IK Co., Ltd. Collaboration goods with the world-famous game “Identity V Fifth Personality” and famous illu strator “Sakusha 2” are on sale!

IK Co., Ltd.
Collaboration goods with the world-famous game “Identity V Fifth Personality” and famous illustrator “Sakusha 2” are on sale! Over 1 million total followers! Collaboration product sales of popular game character illustrations by illustrators

IK Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Shogo Nagano) and Tohakusha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuki Ogiso) are developing smartphones with over 200 million users worldwide. The game app “Identity V Fifth
Personality” and the collaboration product of the popular game character illustration by illustrator will be sold at Don Quijote target stores and WEB on Saturday, November 12th.
This collaboration is being jointly developed with NetEase Games (headquartered in China), which develops and operates popular titles such as “Wilderness Action” and “Identity V Fifth Personality”, and limited to “Identity V Fifth Personality” and famous illustrators. We offer the collaboration product “Tokyo neo”.
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Collaboration overview
In the collaboration project, a total of 5 illustrators with over 1 million SNS followers (“WOOMA”, “Kuroume”, “Sakusha 2”, “Miwano Ragu”, “Yastatsu”) will be the fifth personality of IdentityV. We draw illustrations of the characters that appear from the creator’s own perspective, and sell limited collaboration products of the
illustrations. (Sold at Don Quijote target stores and creator D2C “Onest” special page operated by Tohakusha Co., Ltd.)
The first collaboration theme is “Tokyo neo”.
In 2045, a completely new illustration has been drawn in Tokyo in the near future.
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Introducing some products!
*For details, please check the special site linked below.
・Acrylic stand
“Identity V Fifth Personality Character “Conciliary”” x “Illustrator “Kurome”” Acrylic Stand
Price: 1,770 yen (tax included)
[Image 3

“Identity V 5th Personality Character “Photographer”” x “Illustrator “Sakusha 2”” T-shirt
Price: 4,470 yen (tax included)
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Don Quijote also sells limited products!
・Acrylic badge
[Image 5

・ Store sales destination: Don Quijote target stores
Target store details URL: https://www.ppihgroup.com/products/identityv-tokyoneo/ [Limitation on the number of items purchased at Don Quijote stores] Up to 1 of each type per person
* Different characters and different sizes are treated as separate products. *Blind products can be purchased up to 1 box (5 pieces) in the case of a box, and up to 5 pieces in the case of a single item.
* Depending on the situation on the day, the number of products that can be purchased at one time may be limited. Please note.
・ Online sales destination: Creator D2C “One Strike” special site Special site URL: https://shop.wonder-story.jp/pages/tokyoneo ・ Sales period: From Saturday, November 12, 2022 * Ends as soon as the product runs out
* Depending on the store, it may take time to display.
* It will end as soon as the product is gone.
*Some stores may not carry this product.
Creator D2C “One Strike”
Creator D2C “One Strike” operated by Tohakusha Co., Ltd.
“One Strike” is a project in which about 20 famous creators
participate, boasting a total number of SNS followers of more than 5 million, and strengths in SNS buzz knowledge based on collaborative achievements. Until now, we have collaborated, planned and produced illustrations that match the tastes of each participating creator, and last year we delivered more than 15,000 items to fans.
Company Profile
Tohakusha Co., Ltd. is an artist collaboration company that utilizes the centripetal force and expressive power of artists to develop and sell products, support promotions, and conduct NFT projects. In product development and sales, which is our main business, we operate a “one-stop” EC that sells collaborative products that match the tastes of creators, and develop new products using crowdfunding. In addition, we are working on IP regardless of domestic and overseas and creator collaboration promotion.
Company name: Tohakusha Co., Ltd.
Founded: June 1, 2020
Representative: Kazuki Ogiso
Mission: Update with the Artist.
Believing in the centripetal force and expressive power of artists, we work together to update traditional advertising and business. We will expand the world of colorful expressions and deliver a more exciting and enjoyable life all over the world. Vision: Believe in the possibilities of professional artists and stand by them. Create a sustainable world of expression where all artists can receive fair compensation.
IK Co., Ltd. is based on the three themes of living beautifully, living healthy, and living happily.
We are a marketing manufacturer that develops products such as cosmetics, household goods, and food products based on big data accumulated over many years, and performs integrated planning, manufacturing, sales, and logistics.
Company name: IK Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 〒450-0002 3-26-8 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture KDX Nagoya Ekimae Building 5F
Tokyo branch office: 7th floor, Kyobashi Mitsubishi Building, 1-7-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Representative: Shogo Nagano, President and COO
Established: May 1, 1982
Capital: 620.94 million yen
Net sales: 16,335 million yen (fiscal year ending May 2022, consolidated) Employees: 224 (consolidated as of the end of May 2022)
Website: https://www.ai-kei.co.jp/
Details about this release:

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