Imuraya Group Co., Ltd. New release of “Sweet Potato Ice” on November 21st (Monday) where you can enjoy th e fragrance and sweets of authentic sweet potatoes!

Imuraya Group Co., Ltd.
“Sweet potato ice cream” that you can enjoy the fragrance and sweet feeling of authentic sweet potato will be released on November 21st (Monday)!
Sweet potatoes, a classic fall/winter sweet, are now ice cream! Luxurious reward ice cream debuts

Imuraya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 7-1-1 Takachaya, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, President Yasushi Iwamoto) will release “Sweet Potato Ice” nationwide from Monday, November 21 as a new ice cream product. [Image 1

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Real reproduction of fragrant sweet potato!
Sweet potato is a staple sweet in autumn and winter, and sweet potato specialty stores are also popular. This time, the sweet potato is layered on a freshly baked sweet potato caramel cake, sweet sweet potato ice cream, and a sauce containing sweet potatoes to create a luxurious ice cream. You can enjoy the sweet potato flavor, the warm texture, and the roasted aroma.
[Sweet potato ice cream product features]
[Image 3

Sweet potato sauce that allows you to enjoy the flavor and texture of baked sweet potatoes
About 50% of the sauce contains baked potato paste and sweet potato diced sugar, giving it a natural taste and texture.
You can We also added butter and caramel syrup to recreate the sweet potato flavor.
Sweet potato ice cream that allows you to taste the sweetness of sweet potatoes Based on fresh cream from Toyotomi-cho, Hokkaido, mixed with Beniharuka paste, it has a gentle sweetness.
Sweet Potato Caramel Cake with Sweet Potato Aroma
It is a cake that contains Beniharuka powder and caramel syrup, and you can enjoy the aroma of baked sweets and a sweet feeling. By adding white bean paste, it was baked moist and melted in the mouth. [Sweet potato ice product information]
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