Industry-academia collaboration Nagaoka Trading Co., Ltd. Using the rich sensibilities of students as hints fo r new product development! Tokyo Keizai University and Ogi Seminar jointly held the “I wish I had such cosmetics proje ct”

Nagaoka Trading Co., Ltd.
Using the rich sensibilities of students as hints for new product development! Tokyo Keizai University and Ogi Seminar jointly held the “I wish I had such cosmetics project”

Using the rich sensibilities of students as hints for new product development! Tokyo Keizai University and Ogi Seminar jointly held the “I wish I had such cosmetics project”
Nagaoka Trading Co., Ltd. (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kae Nagaoka) has participated in the “If there is a project” planned and operated by Tokyo Keizai University’s Ogi Seminar (Professor Norichika Ogi, Faculty of Business Administration). We held a new product idea contest with the theme of “cosmetics”. 5 teams and 17 students from the seminar participated, and the final presentation was held on November 16th. Two teams, the “NAGAOKA Idea Award” and the “I wish I had it Award” were awarded. We will inform you of the process and results.
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What is the “I wish I had such cosmetics project”?
The Ogi Seminar is a popular seminar that represents the university, specializing in marketing, advertising, and promotion. With the theme of “obtaining overwhelming employment potential”, we emphasize learning practical thinking and the ability to take action that can play an active role in society. It is characterized by working One of them is the “I wish there was a project”. So far, contests with the theme of “sweets” have been held, and the sweets were actually commercialized by a Japanese confectionery maker in Gifu Prefecture. In addition, in collaboration with JA, etc., we are also developing products with the theme of the local Kokubunji.
This time, it was held as a cosmetic version of the “If there is a project”. Nagaoka’s main business so far has been the precision processing field, centered on the production of record needles, but in recent years, we have launched a new brand called “LUSVY” and are also focusing on lifestyle products for young people. increase. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with this project in order to explore the possibility of expanding our business in the future.
State of the final presentation
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Professor Norichika Ogi, Faculty of Business Administration, Tokyo Keizai University
The theme I threw at the seminar students was simply “Please think about what kind of cosmetics you would like to have.” Although it has been communicated that it will be held as a corporate collaboration with Nagaoka, it is a project that allows you to freely come up with ideas without any preconditions. (Nagaoka assigned one person in charge to receive consultations from each team.)
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Nagaoka Trading Co., Ltd. President Kae Nagaoka
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Since the theme of cosmetics is very familiar to everyone, many ideas were presented one after another based on the worries of everyday life and casual realizations.
[Image 5d84439-8-aa74dda6dd9b03137877-4.jpg&s3=84439-8-45a82bb82b519b384785e529d3491d7b-600x400.jpg
What surprised me was how many product ideas were presented by one team. In this presentation, some teams showed off 5 products, but it seems that there were still more ideas behind them.
[Image 6d84439-8-ffa7e03dd36e3d24b772-9.jpg&s3=84439-8-a1d8821227b8d20bb161a86225daa638-600x400.jpg
I was happy that there was a team that researched Nagaoka’s business details and history in detail, and it was also impressive that students actively exchanged questions, impressions, and advice during the question and answer period after the presentation. was.
Result announcement
The winners of the two awards were announced along with President Nagaoka’s general comments. First of all, “NAGAOKA Idea Award”. The winner was the 5th group (Tanaka group).
[Image 7d84439-8-09dbc11f3085c7301ce9-6.jpg&s3=84439-8-8eeef7dc66bfd59961e50ff86d7c33ce-600x400.jpg
The reason for the selection was that we received many product ideas and felt the potential of each. In addition, there was a product with an idea that made use of Nagaoka’s uniqueness, and the scenes that were actually fun to use came to mind.
[Image 8d84439-8-19f1fd107de978275176-7.jpg&s3=84439-8-16154e0222e103015b0c5f23b736cf38-600x400.jpg
The 2nd group (Watanabe group) won the “I wish I had it” award. The reason for the selection was that there were parts that were similar to recent product development themes at Nagaoka. And it was purely that I thought “I wish there was such a thing”.
This time, the two winning teams will receive a meal ticket worth 30,000 yen. And we prepared Nagaoka’s Bluetooth earphones for all the participating teams of this “I wish I had such cosmetics project”, and specially made ballpoint pens for everyone who gathered at the venue. After completing the “I wish I had cosmetics like this” project ○From the voice of the winner
“While preparing for this presentation, we researched various current products and marketing methods. I was very grateful to have such a valuable opportunity.” (Group 5)
“While researching the latest fashion trends, we came across the material that will be the centerpiece of this theme. I think that the fact that I didn’t advance to the next stage, received valuable advice, and continued to brush up, led to this award.” (Group 2) [Image 9d84439-8-c198186a2c9b40273bec-8.jpg&s3=84439-8-af83b4a5b63b5479e38f79ebffdaff3e-600x400.jpg
○From President Kae Nagaoka
“It was my first time doing such a project, but I had a lot of fun. Everyone’s level was higher than I thought, and I was glad to hear that there were many points that I could learn from. Actually, Mr. Ogi He was my senior when I was in college, and he has been very indebted to me, and I am very grateful that I was able to work with him on this project. We hope that we will be able to create a good synergy by giving you new sensibilities and stimuli.Also, this time, we will bring our record needles, players, speakers, and many records containing masterpieces. I was very happy that young people were interested in records. Thank you very much.”
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