Idein Pay attention to the future of AI high school student “Saya”, which Idein cooperates in development! “AI DIALOGUE with Saya” won ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS

Attention to the future of AI high school student “Saya”, which Idein cooperates in development! “AI DIALOGUE with Saya” won ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS
Awarded ACC Gold in the Creative Innovation category A dialogue space with Saya is permanently installed in the Idein office, allowing interaction at any time

Idein Co., Ltd. (Reading: Idein, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koichi Nakamura) will cooperate in
development with Aisin Co., Ltd. and multiple educational institutions (Toyohashi University of Technology, Nagoya University, Tokushima University, Anan College of Technology). AI high school student “Saya” initiative “AI DIALOGUE with Saya” won “ACC Gold” in the creative innovation category of Japan’s largest creative award “2022 62nd ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS” sponsored by ACC. It will be announced. [Image 1

What is AI DIALOGUE with Saya?
 Saya was developed as an agent for a society that lives with AI in an IoT society. This time, it is equipped with a new dialogue AI that can naturally guide you to the question you want to ask while chatting in a changing topic. Conversation with conventional AI was monotonous, but it is now possible to provide the latest conversation experience that is drawn in real time with high-definition CG and the latest dialogue AI. Idein is cooperating with Saya’s development in terms of miniaturization and high-speed technology, which is its specialty, toward ubiquitous computing. A project to promote her growth is underway with various companies and creators, and demonstration experiments are being conducted at commercial facilities, educational and nursing care facilities.
This project is looking ahead to further utilization in the IoT society. In addition to public transportation such as buses and trains, it has the potential to contribute to solving many social issues, such as unmanned stores, unmanned medical care at medical and nursing care facilities, and the problem of elderly people living alone.
With this award as an opportunity, interest in the use of AI in the real world has increased, and Idein will continue to work with partner companies and organizations to contribute to the spread of AI/IoT systems and their penetration into the real world. We will continue to.
■ About “ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS” and award categories
The ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS originated from the advertising award ACC CM FESTIVAL, which was held in 1961 with the aim of improving the quality of television and radio commercials. We have renewed the award for creatives. It is known as one of the largest and most
authoritative awards in Japan.
Every year, each category is judged by creators and experts who are active on the front lines of various industries. A total of 8 divisions were established: Branded Communication Division, Design Division, Media Creative Division, and Creative Innovation Division. ACC Gold: Creative Innovation Category
・ Title: AI DIALOGUE with Saya
・Category: Prototype
・Application organizations: TELYUKA/Aisin/Aisin
Software/Idein/Toyohashi University of Technology/Nagoya
University/Tokushima University/Anan National College of
Technology/SIGNING/Hakuhodo/Yomiuri Advertising
■ About “Saya”
[Image 2

Since “Saya” announced the first concept image in 2015, it has attracted attention and expectations, and continues to announce the process of growth while absorbing various technologies and ideas. Saya appeared with the appearance of a human girl as the most suitable form for humans to recognize and understand. Aisin Co., Ltd. aims to be a new entity that can communicate by imitating human words and actions. We are working on agent development.
In addition, a dialogue space with Saya has been set up on the 1st floor of the Idein office, making it possible to experience dialogue with Saya at all times. If you would like to experience a dialogue with Saya, please come to the Idein office (advance reservation required).
■ About Idein Co., Ltd.
[Image 3

A startup with high technological capabilities that is unparalleled in the world that has realized the acceleration of deep learning inference on inexpensive general-purpose devices. We have developed the field data collection platform “Actcast” by edge AI using this technology, and provide services to developers and business companies that develop, introduce and utilize practical AI / IoT systems. We will continue to contribute to the spread of AI/IoT systems together with partner companies. With the mission of “making it possible to handle all kinds of information in the real world with software”, in Japan, it has been selected as a J-Startup by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and as a NEXT unicorn company by Nihon Keizai Shimbun. It has been highly evaluated overseas, such as being an AI Partner of Arm in the UK and an Inception Program Partner of NVIDIA in the US.
[Date of establishment] April 7, 2015
[Representative] Koichi Nakamura, Representative Director
[Location] 1-4-13 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Business description] Actcast (edge ​​AI platform) business, commissioned development business (collaboration in next-generation vehicle development, etc.)
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