Ikyu Co., Ltd. Holding a campaign to post “# Memorable scenic inn” on the accommodation-specific SNS “YA DOLINK” operated by Ikkyu

Ikyu Co., Ltd.
Held a campaign to post “# Memorable scenic inn” on the
accommodation-specific SNS “YADOLINK” operated by Ikkyu
Five newly appointed official ambassadors will select the “Ambassador Award” according to their own travel style

YADOLINK, an accommodation-specific SNS operated by Ikyu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Jun Sakaki, hereinafter Ikyu), which operates the reservation site for luxury hotels and inns, Ikyu.com. (https://yadolink.com/) is pleased to announce that the “3rd YADOLINK Posting Campaign” will be held from November 14th (Monday) to December 4th (Sunday), 2022.
[Image 1d3544-214-c75eab4c22f74fb61e20-0.png&s3=3544-214-255c032de2bdcee1f5254f9d16621e69-1125x636.png
3rd YADOLINK Posting Campaign
Campaign introduction page: https://yadolink.com/campaign/scenicview2022 You can participate in the “3rd YADOLINK Posting Campaign” by simply posting to YADOLINK with the hashtag “# Memorable Scenic Inn” about the superb view inn you have stayed in so far. You can also
participate in multiple posts and edit past posts.
From among the submissions, 5 submissions will be awarded as “Ambassador Awards”. For the Ambassador Award, we will select even more attractive posts from the five official ambassadors of this campaign based on the criteria according to each travel style. YADOLINK is an inn-specific SNS that was launched with the aim of becoming a “happy place where inn lovers can gather and talk about inn love without worrying about it, and it will be useful to someone” on the Internet. This campaign was held with the hope that it would be an opportunity for information exchange among inn lovers through “a memorable scenic inn”. You can react to posts with likes and comments, so I hope it will be an opportunity for you to interact with your favorite inn and the person who posted it.
In addition, the winner will receive 10,000 “Ikyu points” that can be used at “Ikyu.com” at “1 point = 1 yen”. It’s a small amount, but I would appreciate it if you could use it as a fund for your next trip. We are looking forward to your contributions from travel enthusiasts. Campaign overview
Participation method: After logging in to YADOLINK
(https://yadolink.com/), post to YADOLINK about the inns with spectacular views that you have stayed at so far with the hashtag “# Memorable superb view accommodation”. to complete your participation. Date: November 14, 2022 (Monday) to December 4, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 submissions are valid. The winners will be announced in “YADOLINK” on Wednesday, December 14, 2022.
Benefits: 10,000 points for 5 Ambassador Awards.
* Submissions are valid until 23:59 on Sunday, December 4, 2022. * If you actually stayed, you can participate even if you post multiple posts from last year or earlier. *You can also participate by editing the past post and adding “# Memorable scenic inn” again. *Posting is possible only from a smartphone. *Please refrain from participating for the purpose of advertising or publicity.
* “Ikyu points” will be given to the winner’s Ikyu account. Membership registration to Ikyu is required separately from the YADOLINK account. *After the winners are announced, an email will be sent from Ikyu (otoiawase@ikyu.com) to the winner’s YADOLINK registered email address asking for Ikyu’s member information. *Please note that if you do not receive a reply by December 20, 2022 (Tuesday), or if you do not receive a reply that allows you to identify your Ikyu member information, we will not be able to grant Ikyu points. * After asking for Ikyu’s member information, award points will be awarded to the Ikyu member account in about two weeks.
About the Ambassador Award
We have welcomed 5 people who love the inn from the bottom of their hearts and who boast tremendous trust and popularity by sending out its essential charm on SNS as “official ambassadors” to liven up this campaign together.
For the Ambassador Award, we will select even more attractive posts based on the criteria according to the travel style of each of the five official ambassadors. We will introduce the selection criteria for the Ambassador Award and the official ambassadors who will be selected.
Masumi Award “Inspirational inn that can only be found here” [Image 2d3544-214-eb7464f7d626e889c162-1.jpg&s3=3544-214-938aaf9f79a2b8754b8c683a352bb803-1754x1759.jpg
Mr. Masumi
Ambassador of choice: Mr. Masumi
A photographer who loves hotel stays and delicious food. Each and every one of them, which is beautifully composed geometrically, is a masterpiece. The style of focusing on “food”, which is the real pleasure of traveling, is also gaining support.
YADOLINK account: https://yadolink.com/users/masumi
Other SNS accounts: https://www.instagram.com/masumi_3pics/
Maki Award “The best inn you don’t really want to tell”
[Image 3d3544-214-25093a3bf3118d3a9727-2.jpg&s3=3544-214-e91aa88ff3d9696d703bb1d5fe2fa1d5-808x802.jpg
Ambassador of choice: Mr. Maki
A traveling office worker. The beautiful photographs and the life-size notes attached to them have attracted many fans. Don’t miss the “attack” travelogue with children that both parents and children enjoy.
YADOLINK account: https://yadolink.com/users/makitraveling Other SNS accounts: https://www.instagram.com/makitraveling/

