If you are prepared, there is no need to worry! Compact pump type portable water purifier GreeShow GS-287

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If you are prepared, there is no need to worry! Compact pump type portable water purifier [GreeShow GS-287]
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Instantly turns dirty water into clean water, ensuring water during outdoor activities and disasters ◎ [No tools required, 4 stages of water purification, easy to clean]
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The GreeShow GS-287 portable water purifier, which is smaller than the palm of your hand, removes impurities from mountain springs, rivers and lakes,
A convenient and essential item that purifies natural water to make it safer, safer, and more drinkable.
Features of pump type portable water purifier [GreeShow GS-287]

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Four-stage water purification double ultra pre-filter, ultra-fine membrane effectively removes 99.9999% of impurities.
Compact manual pump type water purifier You can drink fresh water anytime, anywhere.
Not only can it be used outdoors, but it can also be used in emergency situations such as disaster prevention.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/66034/table/40_1_8c3e6495231c968732f65a52313fc431.jpg ]

In outdoor scenes such as camping and mountain climbing, it is very useful in the event of trouble such as running out of drinking water. It is also perfect for serious outdoor users who want to use river water for drinking and cooking.
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You can drink as much water as you like, whenever you like. Autumn leaves will be beautiful in the coming season, and people who like outdoor activities will go camping and mountains! Please take GreeShow GS-287 water purifier with you~

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