Interlink Co., Ltd. Resumed serialization of “Domain Island Tour” for the first time in 2 years and 2 mont hs-The first resumption report is “Jersey investigated super bullets in just 3 hours”

Interlink Co., Ltd.
After 2 years and 2 months, the serialization of “Domain Island Tour” is resumed.
11/15 (Tue) 9:00 am release

Internet service provider Interlink Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tadashi Yokoyama) provides special (subtle) services for advanced users (not many people use them) and hosts the Otaku Senryu Grand Prize. The serialization of “Domain Island Tour”, which was last suspended in September 2020 due to the influence of the corona disaster, has resumed after 2 years and 2 months.
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The domain island tour includes “.tv” (Tuvalu), “.as” (American Samoa), “.sh” (Saint Helena), “.sj” (Svalbard), and “.ai” (Anguilla). We have actually visited about 50 islands to which ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains) have been assigned, and have reported on the appeal of 28 islands so far (*as of November 15, 2022). Traveling 40 hours one-way to Tuvalu to see if an iPhone can be used, looking for a Maltese dog in Malta, visiting a man-eating village in Vanuatu, etc. Anguilla provides the “domain representing artificial intelligence” used by Google I’m going to check if it’s a high-tech island.
Domain Island Tour
The first re-release will be “Continuous Trouble! Super Bullet Investigation in Jersey in Just 3 Hours-Unexpected Aurora, Shocking Enigma, Disappointing Jersey Zoo-” will be released on November 15th (Tuesday) at 9:00 am. The next issue will be released on December 15th (Thursday) at 9:00 am. Don’t miss the “Domain Island Tour,” which introduces you to the charms of islands that you don’t often have the opportunity to visit!
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Parrot Heritage Steam Museum (Jersey)

[Gombe domain]
・All 600 ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) around the world, such as “.ai”, “.cn”, “.tw”, “.ee”, “.sg”, and “.io” More than 1,080 domains can be easily applied online.
ccTLD gTLD ・ 4-frame cartoon Domein island tour [Image 3

A four-panel cartoon of the documentary blog “Domain Island Tour” that goes to islands with domain names. We will deliver content centered on inside stories that cannot be written on the blog. Updated every other Friday.
[Official note]
Interlink Co., Ltd. official note [Image 4d6942-528-b173774b346f8c054be3-3.jpg&s3=6942-528-14981ad579faced516cd3d22939231c2-644x270.jpg
Interlink, which provides a special (subtle) service for advanced users (not many people use it), transmits information that “no one has heard, no one has heard that much”. “If we lost the office, everyone would be happy! How to lose the real office” is being serialized. 【Company Profile】
Interlink Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d6942-528-e1613d67c7560bb536c5-4.png&s3=6942-528-0fe0c42f5d1ad21e2f93ce00e1d7ea5d-1200x630.png
A long-established ISP that started its service in 1995, the dawn of the Internet in Japan, and is now in its 27th year. We started the domain name registration business in 2000, and in October 2006, we were certified as the eighth ICANN accredited registrar in Japan. In January 2014, as a registrar partner of Google in Japan, we accepted the registration of the new gTLD “.minna”, which is the first Japanese language gTLD. In October 2015, the number of domains handled exceeded 1,000 (, the largest number in Japan. The Otaku Senryu Grand Prize ( and the Red Feather Community Chest in the virtual world Second Life as a social contribution activity are held every year, and the limited liability business union Femto Startup (https://femto. vc) actively supports venture companies. On June 1, 2020, the head office was closed and moved to a nomad work (telework + WeWork) system. From May 16, 2022, we have introduced a three-day work week on a trial basis.
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