Yamani Prize: “An inn where you can experience the charms of both Japanese and Western styles”
[Image 4d3544-214-ff53d6731626b2b57272-3.jpg&s3=3544-214-613eb9b3ff31a9bb831207f8360a07cc-533x533.jpg
Mr. Yamani
Ambassador to choose from: Mr. Yamani
Entrepreneur traveling the world. Using that experience and
information as a source, we are disseminating the art of traveling wisely and richly. One side of the status freak who holds various highest grades.
YADOLINK account: https://yadolink.com/users/sho102405
Other SNS accounts: https://www.instagram.com/sho102405/

Yumeno Hotel Award “Yumeno Hotel for you”
[Image 5d3544-214-e4314e659869c50598ae-4.jpg&s3=3544-214-04e50dd9cbaf5b4eb03d1149b127d1e6-1280x1280.jpg
Yumeno Hotel
Ambassador of choice: Yumeno Hotel
A photographer who shoots over 1000 buildings a year. As a senior hotel stayer who boasts 350 nights a year, the vivid records of his stays are works of art that will enchant you.
YADOLINK account: https://yadolink.com/users/dream_hotels_jp Other SNS accounts: https://www.instagram.com/dream_hotels_jp/ FURAN Award “A hotel that makes you want to stay alone”
[Image 6d3544-214-353447297ed67545180f-5.png&s3=3544-214-85f046a043aeabe1a5948c48d366288f-400x400.png
Ambassador of choice: Mr. FURAN
A hoteler specializing in single stays. The scenery changes from moment to moment, and you can spend time enjoying a glass of wine in the bar or lounge.
YADOLINK account: https://yadolink.com/users/furan_stay
Other SNS accounts: https://twitter.com/FURAN_stay

About past campaigns
1st YADOLINK Posting Campaign
Results announcement: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000201.000003544.html We received 61 posts under the theme of “#Best hotel I’ve stayed in so far”, and awarded 4 people.
2nd YADOLINK Posting Campaign
Results announcement: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000209.000003544.html We received 162 posts about the accommodation experience from June to September 2022 under the theme of “#Inn that was good to stay this summer”. Five official ambassadors of the second campaign were selected for the ambassador award.
・ Ambassador Award for the 2nd YADOLINK Posting Campaign
SAORI Award: “Inn you want to visit as a reward for yourself” (Ambassador for choosing: Mr. SAORI)
Alone. Award: “An inn where you can freely enjoy ‘alone time'” (Ambassador of choice: Mr. Ohitorisama)
Lehman Traveler Award: “An inn where you can feel like traveling abroad” (Ambassador of choice: Lehman Traveler Hirofumi Higashimatsu) KONOMI Award: “An inn you’ll want to share with your friends” (Ambassador of choice: Mr. KONOMI)
Hotel Miruzo Award: “An inn where you can experience unique
hospitality” (Ambassador of choice: Hotel Miruzo)
– Reference: What is YADOLINK –
An inn-specialized SNS where lodging lovers gather and find
high-quality lodging experiences in photos
“YADOLINK” is an “accommodation-specific SNS” that allows visitors to post photos taken by themselves. It is a user interface that makes it easy to find your favorite inn intuitively, centering on photos. We will make you aware of your needs that you haven’t verbalized yet, and create unexpected encounters with “your favorite inn” that you haven’t seen yet.
Before the corona crisis, Ikyu regularly held dinner parties and user interviews, inviting several customers who are heavy users of Ikyu.com and who love to travel. If you ask them about their favorite lodgings, they will talk passionately about their favorite lodgings, and users will encourage conversations by recommending their favorite lodgings to each other.
“YADOLINK” was launched with the aim of becoming “a happy place where inn lovers can gather, talk about their love for inns without worrying, and be useful to someone” on the Internet. We would appreciate it if you could post and search for lodging in a sense of security unique to the “community of hobbies” where people with “love for lodging” gather.
Point 1: You can comfortably manage, search, and reserve your favorite inns with the “bookmark” function
Point 2: Use the “tag” function to select an inn that matches your style Point 3: Create a trip by collecting information on “travel mae” centered on the inn
Point 4.: You can find users with common tastes and interact with them Details about this release:


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