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Ibaraki Robots Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd.
[M-HOPE] Ibaraki Robots x Relief Facility

As part of the “M-HOPE” community contribution activity that we work with supporting companies, Ibaraki Robots will collaborate with “Relief Facility Mokusei” with the theme of creating an environment where everyone has a purpose and a place to belong, and will sell official goods at the venue. We asked the same facility to do some of the necessary preparations and light work, and we decided to work together.
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This time, # 22 Nakamura Jazz player visited the facility to start the first effort, and we will also inform you that we have prepared together.
This activity was planned against the backdrop of a decrease in extracurricular activities and work for residents of relief facilities due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
The facility used to mainly make paper bags, but due to the recent situation, the number of requests has gradually decreased.
Therefore, the project was born from the idea that by supporting the light work related to the venue sales of Ibaraki Robots, the feeling of working by yourself = “rewarding and living” will be stronger. [Work request destination]
first aid facility
3-2-7 Higashihara, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture 310-0035
#22 Nakamura Jazz
In this initiative, residents of the facility will be asked to attach barcode stickers and pack. The following seal is affixed to products that have been processed at our facility.
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State of work
This time, Nakamura Jazz player worked with the residents of the same facility. When working with Nakamura Jazz player, some of the tenants were nervous but actively engaged in conversation. It was a time full of smiles, with Nakamura jazz players peeling off the stickers and the residents working together to put them on.
[Image 3

After the work, I signed the welcome art that the residents drew as a surprise. [Image 4

[Comment from Nakamura Jazz player]
This time, I visited Mokusei-san, a relief facility, and was very warmly welcomed by everyone there. They drew a large hand-made illustration and decorated the large hall with robots. I was really happy.
Relief facilities seem to have club activities and event activities in the facility. There are club activities such as walking to Lake Senba and drawing illustrations. I would like to continue to be involved in robots collaboration events and game invitations like this one, so that residents can enjoy themselves in their daily lives.
When I actually worked with the residents, they were very focused and worked hard. We had a lot of conversations, and I got a lot of energy from everyone with a soft and gentle atmosphere.
People with various backgrounds live in relief facilities. There is a little personality in how to paste the sticker.
The barcode sticker may be slightly bent. There may be wrinkles on the sticker, and some may be stuck in the opposite direction. The places of the seals are uneven and may not look beautiful.
However, each and every one of them was done by the hands of the people at the facility, and they were put up wholeheartedly so that the people who bought the goods would be happy. I tried to reapply the stickers over and over again, and I did my best to cooperate with the residents in pasting the stickers that did not come off. Residents are taking the lead, sometimes with the help of staff. The M-HOPE seal is proof of that warmth. If you see this sticker, please pick up the product and feel its warmth.
Also, please take this opportunity to check out the relief facilities. I will continue to do my best to cheer you up.
[About this initiative in the future]
We will invite people from the same facility to the match as part of M-HOPE activities.
By seeing how the goods you worked on are being sold at the venue, you can see the scene where the goods are actually delivered to the boosters, aiming to create your own life and reward.
The sight of the boosters picking up the products becomes a seed of hope for the people at the same facility who worked there.
In addition, the cost of ordering work to the facility, the cost of creating stickers, and the invitation ticket to the game for the facility are supported by M-HOPE supporting companies.
Please pay attention to M-HOPE’s future activities.
[About relief facilities]
Relief Facility Mokusei is one of the five shelters in Ibaraki Prefecture and is based on the Public Assistance Act.
A shelter is a facility that protects people who have difficulty in leading an independent daily life.
We provide support so that those who enter the facility can live an independent life, and that they can achieve optimal self-fulfillment. With the aim of reintegrating into society, we will provide support while taking seriously the various problems that each individual has. We respect living together in society and aim to provide a place where you can lead a fulfilling life.
Work activities are linked to employment support, and we regard them as important activities for the residents to aim for an independent life. Through these activities, they gain contact with society, experience relationships with others, and become an effective training for independence.
[Image 5d37407-167-ba74071d2d54b7f1ccc4-3.png&s3=37407-167-a25cbb6b0967ad782ff029216739cb95-1207x465.png
About people who can use relief facilities
Relief facilities can be used by persons aged 18 and over who have difficulty living in the community due to physical, intellectual, or mental handicaps.
Currently, there are 44 men and 44 women, for a total of 88 people. The overall average age is 65.7 years old.
The handicap includes diseases, sequelae, alcohol dependence, etc., and the use of people with diverse and complex problems is increasing. How to use relief facilities
If you wish to use this service, please contact the welfare office of each municipality.
Please contact your local welfare office or administrative agency. Details about this release:


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