Informetis and erex Collaborate to Develop New Features for DR Support Service

Informetis Inc.
Informetis and erex Collaborate to Develop New Features for DR Support Service Start of development of new functions to achieve demand response for “capacity market” -Aiming to simultaneously realize a decarbonized society with a stable supply of electricity and a countermeasure against soaring energy prices-

Informetis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Taro Tadano; hereinafter “Informetis”), which provides the cloud-based demand response support service “BridgeLAB DR”, has a mission of decarbonization. In collaboration with erex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Honna; hereinafter referred to as “erex”), which develops the energy business in Japan and overseas, we have responded to the capacity market that will start in April 2024. Demand response (*1) (hereafter referred to as “DR”) will be developed with a new function that enables electricity retailers to easily perform it on the cloud.

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*1 Demand response refers to discounts on electricity bills and awarding of points to consumers in response to power saving when the supply and demand of electricity is tight, in order for electricity retailers, etc. to encourage consumers to save electricity. This initiative has the effect of adjusting the balance of power supply and demand, contributing to the realization of a stable supply.
Background and purpose of collaboration
In October 2020, the government declared its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, with zero greenhouse gas emissions overall. By thoroughly promoting the use of renewable energy as the main power source and promoting its introduction, it is expected that renewable energy will account for approximately 36% to 38% of the power source mix by 2030. On the other hand, from the second half of 2021 onwards, the energy supply structure will change due to multiple factors such as unseasonable weather and natural disasters worldwide, structural shortfalls in investment in fossil resources, and geopolitical tensions, resulting in a sharp rise in energy prices. is occurring. As a result, rising electricity prices are having a major impact on business activities and household budgets.
Under these circumstances, a “capacity market” will start in April 2024 to secure the supply capacity that will be required in the future as one of the means to encourage the necessary investment in power sources. The capacity market is a mechanism in which all electricity users bear the costs (capacity contributions) necessary to secure supply capacity through retail electricity providers (so-called “electricity companies” that sell electricity). . Electricity retailers will be required to take various measures to realize appropriate electricity rates after the capacity market begins. Through this initiative, erex and Informetis will respond to the “capacity market” and realize the optimization of electricity charges (*2) through the efficient use of electricity, as well as contribute to the stable supply of electricity in the era of mass introduction of renewable energy. Aim to do
*2 With the progress of electricity liberalization, it is expected that the market mechanism will function efficiently, and electricity charges will be relatively low for customers who make a large contribution to stable supply through DR.
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How it will be done in the future
Informetis will promote the development of functions for bidding on the capacity market using the command power source for the cloud-based DR support service “BridgeLAB DR” that it provides. In addition, we plan to develop a function that predicts peak demand in summer and winter after 2023 and automatically activates DR. It will make DR activation even easier, contributing to the sustainable management of electricity retailers and the reduction of electricity bills for consumers. The new feature will be provided to erex as the first user. erex utilizes its business knowledge from the dawn of the
liberalization of the electric power market, and aims to contribute to the demand-side contribution toward the mass introduction of renewable energy, lower rates based on the new electric power market, and new energy use. Toward the realization of an “excellent customer experience,” we will cooperate in the development of services that can facilitate DR and lead to lower electricity bills for consumers, in anticipation of the start of the capacity market after 2024. About “BridgeLAB DR”
“BridgeLAB DR” provided by Informetis is a cloud-based service that can easily collect consumers’ willingness to participate in DR activation by retail electricity companies, calculate the amount of demand adjustment, and issue reports. It can be started in as little as 4 weeks, greatly reducing the man-hours involved in DR.
“BridgeLAB DR” service site:
Infometis Company Profile
Informetis Inc.
Location: 5-5-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Mita Building 4F
Representative: Taro Tadano, Representative Director
Business description: Energy informatics business (development and sales of original power sensors, data mining, provision of original IoT data platforms and applications for utilizing energy data, etc., and creation of new services utilizing energy data, etc.)
Established: April 8, 2013
erex company profile
erex Co., Ltd.
Location: 14th floor, Kyobashi Edogrand, 2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Hitoshi Honna, President and Representative Director Business: Fuel business, power generation business, trading business, retail electricity business
Established: December 8, 1999
*The information in this release is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice. Press contact
erex Co., Ltd. IR Public Relations Department
Informetis Co., Ltd. Public Relations
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