if you know ′′ how to learn ′′ from how the brain works, the effect will change! Recommendation for bra in scientific English learning Cicom Brains will hold an online seminar by Senior Consultant Madoka Kato on December 20 th (Tuesday)

Cicom Brains Co., Ltd.
[if you know ′′ how to learn ′′ from how the brain works, the effect will change! Recommendation for brain scientific English learning] Cicom Brains will hold an online seminar by Senior Consultant Madoka Kato on December 20th (Tuesday)

Cicom Brains Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Tadayasu Nishida), which supports corporate human resource development in Japan and overseas, will hold an online seminar “Brain If you know “how to learn” from how it works, the effect will change! Brain Scientific English Learning Recommendations” will be held.
What is the difference between people who can improve their skills in a short period of time and those who do not improve even after studying for many years?
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In the trend of digitalization and individualization of employee education, improving English skills is a field that has changed relatively early from group training to individual learning using online tools. Along with this change, there is also a big difference between those who can actively use the learning environment and those who are left behind because they do not know what to do. Companies aiming to raise the level of English proficiency throughout the company will need to provide employees with learning opportunities and at the same time “learn how to learn”.
There is no magic learning method for learning English that says, “If you do this, you will be able to speak.” However, we believe that people who are able to continue learning and produce results have in common “the experience of realizing the effects of learning and growth.” By objectively and scientifically understanding and convincing yourself of which abilities you have problems with and how you can improve them, you will be able to overcome your weaknesses more efficiently and learn while feeling a sense of growth. Become. In this seminar, Madoka Kato of Cicom Brains, who has been helping companies improve their English skills for many years and is also a lecturer, will talk about the brain mechanisms involved in language acquisition, how to approach English learning to improve results, and points to be aware of. will explain.
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Speaker profile
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Madoka Kato
Cicom Brains Co., Ltd. Senior Consultant
After graduating from university, joined our company after working as an English teacher for children, a part-time high school English teacher, and a study abroad consultant. As a senior planner, I was involved in the planning of basic English skills improvement, TOEIC preparation training, speaking skill improvement training, development of teaching materials, training quality management, and instructor management. Currently working as a Senior Consultant. Through my experience of staying in Australia, England, and the United States, I realized how interesting and difficult it is to have discussions with people from various countries using English as a communication tool. I would like to support students who are active in a global environment by making use of my experience and sharing their worries about learning English.
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-Video: [What is an effective way to learn English for adults? ] Introduction of “English Learning Method Course”-
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPEOA7dON0c]

Overview of the event
-Cicom Brains Online Seminar-
If you know “how to learn” from how the brain works, the effect will change! Recommendations for neuroscientific English learning ・ Date and time:
Tuesday, December 20, 2022 12:10-12:50
* Japan time, held at Zoom Webinar, free of charge
・ Participants:
Person in charge of global human resource development
People in the Human Resources/Human Resources Development Department For overseas business department
Those involved in self-development measures for employees
*We are sorry, but we do not accept applications from other companies in the same industry.
About Cicom Brains
Since its founding in 1986, Cicom Brains Co., Ltd. has supported corporate human resource development as a pioneer in adult education, including sales training and global human resource development. Over the past 10 years, we have provided training for approximately 600 companies and over 300,000 people, and we support human resource development in Asia from our bases in Tokyo and Thailand both in Japan and overseas.
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