In 2022, “LIFULL HOME’S Home’s Hit Word Ranking 2022” will be announced for the first time to look back on housing trends

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In 2022, “LIFULL HOME’S Home’s Hit Word Ranking 2022” will be announced for the first time to look back on housing trends
Yokozuna in the east is “price rise of building materials”, Yokozuna in the west is “housing contract from 18 years old”

LIFULL HOME’S, a real estate and housing information site operated by LIFULL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Inoue, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime: 2120, hereinafter “LIFULL”), which works to solve social issues through business. ” will review the consumption trends and trends related to housing in 2022, and will announce for the first time “LIFULL HOME’S Home Hit Word Ranking 2022”, which ranks the hit words of the year.
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With the spread of the new coronavirus three years ago, our lives have changed dramatically, and along with that, the way we think about housing has also changed. In 2022, while we are gradually regaining our own way of living, there are many events that will have a major impact on housing, such as the world situation and law revisions, and this year’s unique keywords were born.
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*Actual results are determined by a comprehensive judgment of in-house experts based on the results of a questionnaire survey of LIFULL HOME’S member real estate companies nationwide. There is no east-west geographic relationship with the hit words chosen.
Hit word commentary
Yokozuna in the east is “price rise of building materials”, Yokozuna in the west is “housing contract from 18 years old”
The yokozuna of the east was chosen for the soaring prices of building materials, which has had a major impact on housing due to world affairs such as the depreciation of the yen, the wood shock, the iron shock, and the situation in Ukraine. In addition to rising housing prices, construction schedules were delayed, creating confusion throughout the housing industry. According to a real estate company, “Many customers who are considering buying properties are worried about rising prices, so purchases are slowing down. I think both the real estate industry and consumers are very interested in this. There was a comment. Yokozuna in the west is “a housing contract from the age of 18”. Due to the lowering of the adult age from April 2022, even one person from the age of 18 can sign a lease contract.
“Rise in residential land prices” and “acceleration of real estate DX” were selected for Ozeki
For Ozeki in the east, “rising residential land prices” was chosen. Telework has become established due to the corona crisis, and interest in the living environment has increased. . On the other hand, “Real estate DX acceleration” was selected for Ozeki in the west. It was a year when DX accelerated throughout the real estate industry, such as online previews and the lifting of the ban on electronic contracts for real estate transactions. In fact, there was a voice from a real estate company saying, “There are more cases where customers want to view and contract online.” At LIFULL HOME’S, we have been focusing on online housing search since before the corona crisis, and in July 2022, we will launch the Android app “Flying Homes-kun BETA” that allows you to search for properties in a metaverse space that reproduces the actual city. ” is now available.
“Condominiums with workspaces” and “migration without changing jobs” in East and West Sekiwake are conspicuous new trends in work and life Due to the penetration of remote work, “condominium with workspace” in east sekiwake and “migration without changing jobs” in west sekiwake were selected as new trends. “Mansion with workspace” has a work space in the common area and room in advance, and the condominium that considers remote work has become popular. According to a real estate company, there was a comment that “work from home is becoming established due to the corona sickness, and we are seeing many residences with workspaces.” Also, attention was focused on “migration without changing jobs,” in which people move to the suburbs or rural areas while continuing their current job.
For Komusubi, “Accident property guidelines” in the east and “ZEH-M” in the west were selected.
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has formulated the “Guidelines for Notification of Death by Real Estate Brokers.” Landlords and management companies used to refuse to move in to single elderly people because they thought that they would be treated as accident properties. The purpose is to make it possible to make a smooth contract without giving excessive anxiety. In addition, by improving the thermal insulation and energy-saving performance of houses that have been established, and creating energy with solar power generation, etc., Net Zero Energy House, which makes the balance of annual primary energy consumption to plus or minus “zero” (Net Zero Energy House), commonly known as “ZEH”, has arrived in condominiums. A real estate company also commented, “There was a lot of discussion about ZEH condominiums within the company.”
Sudden rise in maegashira “housing-related drama” and “single-story boom” Higashi’s housing-related dramas, such as “Honest Real Estate” and “Magical Renovation,” were broadcast on TV, and attracted attention to the industry. On the other hand, the “One-storied house boom” was selected for the front of the west. The number of construction starts for one-story houses continues to increase year by year. Considering the perspective of barrier-free and earthquake resistance, and the “comfort” that can be obtained by securing a large area due to the migration to the suburbs and rural areas due to the corona disaster, is considered to be one of the factors.
Interesting stocks are “Kishon” in the east and “Nuclear Shelter” in the west. “Kishon” is an abbreviation for a wooden apartment. Technologies that meet the standards of fire resistance, durability, and earthquake resistance, which are issues of wooden construction, have evolved through development. In addition, it is attracting a great deal of attention for its ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during construction and contribute to decarbonization in terms of superiority in carbon storage and emissions. In recent years, wooden condominiums with five floors above ground have also appeared. On the other hand, “nuclear shelters” in the west are attracting attention due to concerns about the world situation, such as the recent invasion of Ukraine and missile launches by neighboring countries. It seems that the introduction of nuclear shelters is being considered as a means of protecting oneself from the heightened sense of crisis, and that the number of inquiries to manufacturers is actually increasing. Selector’s comment
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LIFULL HOMES Business Headquarters Yuji Ito
As a new initiative from this fiscal year, we have announced the “Hit Word Ranking of Housing”. In 2022, the corona crisis will continue, and the external environment will change rapidly, such as the progress of Russia in Ukraine and global inflation. A particularly noteworthy point is that the industry as a whole has accelerated efforts toward “real estate DX”, and it has been a year in which various tools and services have appeared. In addition, due to revisions to the Civil Code, the age of adulthood has been lowered, making it possible to enter into a housing contract from the age of 18. As the generation of people who take online shopping for granted becomes the center of consumption from now on, it seems that the wave of DX will continue to accelerate even in the real estate industry.

