InitialAgency Co., Ltd. Developing a house cleaning x disinfection business to survive the With Corona era CLEANAGENT

Initial Agency Co., Ltd.
Developing a house cleaning x disinfection business to survive the With Corona era [CLEANAGENT]
Significantly increase rental occupancy rate by issuing house cleaning & disinfection certificate. The number of construction achievements exceeded 10,000.

House cleaning / restoration business [CLEANAGENT] Operated by InitialAgency Co., Ltd. (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Yuhei Kiyota) [CLEANAGENT] In order to survive the corona era, not only house cleaning after moving out of rent, but also the entire living room after construction The disinfection construction. We aim to increase the rental occupancy rate significantly by gaining customers’ peace of mind by posting a cleaning and disinfection certificate. [Image 1

[CLEANAGENT], a house cleaning/restoration business department operated by InitialAgency Co., Ltd., provides services for real estate owners and real estate management companies in Tokyo, such as when moving out of rental real estate, from witnessing the move-out to restoration work and house cleaning. is being developed as a one-stop service. In addition to normal restoration and house cleaning construction, we also aim to increase the real estate rental occupancy rate by accompanying post-construction disinfection construction to survive the With Corona era.
↓Certificate of cleaning and disinfection certifying that disinfection has been carried out
(Posted in the living room to secure the customer’s peace of mind when previewing the rental property)
[Image 2d108277-2-7e034753ca9fc6c605fb-1.jpg&s3=108277-2-8fb191fed92fbeffe87af6c545c93e83-1127x786.jpg
・Double charge system of craftsman x sales
At CLEANAGENT, in order to solve the problem of the conventional house cleaning industry that “the craftsman has high construction ability, but smooth communication is not possible”, we separated the sales staff and craftsmen into departments and established the Restoration Business Department. We operate. By having a sales representative, we aim to improve overall by getting close to customers, such as smooth cooperation with management companies and real estate owners, and witnessing moving out, which can easily develop into trouble when moving out.
↓ Price list【CLEANAGENT】
[Image 3d108277-2-90ad8792dcadcaed33ec-2.png&s3=108277-2-aab212e61c86d527b74ab234bfda3b32-2446x1610.png
At CLEANAGENT, we are promoting the expansion of new business partners, and at the same time, we are developing a campaign for real estate owners and real estate rental management companies to offer a full refund if they are not satisfied with the construction. Request method
For inquiries, please fill in the basic information from the inquiry form on the following page and contact us.

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