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If you shine a light on culture in the warehouse, “Pass the Baton Market Vol. 10” will be held from December 10th (Sat) to 11th (Sun), 2022 at KOKUYO Tokyo Shinagawa office “THE CAMPUS”.

Smiles Co., Ltd.
If you shine a light on culture in the warehouse, “Pass the Baton Market Vol. 10” will be held from December 10th (Sat) to 11th (Sun), 2022 at KOKUYO Tokyo Shinagawa office “THE CAMPUS”.
A flea market with 63 brands of dead stock and non-standard items. 28 new brands such as Sghr, HATRA, and Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations are appearing one after another.
Smiles Co., Ltd. will hold a flea market “Pass the Baton Market Vol. It will be held at KOKUYO Tokyo Shinagawa office “THE CAMPUS”. This time, which is the 10th time, in addition to the first exhibition of “Sghr”, “HATRA”, “Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations”, etc., as well as the traditional craft industry promotion association, which was well received in Vol. The crafts of 8 businesses will be gathered together. 28 of the 63 brands will be new to Vol.10. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself as a reward for this year, or looking for items to enrich your time at home during the year-end and New Year holidays, please enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime chances unique to this market.

[Image 1

The Pass the Baton Market in December is full of items to enjoy the holidays. Other noteworthy projects are “Dedede Dedensan” and “Fruit Showdown” by Shunpachi Fruit and Vegetable Shop!
As a reward for yourself who worked hard this year, and as an accompaniment to your home party. From jewelry to tableware, clothes, miscellaneous goods, and food, go on a treasure hunt trip that colors the holiday season.
In addition, the project “Dedede Dedensan” of the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Crafts Industry, which was exhibited for the first time last time and was well received. Crafts and items from all over the country are lined up, such as Kurume Kasuri trainers and accessories that continue traditional indigo dyeing hand-weaving, Kumano brush makeup brushes and body care products. Shine a bright light.
At “Pass the Baton’s Grocery Store”, “Shunpachi Seikaten” offers plenty of winter fruit kings “apples” and “mandarin oranges”. All-you-can-eat mandarin oranges. In addition, please look forward to this time as well, a grocery store unique to PASS THE BATON, which has gathered delicious foods from all over the country.
[Fashion Goods] Tsuchiya Bag Factory / CAMPER / AS_LABO / product / TRICOTE / e.m. / HARIO Lampwork Factory / SIRI SIRI / giraffe / OLD-FASHIONED STORE / Mitake Button / MARUGO /
[Apparel] HATRA / Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO / SUNSPEL / northpeace farm / MHL. / UNITED ARROWS LTD. OUTLET / retela / nest Robe / CONFECT / my panda / COOHEM / Yonetomi
[Repair/Maintenance] THE SHOESHINE AND BAR / REPAIR THING / WARDROBE TREATMENT [Vessels and miscellaneous goods] Sghr Sugawara Craft Glass / Gato Mikio Shoten / Kimura Soap / Saikai Toki / Sonobe Sangyo / Craft Kinomi / DETAIL / Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten / THE / Shogado / Ikazaki Shachu / Ikeda Kasuri Studio / Ijiri Sculpture / Otera Kohachiro Shoten / Shingama / Noyori / Bekko Isogai / Mizuho / KOKUYO Co., Ltd. [Interior/Flowers] Layout / YURI HIMURO / Nocate
[Food] MORIUMIUS at home / Mori to Spice / MINABE CRAFT UMESHU / HAPPY NUTS DAY / Horii Shichimeien / Nagano Tomato Co., Ltd. / an and an / hug coffee / za you zen / Coyori / ThumbsUpWorks / DEAN & DELUCA / Shimashima Lab / BURGER&MILKSHAKE CRANE / USHIO CHOCOLATL / Shunpachi Fruit and Vegetable Store / Kawakuni / Pass the Baton Grocery Store PASS THE BATON MARKET Vol.10 Overview
Date: December 10th (Sat) to 11th (Sun), 2022 11:00 to 19:00 (closes at 18:00 on the last day)
*Last entry is 30 minutes before the closing time/rain or shine Location: KOKUYO Tokyo Shinagawa office “THE CAMPUS” (indoor/outdoor) Address: 1-8-35 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Entrance fee: 300 yen *free for elementary school students and younger URL:
Co-sponsor Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
Operated by Smiles Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations *In view of the social situation, the above information is subject to change. *Please check the website for measures against the new coronavirus infection. *We ask that customers pre-register before coming to the event. For details and registration, please see the URL on the left.
*It may take time to enter. Please note.
Featured project of “Pass the Baton Market Vol.10”
Part 1: The holiday season at Pass the Baton Market.
Reward gifts for yourself and items that enrich your time at home during the year-end and New Year holidays.
PASS THE BATON MARKET Vol.10 is lined with exhibiting brands that are perfect for finding reward gifts for yourself who worked hard this year. There are accessories and jewelry such as “e.m.”, “HARIO Lampwork Factory” and “SIRI SIRI”, as well as tableware such as “Sonobe Sangyo/Craft Kinomi” and “Saikai Toki”, and the glassware brand “Sghr Sugawara Kogei Glass”. will also appear.
We also recommend decorating your room with a bouquet of Suisen Bouquet from Nocate.
[Image 2