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LIFULL HOMES Research Institute Deputy Director/Chief Analyst Toshiro Nakayama In 2022, as the corona crisis finally begins to subside, the curtain will close with soaring prices triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the depreciation of the yen due to differences in monetary policy. As for housing, with the establishment of telework, there is a strong tendency to seek the most comfortable life and residence for oneself, from an emphasis on convenience. It was also a year in which various trends were born, such as the diversification of functions and equipment required for housing, not only improved insulation performance in consideration of global warming, but also low-impact housing and compact one-story houses. It was also a year that made me strongly realize that the changes in the living environment are closely connected. We have to keep thinking about what we need and what we don’t need so that we can continue to live happily and with peace of mind.
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LIFULL HOMES PRESS Editor-in-chief Seiko Yakubo
As a result, the yokozuna was lined up with “rise in price of building materials”, which was spurred by the invasion of Ukraine to Wood Shock, and “residence contract from 18 years old”, which lowered the age of adulthood. Due to SDGs and energy issues, the flow of “ZEH-M” and “Kishon” is also gaining momentum. The “one-storied house boom”, which is attracting attention not only among the elderly but also among young people living in apartments, has been picked up by the mass media, and LIFULL HOME’S PRESS has become a popular article. There seems to be a change in the design of condominiums, such as turning common areas such as lounges, which used to be frequent places for communication, into workplaces. The interesting stock “Nuclear Shelter” is a trend that is truly worrisome, such as the increase in the number of accesses to the LIFULL HOME’S PRESS coverage article every time the possibility of nuclear weapons or the missile problem in a neighboring country is reported. Words that reflect the social situation are now ranked.

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LIFULL HOME’S is a comprehensive real estate and housing information service that helps people find a simple and convenient home based on the concept of “encounter the life you want.” We will expand various functions and information so that it is easier to find properties and find information about housing, and to make it easier to consider. We will continue to work closely with users to help them find their ideal home.

About LIFULL HOME’S PRESS (URL: [Image 7d33058-273-dcb316701c656cc219b1-7.jpg&s3=33058-273-38cda70501220522588df3f6d80a7ee6-200x200.jpg
Food, clothing and shelter are irreplaceable things for people. Choosing where to live is one of the biggest decisions in life. So that each and every one of us can have fun while choosing a place to live with confidence. LIFULL HOME’S PRESS aims to create a rich and happy relationship between people and their homes through the “real” and “current” information surrounding their homes.

About LIFULL Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime: 2120, URL: LIFULL’s corporate message is “Make every life FULL.” We aim to solve, through our business, social issues that hinder peace of mind and joy, from the issues faced by individuals to the issues of the world beyond them. It’s a social enterprise.
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in March 2022, the group currently provides services in 63 countries around the world. We are expanding our business in various areas with the aim of realizing a society where each and every person in the world can live with peace of mind and joy, such as LIFULL Regional Revitalization and LIFULL Nursing Care, which is close to the lives of seniors.

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