In 2022, when Rakuten Travel was announced, all 3 dogs of Wanwan Paradise entered the TOP 10 in the “Signboard Dog Ranking” proud of inns nationwide!

Seravi Resort Izumigo Co., Ltd.
In 2022, when Rakuten Travel was announced, all 3 dogs of Wanwan Paradise entered the TOP 10 in the “Signboard Dog Ranking” proud of inns nationwide!

The signboard dogs of Wanwan Paradise operated by Seravi Resort Izumigo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenichi Hamaguchi; hereinafter, Seravi Resort Izumigo) will be announced on October 28 by Rakuten Travel in 2022. We are pleased to inform you that all three dogs have entered the TOP 10 in the “signboard dog ranking” that is the pride of inns nationwide. [Image 1d98030-20-4c814f9d542e5bfc446d-0.png&s3=98030-20-6984131e45182fa985f60d6761737f49-512x268.png
■ “Rakuten Travel” 2022 About the “Signboard Dog Ranking” Proud of Hotels in Japan
The travel reservation service Rakuten Travel
( holds the 2022 National Inns Proudly Ranking Dog Signboards, which lists the best inns that people think are cute and want to meet them. It is a ranking that determines the best signboard dog in Japan, and in 2022, the signboard dog was entered from 52 accommodation facilities nationwide, and the ranking was determined from 8,484 votes by Rakuten members.
“Rakuten Travel” 2022 Nationwide hotel boasts “signboard dog ranking” from here
Introduction of doggie paradise signboard dog
[Image 2d98030-20-474173f14c9a4375e17a-1.jpg&s3=98030-20-241bd2db1e4ede9984c143c89504e9b3-1248x1248.jpg

6th place Rei (Yatsugatake Wanwan Paradise)
She has been a signboard dog for 4 years and loves playing with balls during her work hours!
~Comment from Ray~
Thank you very much!
I got 6th place this year!
I was happy to receive a delicious reward, so I want to be in the top 3 next year!
I’m looking forward to everyone coming to see me with my signboard dog friend Karashi-kun.
I hope you will touch me a lot when you meet me♪
[Image 3d98030-20-7ca5e9509497c9f04b22-2.jpg&s3=98030-20-4a9ddd720fb00f651f240103dc63c678-1246x1314.jpg

7th place Minato (Toba Wanwan Paradise)
Super chatter! A protection dog signboard dog born in Okinawa! ~Award-winning comment from Minato~
Thank you for the 7th place!
I’m happy to be higher than last year!
I will do my best to aim for a higher rank next year so that I can properly respond to everyone who supported me!
I’m a signboard dog who just sleeps, but I’d be happy if you could come and see me♪
[Image 4d98030-20-ed6a57f69f1db76dc388-3.jpg&s3=98030-20-45ec843c33a922ef947159f93bf20ccd-427x450.jpg

9th place Koharu (Izu Kogen Wan Wan Paradise Hotel & Cottage) Tsundere girl who is a little shy and good at begging
-Award-winning comment from Koharu-
We made it into the top 10! !
It’s all thanks to everyone who always loves me.
I’m a little shy, but I’m doing special training so that I can greet everyone. It’s still a secret greeting, but please come and see me!
I’m looking forward to the reward snacks ♪
We are very happy to hear that all 3 dogs entered as Doggie Paradise signboard dogs have entered the TOP 10.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many votes and support.
Why don’t you go to Doggie Paradise to meet our proud signboard dogs? Rei, Minato, and Koharu look forward to welcoming you!
Click here for details on Rakuten Travel’s “Signboard Dog Ranking” for 2022 hotels nationwide
■ About Seravi Resort Izumigo
Seravi Resort Izumigo operates resort accommodation facilities throughout Japan. We operate hotels, cottages, and pet dog resort facilities in 11 areas. In the area centering on Yatsuga, a variety of cottage groups are developed on the site of 21 Tokyo Domes.
We have been in the vacation rental business for half a century. No. 1 number of guest rooms in Japan for pet dog resorts.
We have two brands: “Wan’s Resort” and “Wanwan Paradise”.
We offer a variety of services so that more guests can feel closer to the resort.
Please use our company for one scene of your trip with your precious family. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

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