Information on limited menus that will brighten up the 2022 festive season from Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo
Information on limited menus that will brighten up the 2022 festive season from Aman Tokyo
Held a countdown party for the first time in three years

At Aman Tokyo (Otemachi, Tokyo, General Manager Tomoko Yagi), we have prepared a special menu to brighten up the highlight of the 2022 festive season. Italian restaurant “Alva”, sushi restaurant “Musashi by Aman”, “The Lounge by Aman” and “The Cafe by Aman” offer
limited-time menus, and Christmas gifts at “La Patisserie by Aman Tokyo” We will sell Christmas hampers including ‘Stollen’ and ‘Christmas pound cake’. Also, on New Year’s Eve, a countdown party will be held for the first time in three years at “The Lounge by Aman”. At Aman Tokyo, spend a happy time filled with hope for the new year while looking back on the past year with your loved ones. [Image 1

Aman Tokyo 2022 Festive Season Information:
Italian restaurant “Alva”
[Image 2

■ Christmas lunch course and dinner course
At the Italian restaurant “Alva”, we will prepare a traditional Italian Christmas menu that Masakazu Hiraki, the head chef, has spent 17 years. The risotto using risotto rice grown by Aman Tokyo in Yamanashi Prefecture is combined with spiny lobster to create a gorgeous Christmas-like dish. The carefully selected domestic ingredients, such as the natural longtooth grouper from the Goto Islands, which Hiraki visited this summer and attended the fishing and auctions and interacted with the producers, are carefully selected by visiting the producers themselves. Enjoy simple yet sophisticated dishes that make the most of the ingredients, such as roasted wagyu fillet made with rare Kagoshima Ibusuki beef and fragrant black truffle.
Price: Lunch course 11,000 yen or 15,000 yen
    Dinner course 32,000 yen
    Free Flow Champagne 90 minutes 10,000 yen *Can be ordered as a set menu or as an à la carte option.
    *All prices are per person including tax and service charge. Period: December 23rd (Friday) – December 25th (Sunday) *Course menu only Lunch: Two-part system
     [Part 1] 11.30am – 1.30pm or 12 noon – 2pm
[Part 2] 2pm – 4pm or 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Dinner: Two-part system
     [Part 1] 5pm – 7pm / 5.30pm – 7.30pm / 6pm – 8pm
[Part 2] 7.30pm – 9.30pm / 8pm – 10pm / 8.30pm – 10.30pm
“Musashi by Aman”
[Image 3

Omakase Dinner Course + Premium Sake Pairing
Edomae Sushi Hitosuji, master chef Hiroyuki Musashi, who has 37 years of experience, offers carefully selected sushi, paired with 6 types of premium sake carefully selected by a sommelier with a “sake master” qualification to match the sushi of the day. We will offer you a special dinner course. The sushi rice is made with rice grown by the master in Yamanashi, his hometown, with great care from planting to harvesting. In addition, you can enjoy the pairing of the original sake “Musashi by Aman Extra Dry” made with rice grown by yourself, which is said to be the “ultimate meal sake”. How about having the finest sushi experience in a tranquil space with a beautiful cypress counter along with delicate and vividly arranged snacks?
Price: Dinner course + premium sake pairing: 50,600 yen per person (tax and service charge included)
Contents: 8 appetizers, 10 nigiri sushi, tamagoyaki, seasonal fruit, 6 types of sake served by the glass
Period: December 1st (Thursday) – December 25th (Sunday) 5pm – 8.30pm (last order)
“The Lounge by Aman”
[Image 4

■Afternoon Tea “Christmas Gift”
Afternoon tea at “The Lounge by Aman” will be available with exciting Christmas specifications. For amuse bouche, we offer grapefruit soup topped with champagne espuma. A Christmas tree inspired by a white Christmas and sweets with motifs such as ornaments decorate the original black bamboo tray. Colorful sweets such as Kipfel with a lovely crescent moon shape, strawberry choux lined up like jewels in a jewelry box, and yuzu and orange tarts are just like Christmas gifts. For savory, the chef has carefully selected ingredients that go well with sweets, such as snowman-shaped jumbon blanc ham sandwiches and crab salads, and finished them with attention to detail.
Enjoy the most gorgeous season of the year with your family and friends with Christmas afternoon tea.
Price: 9,488 yen per person (tax and service charge included) Period: December 1st (Thursday) – 25th (Sunday) 11am – 5pm (last order) [Image 5

Festive Appetizer Box, Festive Share Dinner
“The Lounge by Aman” offers a dinner menu limited to this festive season. The “appetizer box” that you can enjoy with alcohol is a two-tiered lobster canape, confit duck crepe, ajillo, truffle croquette, vegetable jelly snow globe, kumquat mostarda and gorgonzola, and bolognese tart. We will bring it in a special jewelry box. This menu is recommended for those who want to enjoy various flavors little by little.
In addition, “Festive Share Dinner” is a casual dinner menu that is perfect for families with children. Please enjoy the popular lineup for adults and children such as avocado shrimp salad, seafood doria, salmon tortilla, fried chicken, and sausage assortment in a sharing style.
“Festive Appetizer Box”
Price: 12,650 yen for 2 people (tax and service charge included) *Drinks are not included.
Period: December 1st (Thursday) – 30th (Friday) 5pm – 9pm (last order) “Festive Share Dinner”
Price: 15,180 yen (tax and service charge included) *Drinks are not included. Period: December 17th (Sat) – 25th (Sun) 5pm – 9pm (last order)

[Image 6

■Christmas cocktail
Before and after dinner, seasonal cocktails suitable for spending Christmas with loved ones were prepared at Aman Tokyo’s bar lounge. The fizz “Christmas Wishes” is inspired by a snowy landscape and uses champagne, while the “Rouge Dress” is inspired by a bright red dress. Have a moment.
Price: Various cocktails from 3,162 yen (tax and service charge included) Period: December 1st (Thursday) – 25th (Sunday) 11am – 9pm (last order)

