Icom Co., Ltd. Icom, a major wireless equipment company, supports the youngest 23-year-old Japanese yacht to circumnavigate the world without stopping at any port

Icom Co., Ltd.
Wireless equipment major Icom supports 23-year-old Japan’s youngest yacht voyage around the world without stopping and without resupply Providing state-of-the-art transceivers for safe voyages Supporting ocean adventurer Kojiro Shiraishi’s breakthrough with radio equipment
Icom Co., Ltd. (Hirano-ku, Osaka, President Hiroshi Nakaoka, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime), a major wireless communication equipment company, has announced that 23-year-old Hirotsugu Kimura, the youngest Japanese yacht to circumnavigate the world without resupply without stopping at any port. We will support Hirotsugu with state-of-the-art maritime radio equipment.
This time, we will provide Mr. Kimura with one international VHF (vessel common communication system) transceiver for marine use. Loaded on a yacht, it creates an environment for safe navigation even in dense fog, stormy weather, or at night, and supports communication between ships at sea.
For some time, Mr. Kimura had equipped his ship with four types of our company’s products, including transceivers.
Knowing about this challenge, we decided to provide the latest transceiver free of charge in order to support the dream. This is the first time that Icom has supported an adventurer who wants to go around the world on a yacht.
The current record for the youngest solo circumnavigation of the world by yacht without stopping and without resupply is 26 years and 10 months, set by adventurer Kojiro Shiraishi in 1994. At that time, Mr. Shiraishi successfully completed the challenge in 176 days.
Mr. Kimura, who is challenging the record, was born on August 26, 1999 and is 23 years old. Born in Oita Prefecture, currently working for Hamada Co., Ltd. in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture. This year (2022), we are planning to leave Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture on Saturday, November 12, and plan a voyage of about 190 days.
Mr. Hirotsugu Kimura, the youngest person in Japan to complete a solo yacht round-the-world tour without stopping at ports or resupply. [Image 1d38597-15-027c67fbfd5dd3e4ee69-0.jpg&s3=38597-15-a29484d9ee6b27ae913ce6c6449f6314-800x533.jpg
Mr. Hirotsugu Kimura, the youngest person in Japan to take on the challenge of a “single round-the-world yacht tour without stopping at ports and without resupply.”
Mr. Kimura (23 years old, born in Oita Prefecture on August 26, 1999) is challenging this time as “Yacht solo round the world without stopping at ports without resupply”. You can go around the world by yourself without replenishing the yacht. The sailing date is scheduled for Saturday, November 12, 2022, and the voyage will start from “Shin Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor” in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. After departure, we will first proceed around the Hawaiian Islands, then head south across the Pacific Ocean, and pass eastward through Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of the American continent. After that, we plan to proceed to the African continent, pass the Cape of Good Hope, then go north around Australia and New Zealand, and return to Japan again. The planned duration of the voyage is about six months. The current record for the youngest solo yacht round-the-world trip without stopping at any port is 26 years, 10 months and 20 days, set in 1994 by ocean adventurer Kojiro Shiraishi. It covered 46,115 kilometers and was successfully completed in 176 days from October 3, 1993 to March 28, 1994.
[Image 2d38597-15-9c17148edbbdaa9711fd-1.jpg&s3=38597-15-82b867d29c329cc6636a0cd227345cad-2048x1365.jpg
Using our product “IC-M510J” provided this time
Regarding this challenge, Mr. Kimura said, “With the support of many people, we are currently working on preparations to increase the success rate even by 0.1%. First of all, I just hope that I can stand on the starting line and depart safely. I want to return to Japan, where everyone is waiting, with a strong will to make it a success and a feeling of never giving up no matter what happens.”
About the wireless device that Icom will provide to Mr. Kimura [Image 3d38597-15-246832f4c6420a3a6c49-3.jpg&s3=38597-15-4147755eace3b7ecf988edd1c59401e7-1500x1125.jpg
The IC-M510J, an international VHF transceiver, will be provided this time. It is a state-of-the-art product equipped with functions for The feature is that it can be operated with a smartphone, and it can be operated not only from the cockpit of the yacht, but also from the foredeck or bedroom.
The aircraft is also equipped with an “AIS (Automatic Identification System)” that can grasp information such as the position and course of surrounding ships in real time. It supports safe navigation by preventing collisions with other ships in heavy fog, stormy weather, and at night.
-Company profile of Icom Co., Ltd.-
Representatives: Tokuzo Inoue (Representative Director and Chairman), Hiroshi Nakaoka (Representative Director and President)
Capital: 7,081,220,000 yen
Sales: 28.2 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022)
Number of employees: 1,009 (fiscal year ending March 2022, including affiliated companies)
Location: 1-1-32 Kaminami, Hirano Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Founded: April 1954 Established: July 1964
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