IGG Mythic Heroes, “Jeanne d’Arc role: Mr. Aoi Yuki” signed colored paper “6th luxury voice actor signed colored paper gift campaign” held!

Mythic Heroes, “Jeanne d’Arc role: Aoi Yuki” autographed colored paper “6th gorgeous voice actor signed colored paper present campaign” held!
IGG (Group CEO: Zongjian Cai, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Japan location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a global manufacturer of game apps for smartphones, announced on the official Twitter account of the neglected mythical RPG “Mythic Heroes” that the role of Jeanne d’Arc will be drawn by lottery. : Aoi Yuki” will hold the “6th gorgeous voice actor autographed colored paper gift campaign”.
Gorgeous voice actor signature colored paper gift campaign 6th On Mythic Heroes official Twitter, we are holding a “Gorgeous voice actor autographed colored paper gift campaign” where you can win autographed colored paper by gorgeous voice actors.
Mythic Heroes Official Twitter:
■ 6th “Jeanne d’Arc: Aoi Yuki”
【Application period】
11/17 (Thursday) 18:00 to 11/30 (Wednesday) 11:59
【Application method】
1. Follow Mythic Heroes Official Twitter
2.11/17 (Thursday) 18:00 Application completed by retweeting the posted campaign tweet
■ Campaign notes
※The image is an image.
*Shipping is limited to within Japan.
*Winners will be contacted via DM from Mythic Heroes official Twitter. Idle mythical RPG “Mythic Heroes” Pre-registration is open!
Pre-registration for the abandoned mythical RPG “Mythic Heroes” is now open.
Pre-register here:
Overview of “Mythic Heroes”
Title: Mythic Heroes
Genre: Idle mythical RPG
Price: Basic free (with item charge)
Release: Scheduled for December 2022
IGG is a global mobile online game development and publishing company established in 2006. In addition to its Singapore headquarters, it currently has branch offices in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil, and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HongKong Stock: 0799). Over 40 mobile, browser and client-based online games in 23 languages ​​for players in over 200 countries around the world. Popular titles include “Lord Mobile,” “Time Princess,” “Mobile Royale,” “MythicHeroes,” and “Castle Clash.” Details about this release:


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