Ikyu Co., Ltd. “Zenagi” joins “Ikyu Vacation Plus+”

Ikyu Co., Ltd.
“Zenagi” joins “Ikkyu Vacation Plus+”

Ikyu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Jun Sakaki; hereinafter Ikyu), which operates the luxury hotel and inn reservation site “Ikyu.com” (https://www.ikyu.com/), We are pleased to announce that “Zenagi” (Nagano Prefecture / Nagiso Town) has joined “Ikkyu Vacation Plus+” from November 1st. In addition, by joining “Ikyu Vacation Plus+”, reservations can only be made at “Ikyu.com”, a domestic online travel reservation site.
*Ikkyu Vacation Plus +: Ikkyu Vacation Plus. A particularly
high-quality inn that has been carefully selected from among the vacation rentals that can be booked on “Ikyu.com”. Only “Ikyu.com” can be reserved on the domestic Internet reservation site (OTA). [Image 1d3544-212-5f660f8fc29302c4869b-0.png&s3=3544-212-a609594e801ec53f10eed277dcd64d8e-2213x614.png
“Zenagi” introduction page: https://www.ikyu.com/vacation/00050811/ Zenagi is a private, fully-equipped hotel with a butler. Based on the concept of WELLNESS and EXPEDITION, we are actively pursuing and disseminating a “lifestyle for a healthy mind and body”. You can experience it while having fun through “Tsuno ZEN Experience”. Activities are included in the accommodation fee
Zenagi offers 9 expedition programs as “expeditions” according to the season and your needs. You will go out for the “ultimate detox & relaxation experience” with a private guide. You can enjoy luxury activities unique to the land, such as special access to national forests that normally require permission to enter, and some that allow you to go down the river with former Olympia. The experience fee is included in the accommodation fee.
The “River Retreat”, where you can soak your whole body in the river water, including areas that are not accessible without special permission, allows you to float and swim, and the “Glamping Lunch” at the riverside is a special experience. increase.
In “Forest Bathing Detox Hiking”, you can experience “forest bathing” which is attracting attention in the world now. While hiking on the Nakasendo, an ancient trail left in the forest, the “negative ions” and “phytoncide” substances (scents) generated by natural trees such as Kiso cypress relieve stress and provide a relaxing effect. It is said.
In addition, there are a total of 10 experience plans provided by the concierge. [Image 2d3544-212-7f433227fb8b0db829b2-1.png&s3=3544-212-18aa9ad232787c48cc122de30931b0a6-2230x618.png

Thoughts behind Zenagi
Zenagi was launched as a hotel for regional revitalization. The founder, Mr. Okabe, has been working as a journalist for more than 20 years and has a desire to “do something about the disappearing countryside of Japan”, and has set a mission of “preserving the beautiful countryside for the next 100 years”.
Former Olympic athletes, Michelin-starred chefs, concierges of five-star hotels, etc. resonate with that feeling, and the hotel is operated. We offer WELLNESS and EXPEDITION experiences by specialists in each genre.
[Image 3d3544-212-217fa85b293e9ee51e3b-2.png&s3=3544-212-b12bc6d5ca8addbe22a6457b71997961-2231x621.png

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