Into Corporation Co., Ltd. New products “TinyTAN Round Cushion (Dynamite) 2 types” & “TinyTAN Cushion Co ver (Dynamite) 3 types” will be released at some Lawson stores from Saturday, November 19th!

New products “TinyTAN round cushion (Dynamite) 2 types” & “TinyTAN cushion cover (Dynamite) 3 types” will be released at some Lawson stores from Saturday, November 19th!

A new item from “TinyTAN” has joined the ranks, and the Dynamite Ver. has a very cute illustration of the members, with round cushions that are soft to the touch and very comfortable and voluminous, and cushion covers that can be washed and replaced and can be used as room interiors. Appearance! It can be purchased at some Lawson stores, @Loppi terminals at Lawson stores nationwide, HMV-OL, etc.

[Image 1d87417-5-fb0392876078dbd08c4c-0.jpg&s3=87417-5-b80ab3032f217adce5e0386fd6deece0-1500x1500.jpg
“TinyTAN round cushion (Dynamite) 2 types”
Size: H450mmxW450mmxD100mm
Material: Polyester
Type: Stage Ver. Character Ver.
Price: 2,750 yen each (tax included)
Release date: Saturday, November 19th
[Image 2d87417-5-0f374a4dbe2d55a44df0-1.jpg&s3=87417-5-48cf1127262fc6b72803cc07d2a818df-1500x1500.jpg
You can choose from 2 designs: “Stage Ver.” and “Character Ver.” Both designs are very cute♪
The front and back have different designs, so use them according to your mood that day!
[Image 3d87417-5-dc2e0e3fd0724d2034f6-2.jpg&s3=87417-5-5d45594b5116661938eab1a1701d8bd3-1500x1250.jpg
Just put it in your room and it will create a very nice atmosphere ♪ There is also a sense of volume, and it feels like you’ll want to touch it all the time with its chewy texture.
“TinyTAN cushion cover (Dynamite) 3 types”
Size: H450mmxW450mm
Material: 100% cotton
Types: orange, green, pink
Price: 1,485 yen each (tax included)
Release date: Saturday, November 19th
*Insulation cushion is not included.
[Image 4d87417-5-c9b92d8f2f34295cce2b-3.jpg&s3=87417-5-76910bc7d5f99d106b7c5e243a77fc28-1500x1500.jpg
You can choose from three designs: orange, green, and pink.
As it is 100% of cotton, the water absorptivity is outstanding, too! ! It’s a cover type, so it’s very convenient because it can be washed immediately ♪
[Image 5d87417-5-e1052db325bbcdf77815-4.jpg&s3=87417-5-ca49f0f0ee604cc38619e9399ef1bdc2-1500x1250.jpg

※The image is an image. It might be different from the real thing. *This product is available at some Lawson stores, in-store Loppi terminals, HMV-OL, etc.
*Please note that some stores may be out of stock or may not be available. *The delivery date may be delayed due to weather, traffic conditions, etc. Please note.

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