Imagina Co., Ltd. 《Culture x DX》 for corporate growth

Imagina Co., Ltd.
《Culture x DX》 to lead to corporate growth
Imagina Co., Ltd. ( will hold a branding seminar in Osaka from 10:00 on Tuesday, November 15th.

-Overview of Branding Strategy Seminar held in Osaka-
Date: November 15, 2022 (Wednesday) 10:00-11:30
Location: 1-6-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 532-0003 Venue name: Shin-Osaka Brick Building 3F
Lecturer: Yoshinori Sekino, President and CEO of Imagina Co., Ltd. We hold seminars all over the country from time to time.
▼ Click here for a list of future seminar schedules Securing DX human resources is a current issue for each company in today’s world where productivity improvement through digitalization is required to respond to competitive threats and market changes. When it comes to securing human resources, there are methods such as mid-career recruitment and outsourcing, but it is also true that methods such as training are solid methods to acquire DX human resources who can comprehensively handle internal work. .
The figure below shows the results of the answers to the question about what the system is necessary for promoting DX. It is suggested that in order to promote DX, it is not enough to have a few employees who are familiar with the digital field, and that a system on an organizational basis is necessary.
Quoted from httpswww.sbbit.jparticlecont137504

In fact, it can be said that the lack of a consistent culture within the company is the cause of the lack of understanding of management, the lack of human resources and the execution organization, which are often cited as failure stories of DX. What is necessary to digitize the work flow is the presence of employees who have a good
understanding of internal issues, and DX will not go well without such a consistent culture within the company.
At the seminar, Yoshiki Sekino, representative of Imagina Co., Ltd., who has experience in branding companies in various industries, industries, and regions, took the stage and talked about specific measures and successful examples for effective DX. I will explain. If you want to learn DX that leads to corporate growth, please take advantage of this opportunity.
■ Company information
Imagina Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-5-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Burex Kojimachi
TEL: 03-3511-5525
Established: June 2006
Representative: Yoshinori Sekino, President and CEO
Capital: 50 million yen
Business description: Corporate branding business
Consulting business
Corporate training business
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