its ultimate goal of uniting the world to build a sustainable future. To express this vision, members of Team Century, Kim Eun-soo and Jürgen Griesbeck, each added foliage green to the globe to complete the piece.
 It was important to both Hyundai and Quinn that the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ be involved in the creation of the sculpture. The goal of this sculpture is made of hemp-based recycled netting hand-woven by local Qatari fishermen using traditional craft techniques. Blending old and new molding techniques, this process serves as the perfect metaphor for fostering a world united for sustainability.
“We may not be where we should be yet, but by pledging to change, we are one step closer to setting the world’s greatest goal of improving together. Sustainability. To realize a world united for what is possible, the most important thing is to be in harmony with our environment and with everything that surrounds us.Mankind join hands to achieve the one goal of sustainability. And that concept is consistent with the significance of this sculpture,” said Quinn. In addition, a campaign video that decorates the finale of “Goal of the Century” will be aired as an advertisement between matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022(TM). Team Century Captain Steven Gerrard will be narrating the film, delivering a hopeful message that, together, we can achieve a sustainable world if we work together as a team towards a common goal. Along with the lineup of Hyundai’s electric vehicle “IONIQ”, BTS and SPOT, members of Team Century, will also appear, directing the big wave of “Goal of the Century”.
Through 2022, Hyundai will continue to promote various environmental and social sustainability projects under the slogan “Goal of the Century” with the slogan “World united for sustainability”, led by the ambassador group “Team Century”. (GOTC)” World Cup campaign launched in April. Since then, they have been involved in various activities such as holding the “Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge” event and releasing the World Cup campaign song “Yet to Come (Hyundai version)” by BTS. Hyundai will also provide 616 vehicles during the FIFA World Cup 2022(TM). Of these, 446 are passenger cars, and slightly more than half, 226, are hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV).
For more information on “Goal of the Century”, “Team Century” or Hyundai’s sustainability schedule, please visit: About Hyundai
Founded in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company operates in more than 200 countries and employs more than 120,000 people, tackling real mobility challenges around the world. Based on its brand vision of “Progress for Humanity”, Hyundai Motor is accelerating its transformation into a smart mobility solution provider. To realize innovative mobility solutions, Hyundai invests in advanced technologies such as robotics and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and pursues open innovation to introduce future mobility services. For a sustainable future for the world, Hyundai Motor will continue its efforts to introduce
zero-emission vehicles powered by industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicle technology.
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