I want to support the hairdresser who is still mixing color agents with a muddler! Hand mixer for color agents “COLOR MAGIC” 2nd release. Started a 30% off campaign on the main unit price only on the official website.

Form Co., Ltd.
[I want to support the hairdresser who is still mixing color agents with a muddler! ] Hand mixer for color agents “COLOR MAGIC” 2nd release. Started a 30% off campaign on the main unit price only on the official website.
The long-awaited second edition is on sale after repeated
improvements. First of all, in order to let people know about the dramatic change due to color magic, the “30% off the body price” campaign will start on a first-come, first-served basis until November 30th.

Form Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Hiroaki Nagamori) develops and sells a hand mixer for coloring agents “COLOR MAGIC”, which is limited to 100 units / unit price 30 until November 30, 2022. We are conducting a “support campaign for those who are mixing with a muddler” that can be purchased at %OFF.
This time, along with the start of the long-awaited second sale, we have decided to launch a campaign for those who still spend a lot of time and effort using a muddler to mix coloring agents, so that they can experience the power of COLOR MAGIC first. rice field.

Campaign details
“Support campaign for those who are mixing with a muddler”
・Campaign details: 30% off body price 17,600 yen → 12,320 yen (official site only)
・Quantity limit: Limited to 100 units
・Period: Until November 30
Purchase from the official shop https://www.colormagic.tokyo/ [Image 1d111232-1-aaa92e36c91a736ea9a9-11.png&s3=111232-1-1e30752ad4f29bb88a9989cedaa43b4e-1800x650.png

Full money-back guarantee and 1-year product warranty for peace of mind Still, there are not many beauty salons that have introduced hand mixers exclusively for coloring agents.
In order to make your purchase with peace of mind, Color Magic offers a money-back guarantee and a one-year product warranty period for those who return the product within one month from the date of purchase.
*Money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the product and return it within 1 month from the date of purchase, we have a full refund guarantee.
*About product warranty: Repairs will be made based on the description on the warranty card that you will receive at the time of purchase. Depending on the contents, there may be a charge even during the warranty period.
Development background
Hair color agents 1 and 2 are said to be mixed at least 100 times by the manufacturer.
However, the actual site was busy and didn’t have time to mix carefully, and there were issues such as differences in the degree of mixing and color development for each stylist.
Therefore, we tried existing stirring equipment and edible hand blenders to see if we could make a coloring agent with stable performance and if we could mix it more easily and quickly.
However, due to problems such as lack of power and splashing of coloring agent during stirring, it did not go beyond the realm of substitute products.
Improved and developed the second version
In 2016, we developed the first color magic.
As a result of being used by many beauticians,
・There is a problem with the durability of the main body
I faced the challenge.
After trial and error, we have completed the second product that solves the problems of the first product by changing the shape of the main body and changing from cordless to wired.
Hairdressers, please try using color magic.
A product for hairdressers, designed by hairdressers.
[Image 2d111232-1-35a80d28baf11a67aea1-6.jpg&s3=111232-1-f853196ef86aea72eb9d9ea640d3b66d-1564x1043.jpg
2nd “hand mixer for coloring agent COLOR MAGIC”
Features of “COLOR MAGIC”
■ We reduce consumption of coloring agent, and approximately 23% of expenses are reduced!
The special shape of the beater, which is the biggest feature of Color Magic, makes the coloring agent flow turbulently around the axis, minimizing the scattering of the coloring agent and mixing it efficiently.
The coloring agent takes in air and swells, increasing the capacity by about 23% (compared to our company).
Therefore, you can save the coloring agent, resulting in a significant cost reduction!
[Image 3d111232-1-7070d15634fb41f5dfc2-1.png&s3=111232-1-56a19ac2751851e13af88b8cfdc070f0-600x600.png
About 1.5 times more color was applied! It is possible to reduce the cost of color agents! (according to our research)
■Color development improves, and smell decreases!
Mixing the 1st and 2nd hair color products with a muddler will inevitably result in unevenness.
However, Color Magic whips the coloring agent evenly and firmly, so it develops color efficiently.
In addition, by mixing agents 1 and 2 well, the hydrogen peroxide contained in the 2nd agent is neutralized, reducing irritation to the scalp and odor.
In addition, the softly whipped coloring agent does not feel cold when applied to the scalp.
[Image 4d111232-1-aee33f73d57ba501fe0e-7.jpg&s3=111232-1-118a6fa05ace3e9d55b8b442bd35fd63-2976x1984.jpg
We received favorable feedback from our customers that when mixed with COLOR MAGIC, there is no strong odor and the colors are good. ■Work time is shortened! 1/3 of the time!
When you’re busy, the salon’s backyard is a mess! The stirring time of the coloring agent is also not stupid.
However, if you use high-power color magic, the work time will be reduced and the work efficiency of the staff will be improved! Using ColorMagic cuts the work time by 1/3 compared to mixing with a muddler! (According to our research)
It’s easy to put on and take off the beater, and it’s very convenient to have a few beaters ready.
Outline of “COLOR MAGIC”
■ Specifications
・Product name: Color Magic Hand Mixer
・Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
・Power consumption: 120W
・Rated time: 3 minutes
・Speed ​​control: 5 levels of speed
・Weight (including beater): about 980g
・Size: 78×152×190mm
・Cord length: about 3m
・Material Body: ABS
・Beater: PP, stainless steel
■ Official URL
・ Website: https://www.colormagic.tokyo/
・ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colormagic_insta/
About Form Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d111232-1-d8c08fafbf0f17bdd15a-5.jpg&s3=111232-1-b7e473cedb99f08043b7953ab81c34b5-1568x1044.jpg
“Beauty inspires everyday life. 』
We aim to be a company that aligns the axis of value creation with “people” and that society can sympathize with. Founded and established in 1992. We run 3 hair salons mainly in Yokohama.
We offer our own menu “SUGAMism” and develop and sell “Color Magic”, a hand mixer dedicated to coloring agents that can shorten the work time of hairdressers and reduce the cost of coloring agents.
Company HP: https://forme.yokohama/
Details about this release:


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