IBM Japan and Fukuoka Financial Group Conclude Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Promotion of Digital Transformation

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IBM Japan and Fukuoka Financial Group Conclude Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Promotion of Digital Transformation

IBM Japan, Ltd. (President: Akio , hereinafter referred to as “IBM Japan”) announced that Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. (President: Hisashi Goto, hereinafter referred to as “FFG”) is working on digital transformation (hereinafter referred to as “DX entered into a strategic partnership agreement to help accelerate the Strategy”). At FFG, in order to respond flexibly to changes in customer behavior and changes in social structure that accompany the advancement of digital technology, FFG will actively utilize digital technology to transform itself through “digital transformation (DX).” It aims to achieve sustainable growth of its core business by implementing new growth investments such as building digital channels.
From May 2020, IBM Japan launched a “digital transformation
partnership comprehensive service
( -service-announcement)” with more than 10 customers, mainly in finance and manufacturing, and we are proposing measures to address issues and needs and promoting DX.
This time, IBM Japan has concluded a basic agreement on a strategic partnership (hereinafter “the partnership”) with FFG for the purpose of supporting further acceleration of FFG’s DX strategy. In this partnership, IBM Japan, together with FFG, will review banking operations by leveraging the power of digital technology, and will work together to reform sales with the aim of improving productivity in administration and sales and maximizing the value of customer experience. In addition, by transforming the banking business itself, the common goal is for FFG to become an organization that realizes new value creation. In order to achieve that goal, we will share the resources and knowledge that both parties possess and cooperate with each other to promote the DX strategy.
Efforts in this partnership
・We will accelerate the DX strategy through a collaborative system and work to grow our core business.
Aiming to dramatically improve customer convenience and business productivity, FFG and IBM Japan will work together to build digital channels such as personal apps and corporate portal sites. Through digital channels, we will provide attractive services that accurately capture customer issues and develop “customer-oriented next-generation sales” that quickly respond to diversifying customer needs. This will lead to sustainable business growth. In addition, as a partner of the DX strategy, IBM Japan will work at the same base as FFG and more effectively propose and provide resources, experience, and technology to provide speedy solutions that are consistent from strategy formulation to development. Offers.
・Strengthen organizational strength by developing digital human resources, building an in-house production system, and considering an overall optimal IT architecture.
FFG and IBM Japan will implement training and OJT in areas such as design thinking and agile development, and will work together to develop digital human resources at FFG to create new value. We will also actively work on organizational reform of FFG through DX, such as reforming the organizational culture.
In addition, in order to build an in-house production system for FFG, we plan to adopt agile training from Red Hat, an IBM group company, and work to strengthen our service development capabilities through the development of digital human resources. In addition, we will also consider the optimal overall IT architecture required for integrated customer experiences and data strategies, and promote initiatives to build a new era of financial digital infrastructure.
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