Industry first! Launch of earthquake reconstruction guarantee for houses using domestic materials! Structural design + domestic timber procurement + guarantee to deliver peace of mind

Piton Co., Ltd.
Industry first! Launch of earthquake reconstruction guarantee for houses using domestic materials! Structural design + domestic timber procurement + guarantee to deliver peace of mind
-Jointly developed with House Warranty, a major foundation guarantee company-
Piton Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kentaro Komura), which provides integrated services for structural design and procurement of domestic timber and IT services for housing operators, is pleased to announce that House Warranty (General Incorporated Association), a major ground guarantee company Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yasuhide Morita), in January 2023, we will launch an earthquake rebuilding guarantee service that guarantees 100% when collapsed for houses designed with earthquake resistance grade 3 using domestic materials. We will let you know. Background of the release of domestic lumber + earthquake rebuilding guarantee What is required in building a house is changing year by year. Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, detached houses are being reconsidered as safer and more secure residences, and the need for earthquake resistance and energy saving is increasing.
Under such circumstances, due to the impact of the wood shock and exchange rates, etc., the price of lumber soared last year, making it difficult to obtain lumber.
In the future, it is expected that it will become difficult to continue to import lumber at low prices in the medium to long term as construction starts decrease due to the decline in the domestic population and the world economy changes dramatically.
Against this background, our company has focused on utilizing domestic solid wood after performing structural calculations based on allowable stress.
Breaking through the current low domestic production rate of structural materials at around 30%, we have built a system in which local lumber mills, lumber wholesalers, and precut processing companies, centered on housing companies, cooperate to achieve high quality comparable to imported materials. We have achieved short delivery times and reduced costs.
However, while most of the wood produced in Japan is cedar, cedar is said to be softer and weaker than foreign materials. Yes.
Therefore, we have released a package with an earthquake
reconstruction guarantee that guarantees 100% collapse of houses that use properly quality-controlled timber in properties that have been structurally calculated, thereby reducing the anxiety of owners and housing companies. We aim to dispel this problem and spread the use of domestic lumber to build safer and more secure homes.
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Characteristics of “Earthquake Reconstruction Guarantee”
1. You can receive 100% of the cost of repairing or rebuilding due to an earthquake, up to the purchase price of the house (the price of the building itself).
(* There are various conditions in the warranty range)
2. The contractor will be the guarantor for the warranty contract. (The client is the guarantor)
3. Repairs and rebuilding will be contracted by the construction company with the guarantee contract. (Building contractors outside of the warranty contract cannot undertake construction work.)
4. Earthquake insurance and earthquake reconstruction guarantee can be used together.
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Advantages of domestic timber + seismic grade 3 + earthquake rebuilding guarantee
Piton Co., Ltd. provides a one-stop service for structural design, procurement and processing of domestic materials.
By using our service, based on the earthquake resistance grade 3 structure based on the allowable stress calculation, we can procure domestic materials that are difficult to stock on a just-in-time basis according to the construction period and price management. Pre-cut materials can be stably supplied. (Dedicated software for design management is also provided)
It is known that a house built by structural calculation is safe, but if you take out both fire insurance and earthquake insurance special contract and earthquake reconstruction guarantee, you can save 50% of the fire insurance and the purchase price of the house until reconstruction. Since you can receive a 100% guarantee, you will be able to deliver peace of mind to the client more generously. [Image 3

Inquiries regarding this matter
Piton Co., Ltd. Contact: Narita
TEL: 050-8884-4557
[About Piton Co., Ltd.]
Piton Co., Ltd. realizes the co-creation of building contractors, domestic lumber companies, and precut factories that start from design, and is working toward the realization of safer and more comfortable homes.
In the future, we will conduct research and development on design, procurement, and site rationalization, centering on the digitalization of the supply chain in the construction industry.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Piton Co., Ltd.
Location: Win Aoyama 1214, 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kentaro Komura
Established: April 2019
Business description: Building design, sales of domestic structural materials, development and sales of IT services
[Inquiries from customers]
Piton Co., Ltd. Contact: Narita
TEL: 050-8884-4557

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