“The Cafe by Aman”
[Image 7

■ Christmas lunch course and dinner course
At “The Cafe by Aman” on the 1st floor of the separate building surrounded by the forest of Otemachi, we offer a Christmas menu based on traditional French cuisine for both lunch and dinner. Enjoy dishes with a rich taste unique to winter, such as seafood and avocado gateau, spicy pumpkin soup that warms the body, and juicy Japanese beef sirloin poiré with plenty of mellow madera sauce that has been slowly stewed. Please enjoy. And we will prepare a classic Christmas dessert ‘Buche de Noel’ for lunch and dinner. For lunch, enjoy the view of the bright winter forest, and for dinner, enjoy a warm atmosphere with a fireplace and a glass of wine selected by the sommelier for Christmas.
“Christmas lunch course”
Price: 9,488 yen (tax and service charge included)
Period: December 18th (Sat) – 25th (Sat) 11am – 3pm (last order) *23rd-25th 1pm – 2pm (last order)
“Christmas Dinner Course”
Price: 18,975 yen (tax and service charge included)
Period: December 23 (Friday) – 25 (Saturday) 5.30pm or 8pm two-part system [Image 8

■Christmas Foret Dessert
A set of classic French sweets, glass desserts and savory, “Foret Dessert” will also appear with Christmas specifications. The eye-catching item on the upper row is the traditional French confection ‘Religieuse’, which has two choux layers and resembles a snowman. Filled with Madagascar vanilla and French chocolate cream, it is decorated with a hat made of dark chocolate and a snowflake made of white chocolate. A yuzu and orange tart inspired by a Christmas wreath, a maple sugar financier topped with pistachio cream, a semifreddo of fromage blanc inspired by a winter landscape, and a gingerbread man cookie with a variety of expressions. You can feel the mood.
Price: 5,819 yen per person (tax and service charge included) Period: December 1st (Thursday) – 25th (Sunday) 1pm – 5pm *23rd – 25th 1pm – 3pm (last order)
“La Patisserie by Aman Tokyo”
[Image 9

■Christmas Hamper “Christmas Gift Bag”, “Christmas Gift Box” We have prepared two types of “Christmas Hamper,” an assortment of gifts that originated in England, with the idea of ​​“a more enjoyable holiday season with delicious things”. A traditional European baked sweet “Stollen” that is thinly sliced ​​and eaten little by little until Christmas, or a limited-time “Christmas pound cake” using apples and cinnamon, Aman Tokyo original tea, gingerbread man A set of spice cookies “speculoos” and “part de fruis” in the shape of Why don’t you give it to those who have been indebted to you this year with gratitude?
“Christmas Gift Bag”
Contents: 1 Christmas pound cake
    3 types of Festive Kobako (speculoos ‘gingerbread man’, 2 types of part de fruit)
   Aman Tokyo Tea by Ronnefeldt 1 can (Tippy Golden Darjeeling Earl Grey) Price: 8,640 yen (tax included)
“Christmas gift box”
Contents: 1 stollen (small)
    2 types of Festive KOBAKO (Speculos ‘Gingerbread Man’, Part de Fruit’)    Aman Tokyo Tea by Ronnefeldt 1 can (Tippy Golden Darjeeling Earl Grey) Price: 7,776 yen (tax included)
Period: December 1st (Thursday) – December 25th (Sunday) *Closed on Sundays, open on December 25th.
Sales hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 8pm, Saturdays, public holidays and December 25th 10am – 7pm
Sales location: La Patisserie by Aman Tokyo (OOTEMORI basement 2nd floor) Online reservation: [Image 10 [Image 11

Italian restaurant “Alva”
New Year’s Eve Special Dinner “CENONE”
On New Year’s Eve, which concludes 2022, the Italian restaurant “Alva” will hold a special dinner “CENONE” with the theme of elegant gold. In Italy, the New Year’s Eve dinner is called chenone, and a full-course meal from antipasto to dolce is eaten slowly until the new year while talking with family and friends. Spend a relaxing time with your loved ones while looking back on the past year.
Sea urchin pasta, which was one of Alva’s signature dishes, reappears in the 8-course menu. A dish unique to Alva, with black abalone and homemade dried mullet roe. In addition, in 2021, Chef Hiraki himself rented a rice field in Yamanashi and planted and raised seedlings. Enjoy a special risotto that combines the rich taste of Hokkaido hairy crab. Head chef Masakazu Hiraki, who has 17 years of experience in Italy, offers dishes such as the Goto Islands bigfin reef squid and Rome’s representative vegetable puntarella combined with ‘Goto no Hishio’ and broiled red sea bream from Nagasaki prefecture. Please enjoy a special dinner that can be said to be the culmination of traveling around Japan in search of carefully selected ingredients. Alva New Year’s Eve Special Dinner “CENONE”
Date: December 31st (Sat) 5.30pm – 9pm (last order)
Price: 60,000 yen per person *Drinks are not included.
     Child (under 12 years old) 30,000 yen per person *Drinks are not included. Prestige wine pairing 20,000 yen
    *All prices are per person including tax and service charge. [Image 12

What is Aman
Aman was founded in 1988 as a collection of private resorts that offer a luxurious, extraordinary experience that emphasizes the warmth of a private mansion, the small scale and the beauty of the resort. The concept spread to the world from Amanpuri (a place of peace) on Phuket Island, which was born as the first resort, and now Aman has 34 resorts in 20 destinations, 10 are in the construction stage. Most recently, Aman New York opened on August 2nd.
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