Speaking of December, it is the season for general cleaning. Items and services will be released one after another to help you welcome the New Year comfortably, such as cleaning your home and maintaining your clothes, shoes, and bags.
“Kimura soap” and “THE” cleaning items, and “THE SHOESHINE AND BAR”, which will be appearing for the first time this time, sells shoe care products in addition to a service that polishes leather shoes and sneakers on the spot. It is also important to keep using what you are currently using for a long time while maintaining it. At PASS THE BATON MARKET, there are brands that support such thoughts. Enjoy encounters with seasonal products and services unique to December. [Image 3

Part 2: There is also a workshop that can be enjoyed by parents and children in the venue.
[Image 4

Each time, various exhibitors prepare workshops unique to PASS THE BATON MARKET with their ingenuity. It will be held by advance reservation system.
The tabi shoe brand “MARUGO” will hold a workshop to make your own leather tabi shoes “CRAFTABI”. In addition, “THE SHOESHINE AND BAR” holds a shoe polishing workshop that can be enjoyed by families (sneaker edition), and “Nocate” offers workshops that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, such as a workshop on making bouquets from fragrant Japanese daffodils sent directly from Fukui Prefecture. is packed.
Click here for workshop details and registration


* Workshop applicant benefits: You can enter without lining up on the day. [3] Shining a light on traditional crafts “Dedede Dedensan”
(Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association)
[Image 5

“Dededededensan”, which first appeared in Vol.9 and stood out in the venue. We have shed light on many traditional crafts that are rarely touched on a daily basis, and have passed the baton to many people. In Vol.10, 8 new companies will exhibit. Kurume Kasuri sweatshirts and accessories that continue the traditional indigo dyeing hand-weaving, hand-made Japanese paper cards with French gold leaf gilting, Kumano brush makeup brushes and body care products, etc. We are waiting for you at the venue. Please take a look at the traditional crafts that live in today’s life, selected from the unique perspective of Pass the Baton Market.
[List of 8 companies]
・Handmade Japanese paper / Ikazaki Shachu
・Kurume Kasuri / Ikeda Kasuri Studio
・Suiun Carving / Ijiri Sculpture
・Takaoka Copperware / Kohachiro Ohtera Store
・Seto Sometsuke Ware / Shingama
・Owari Buddhist altar fittings / Noyori
・Tortoiseshell work / tortoiseshell shell
・Kumano Brush / Mizuho
Part 4: “Pass the Baton Grocery Store” where “delicious” food from all over the country gathers
[Image 6

The highlight of this time is the “Fruit Showdown” between apples and oranges. A ton of mandarin oranges welcomes you.
[Image 7

“Pass the Baton’s Grocery Store”, where the connoisseurs of Pass the Baton collect delicious foods from all over the country. What we want to deliver is not only non-standard products and non-standard products, but also the thoughts of exhibitors on the other side. This time, “Shunpachi Seikaten” offers apples and oranges that are in season. We have several varieties of apples, so please find your favorite apple. A whopping 1 ton of oranges arrives from Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. Don’t miss the all-you-can-eat mandarin oranges. [Participating companies]
Felsen Baum / Sunny Side / Tosa Shirasu Shokudo 20,000 / 10% I am / TAKIBI BAKERY / Dandelion Chocolate / The days / LP / Shirasuya e’s / Sea Vegetables / Fukumitsuya / Tarako Minato / Mizunodani Egg Store / Tsubasa / Tortoise Yorozu Main Store / hokka / Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden / Arctic / Takaichi Shoten / Nick / Paradise Plan / Nekka / Handa Ginzan Brewery / Osu Foods / Ichijo Tofu Store / Tsuriya / Nenen / Food Orchestra / EMDM / Yao Tsuna / IFNi ROASTING & CO. / Senchado Tokyo / Suzuki Koji Store / Yamasa Miso Koji Store
*Pass the Baton Market Vol.10 Click here for a list of exhibiting companies
* Click here for the venue map
[Image 8d60866-53-43f6d0d67234e0c50411-7.png&s3=60866-53-aad75ed2708256b2f0542e1c91913583-2161x1393.png

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