Illustrations look great! Full of fascinating examples with hands “Acting & Directing Techniques of ‘Hands'” to be released in December

Graphic-sha Co., Ltd.
Illustrations look great! Full of fascinating examples with hands “Acting & Directing Techniques of ‘Hands'” to be released in December
Graphic Publishing Co., Ltd. publishes the book “Fascinating female characters! “Hand” Acting & Directing Techniques” will be released in December 2022.
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When drawing illustrations, the “hands” tend to be neglected compared to the face and body, but if you improve how to draw the hands and fingers, the character’s emotional expression will increase in richness. If you understand how to place and open your hands, how to hold something with your fingers, and other [hand direction & acting effects], you can control the expression of your emotions with your hands, and your illustrations will come alive and shine. ! This book is full of examples of such “hands”.
First of all, I will explain the basics of “hands” firmly!
The hand expression is an important point that reflects and emphasizes the character’s feelings. However, even if you try to draw it on a mirror or take a picture, you may get confused as to what is correct. This book gives a lecture on how to draw difficult hands from the basics. Basic techniques such as the structure of the hand, how to draw it, differences between men and women, and the relationship between the wrist and hand are well explained.
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Abundant illustration examples are useful for practice!
A single gesture can change a character’s emotions. In this book, examples of [hand acting & directing effects] are visually explained with abundant illustrations! It also introduces many illustrations in the middle of drawing, such as roughs and sketches, so it is useful for practice.
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table of contents
Lesson 1 Introduction/Basics of the hand [7 items]: Explanation of the basics such as the structure of the hand and how to draw it
Lesson 2 “Feelings” spoken by hands [8 items]: 8 feelings of “emotions + madness”
Lesson 3 Hands for communication and hands for sign [15 items]: peace, okay, goo poses, etc.
Lesson 4 Unconscious hands [12 items]: Arms folded, hands touching head and hair, etc.
Author profile
Akira Hayashi (Go office) (Hikaru Hayashi Go office)
Born in Tokyo in 1961. After graduating from the Faculty of
Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University, he made his debut as a manga artist. Received Business Jump Encouragement Award and Honorable Mention. Studied under manga artists Hajime Furukawa and Noriyoshi Inoue. After making his professional debut with the real-life manga “The Story of Aja Kong”, in 1997 he established the manga design production office “Go office”. “Costume Drawing Guide 1-4”, “Super Manga Dessin”, “Super Perspective Dessin”, “Character Pose Material Collection: Uniform Edition / Girl’s Body Edition” (Graphic-sha), “Manga Basic Drawing” Series (Hobby Japan), ” He has produced more than 270 domestic and international Manga Technical Manuals, including the Basic Drills for Manga series (Kosaido Publishing).
Book information
Title: Enchanting female characters! Acting and Directing Techniques of “Hands” Author: Akira Hayashi (Go office)
Release date: December 2022
Specifications: B5 variant, normal production, total 176 pages List price: 2,200 yen (10% tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-7661-3689-0 [Inquiries about books]
Graphic-sha Co., Ltd.
1-14-17 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
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