Impress Group Sales of Minecraft World “Floating City Sodalite”, a sightseeing tour of a beautiful blue castle town, are now on sale!

Impress Holdings Co., Ltd.
Minecraft World “Water City Sodalite”, where you can see the beautiful blue castle town, is now on sale!

Impress Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Toru Ogawa), which develops IT-related media business in the Impress Group, is a market that is an in-game store for the world-famous sandbox-type manufacturing game “Minecraft”. At Place
(, we have started selling the content “Floating city: Sodalite” by new participating creators.
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In January 2018, we became the first Japanese corporation to become an “Official Minecraft Partner” and sell a large number of works by creators in Japan on the marketplace. This time, the world “Water City Sodalite” with the motif of medieval Western architecture by the new creator team “Mikura” was produced by the Japan Crafters Union. Sodalite, a small tourist country named after a beautiful blue jewel. Blue terracotta is used extensively for the building materials, and even under the sunlight, the bright blue town turns into a dark blue castle town with a solemn atmosphere at night. The player is a tourist visiting this floating city. Explore leisurely by boat, explore botanical gardens and churches, enjoy castles and towns. Although it is a peaceful country, zombies also appear at night, so it is recommended that you prepare the minimum equipment and tools at a weapon shop. There are 10 special items in the world, and if you can find an elytra hidden somewhere in the castle, sightseeing from the sky is also possible.
-Work introduction page- -Selling price-
830 minecoin
*”Minecoin” is an in-game currency used for purchases on the Minecraft Marketplace.
*Sales prices are subject to change.
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If you stand on the fountain in the center, you can see all of the city, including houses and small boats.
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The interior of the house is built up to the bedroom and kitchen, and you can even feel the breathing of the people who live there. [Image 4

You can enjoy a different view from the Ofune, which is unique to the floating city.
[Image 5

The botanical garden on the island is also unified with the atmosphere of a floating city.
[Image 6

At night, the city lights up, giving it a different appearance than it does during the day.
[About Minecraft creator team “Mikura”]
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We are a team that specializes in Western architecture and Japanese architecture. We are pursuing various expressions with vanilla blocks, not only for architecture but also for interiors and exteriors. [About Japan Crafters Union]
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[Japanese Minecraft to the world] Japan Crafters Union
( is a community where professional Minecraft crafters gather to exhibit worlds and skin packs in the Minecraft in-game store. Deploying the technical skills and ideas of Japanese minecrafters all over the world, conveying Japanese crafting culture to many people, and attracting attention from overseas. Impress will continue to support new creators, increase the number of exhibited content, and deliver the excellent content of various domestic Minecraft creators to users not only in Japan but around the world.
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[Impress Co., Ltd.]
Consumers such as the “Dekiru” series of computer manuals, which have sold over 75 million copies in total, periodic magazines such as “Digital Camera Magazine,” and the “Impress Watch Series,” a comprehensive digital news service that boasts the largest access in Japan as specialized IT-related media. A business company that comprehensively develops and operates IT-related media brands for companies such as media for companies, “IT Leaders”, “SmartGrid Newsletter”, and “Web Manager Forum”. We are developing a wide range of IT-related publishing media businesses and digital media and service businesses.
[Impress Group]
Impress Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Matsumoto, Securities Code: TSE Standard Market 9479) is a media group with a holding company. We are developing highly specialized media & services and solution businesses with the main themes of “IT”, “music”, “design”, “mountains and nature”, “aviation and railroads”, “mobile services”, and “academics and science and engineering”. In addition, we are also involved in the development and operation of content business platforms.

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