Industry first! Released “MEO-ONE STORE VISIT” to visualize local SEO “MEO-ONE” by measuring store visit s

Analytical Technologies Co., Ltd.
Industry first! Released “MEO-ONE STORE VISIT” to visualize local SEO “MEO-ONE” by measuring store visits
Calculating trends in store visits by measuring the number of actual store visits for the first time in the industry

A new service that responds to the customer’s voice that “I know that MEO measures are important, but it is difficult to see the effect” November 11, 2022
Analytical Technologies Inc.
Analytical Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Noriaki Adachi) has added a store visit measurement service to “MEO-ONE”, a one-stop operation service for MEO measures and business profiles. VISIT” has been released. MEO measures are measures to make it easier for search users to find your store information and business profile in Google Maps search (local search), and it is a service that measures to be displayed higher than the store information of competitors.
In order to respond to the voice of customers who say, “I know the importance of MEO measures, but it is difficult to see the effect,” we measured the number of actual store visits based on Wi-Fi for the first time in the industry, and calculated the trend of store visits through mathematical and statistical processing. We will promote marketing measures that are one step ahead of other companies. [Image 1

MEO-ONE STORE VISIT will accompany you thoroughly until you see the effect. As a point where you can feel the effect, we formulate a keyword strategy that understands user needs in four steps: research, analysis, scrutiny, and confirmation.
Investigation: Investigate the display ranking and content content of competing stores based on the keywords and display items displayed in the current search results.
Analysis: Organize the image of customers you want to attract, extract keywords that customers are likely to search, and investigate the number of monthly searches
Scrutiny: Select keywords that match the customer profile, have a high monthly search volume, and are currently ranked low
Finalize: Determine 6 keywords and propose measures and contents that match those keywords
And we perform continuous tuning through regular reporting. Measure whether users who viewed the Google business profile actually visited the store. By visualizing the effects, it is possible to understand trends in store visits and individually optimize measures for multiple stores.
Regular Tuning: Rather than just registering, we conduct fixed-point observations and periodically tune the registration information and article content of Google My Business.
Content production by professionals: Professionals who have been involved in marketing and promotion for many years will design keywords and write articles.
Comprehensive guideline design: In addition to registering and operating a Google business profile, we will comprehensively review your company’s web inquiry guideline as necessary.
+ [STORE VISIT] makes it possible to measure and visualize the effectiveness of actual store visits three times a year.
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One-stop service from registration to operation start
Our consultants provide a one-stop service from registration to the start of operation. The role of the customer is only the first meeting. The initial cost is 0 yen. We set from 50,000 yen (excluding tax) per store. *Please contact us for details as it varies depending on the number of stores.
[Image 3d111897-1-dd944384148cb2ef716a-2.jpg&s3=111897-1-ad023880d18b28c93dfaf4676f317051-997x339.jpg
■ Application / inquiry URL (person in charge: Nomizo)
About Analytical Technologies Inc.
Due to the rapid growth of the Internet and IT fields due to the evolution of technology, changes are coming to all business styles. The reality is that marketing and promotion to let customers know about your company’s business cannot compete with conventional methods alone. And there are not a few companies and stores that cannot adapt to this rapid change. What does it take to survive in this age? It requires an accurate analysis of the customer’s business, a strategy that incorporates creative methods, and a flexible response that can be executed immediately. Analytical Technologies will help you realize your dreams with a comprehensive strategic digital marketing method that incorporates new unique analytical know-how based on a wealth of experience in digital marketing and system development.
【Company Profile】
Analytical Technologies Inc.
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2-7-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Murahan Building 1F
Phone +81-3-6447-0139 / Fax +81-3-6447-0140
Representative Director Noriaki Adachi
-Business description-
1. IT strategy consulting
2. Project management support
3. Digital marketing
4. Digital promotion
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