IHI Co., Ltd. Beginning consideration of Dubai’s first green ammonia production and sales business

IHI Corporation
Started consideration of Dubai’s first green ammonia production and sales business

IHI, together with the Emirates National Oil Company*1 (ENOC), the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s state-owned oil and gas company in Dubai, has started utilizing the abundant solar resources in the UAE, Dubai, and surrounding emirates. A memorandum of understanding was signed to examine and investigate the business feasibility of manufacturing and selling green ammonia derived from renewable energy. If this project is realized, it will be the first green ammonia project in the Emirate of Dubai.
Ammonia derived from fossil fuels currently on the market emits CO2 during production. It is possible to keep the CO2 emissions in the chain extremely low. In addition, ammonia is expected to be quickly implemented in society because the technology related to its production, storage, and transportation has already been established. The two companies will manufacture green ammonia at multiple existing oil terminals owned by Horizon Terminals Ltd. (HTL), a wholly owned subsidiary of ENOC, for export to the Japanese and Asian markets, and for local power generation and marine use. We will consider ammonia sales business for the purpose of fuel supply. IHI will mainly be in charge of technical studies and demand surveys in Japan, while ENOC will be in charge of various local surveys such as the availability of renewable energy and hydrogen source water, site selection, and applicable laws and regulations. After conducting a business feasibility evaluation, we aim to construct and operate a
demonstration plant.
The UAE, which will host COP28 (28th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in 2023, has announced a new goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 31% by 2030. Taking advantage of the abundant land and amount of sunlight, we are promoting plans that use a lot of renewable energy. IHI and ENOC will work together to quickly establish an ammonia value chain in order to achieve the CO2 reduction targets of Japan and the UAE.
(*1): Emirates National Oil Company
The Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) Group is a UAE Dubai public corporation that operates a wide range of businesses in domestic and international oil and gas value chains. ENOC owns and operates assets in a wide range of fields, from exploration, manufacturing and supply, including ownership and operation of petroleum terminals, gasoline retail, aviation fuel supply, and petrochemical product supply for businesses. We are also diversifying into areas other than oil and gas, such as the pharmaceutical and food businesses, and have expanded into 60 business fields and have 11,000 employees worldwide. ENOC Web Site: www.enoc.com

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