International Committee of the Red Cross Russia-Ukraine International Armed Conflict: Humanitarian Situation Survey and Emergency Relief around Kherson

International Committee of the Red Cross
International Armed Conflict between Russia and Ukraine: Humanitarian Situation Survey and Emergency Relief in the Vicinity of Kherson
On November 15, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) dispatched a team of medical staff, water treatment engineers, and experts in weapons contamination and explosives disposal to Kherson in southern Ukraine. While investigating the humanitarian situation in the area, we also delivered relief supplies.
“The humanitarian need in Kherson is enormous. On the other hand, the efforts of local people, volunteers and health professionals are remarkable. We maintain our fortitude,” said Stefan Sakarian, the ICRC Chief Representative who visited the site.
The urgent needs of Kherson residents include the restoration of communication lines to keep in touch with their relatives and loved ones, the restoration of power plants that have been cut off, and the repair of the power plant to restart the water supply system. , and the supply of safe drinking water.
Below is a breakdown of the supplies provided locally.
Three months’ worth of medical supplies for two hospitals to treat 500 injured and 2,000 patients in need of primary care.
600 boxes of food and hygiene kits for one psychiatric hospital. Provided one water truck to a local water utility.
Provided 600 boxes of food and hygiene kits to the Red Cross Movement’s local partner, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. These are passed through the company to the most vulnerable.
The ICRC team visiting the site held dialogues with the Kherson branch of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and local authorities to understand the immediate needs and provide assistance. Maintaining these relationships is critical to ensuring that the ICRC can reach communities affected by the fighting.
The ICRC will continue to work on the ground and strive to reach out to people not only in cities, but also in rural areas where there is enormous humanitarian need.
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