Instagram campaign held! A delicious Christmas present from “Butter States”.

Grapestone Co., Ltd.
Instagram campaign held! A delicious Christmas present from “Butter States”. You can also win design gifts limited to Christmas and sweets sets only here!
BUTTER STATE’s is a butter sweets specialty store operated by Grapestone Co., Ltd. (head office: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which operates Gin no Grape and Nenrinya. From November 18th (Friday) to December 1st (Thursday), 2022, a gift campaign will be held on the official Instagram account
(@butterstates), and a total of 9 people who commented on the target post. We will deliver delicious sweets to you.
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◆ Followers only! Christmas gift campaign held on Instagram account. Exciting holiday season! It is a nice gift from Butter States to all of our followers. We will carry out a campaign to win delicious sweets that are perfect for Christmas just by commenting on the campaign post and applying during the period on the official Instagram account of Butter States. Also, during the campaign period, we will introduce how to eat “Butter State” with a Christmas arrangement on Instagram to enjoy this season more.
◆ Delicious sweets of “Butter States” wrapped in the scent of butter As gifts for this campaign, we have prepared items that allow you to fully enjoy the deliciousness and proud design world of the butter sweets specialty store “Butter Sweets”!
A lineup of “Butter States” that thoroughly faces the deliciousness of butter. Which one do you care about? What would you like to try? Comment on the gift you want while thinking about it!
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・Butter States
A mellow mountain-shaped cookie kneaded with Hokkaido butter to the limit. It is a masterpiece of “Butter States” with the same name as the brand name. You can enjoy all four flavors of

A: Christmas decoration
(2 each of basic chocolate almond, 1 berry sugar, 6 butternut chocolate) Prize A is like a treasure chest of cookies! It is a heart-throbbing cookie can “Christmas Decore”. The four flavors of the representative cookie “Butter States” and the new “Butternut Chocolat” that just appeared in October are packed in cans with a Christmas mood. With a stylish design that uses a tree as a motif, you can decorate it as an interior decoration, use it as an accessory case, and enjoy various things even after you finish eating the sweets inside.
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B: Crystal Holiday
(Basic, chocolate, almond, berry sugar, 1 each; butternut chocolate, 6) The B prize is a yokubari box “Crystal Holiday” that contains four flavors of Butter States’ representative cookie “Butter States” and the new “Butternut Chocolat”. It’s a cute nordic design box where reindeer gather and have a noisily Christmas party. The front has a reindeer, and the side has a lot of gift patterns, so it’s full of holiday mood!
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C: New baked confectionery set
(6 pieces of butternut chocolate, 3 pieces of butter financier) Prize C is a nice set where you can enjoy two new butter sweets that just appeared this fall at the same time! “Butternut chocolate” with a crispy texture and “Butter Financier” with a rich aroma. You can enjoy the deliciousness of each butter sweets. Even if you eat and compare, you can taste one by one ◎ With a deep color design that suits the current season, there is no doubt that just looking at it will increase your sense of the season!
Please spend a “butter happiness” Christmas that melts your body and soul with special butter sweets once a year.
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Sales information
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■ Release date
・ November 1, 2022 (Tuesday): Christmas decoration, crystal holiday ・December 1, 2022 (Wednesday): Butter States 4 types 12 pieces (Christmas), Butter States Basic 3 pieces (Christmas)
*Sales will end as soon as all products are sold out. Please note. ■ Dealer
Butter Stays by Gin no Grape (Daimaru Tokyo, Seibu Ikebukuro) *May be sold at some sister stores.
Mail order information
■ Official online shop “Paku and Mog”
[Reception period]
October 28th (Friday) to December 21st (Wednesday): Christmas decoration, crystal holiday, butter states 4 types, 12 pieces (Christmas)
■ Park and Mog Sweets Shop Rakuten Ichiba [Reception period]
・November 2 (Wednesday) to December 10 (Saturday): Christmas decorations, crystal holidays
・November 29th (Tuesday) to December 10th (Saturday): Butter States 4 types, 12 pieces (Christmas)
*Both the official online shop “Paku and Mogu” and “Paku and Mogu Sweets Shop Rakuten Ichiba” will stop accepting orders as soon as the products are sold out, even during the acceptance period. Please note. * “Butter States Basic 3 pieces (Christmas)” is sold only in stores. What is BUTTER STATE’s
[Image 7d25606-867-c42adcd887aac7257c36-7.jpg&s3=25606-867-03dfa9f8fc1790a0ad0e79040d17c954-1000x692.jpg
official website
Official Instagram
The sweets brand “BUTTER STATE’s”, produced by Gin no Budo, is the United States of Butter that is always surrounded by the scent of butter. Starting with the first scent we remember when we are born, which is the scent of butter, our chefs are passionate enough to melt the butter to deliver a variety of delicious flavors. Please fully enjoy the world of authentic butter sweets born from the collaboration of three chefs.
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