Introductory interview with actress and creative artist Non Business culture magazine “XD MAGAZINE” VOL.6 “Gift” released December 14, 2022 #xd_magazine

[Introductory interview with actress and creative artist Non] Business culture magazine “XD MAGAZINE” VOL.6 “Gift” released December 14, 2022 #xd_magazine

PLAID Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: CEO Kenta Kurahashi) will release the business culture magazine “XD MAGAZINE” VOL.6 on December 14, 2022 (Wednesday).
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The special theme of this issue is “gift”. In line with the season of Christmas, year-end gifts, and homecoming, we have planned a gift catalog project that spells out extremely personal episodes related to the “gifts” of 35 people who are active in various fields,
communication through gifts, and reading from gift-giving culture. In particular, we will explore the charm and possibilities of the act of “giving”, such as spirituality.
XD MAGAZINE will be sold at bookstores nationwide, plaid online store (, and online bookstores such as Amazon. “XD MAGAZINE” was launched under the theme of “values ​​we want to choose now”. With the goal of cutting out various genres of daily life, culture, and business from the consumer = customer’s point of view, we will raise various verbs as special themes as a “business culture magazine that reexamines the value of everyday life.” XD MAGAZINE VOL.6 Special Feature “Giving”
Introductory interview
Non (actress, creative artist)
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35 gifts
1-1 An unforgettable gift
Ayaka Wada, Nakako Hayashi, Kenta Kawara, Yukiko Sode, Hiroyuki , Maki Tezuka, Kazuko Uemoto
1-2 Reward yourself
Moe Wakabayashi, haru.
1-3 A small gift
Yuko Mori, Sekishiro, Mina Tabei, Palicco, Yoshio Tsujiyama
(Illustration) Mizuki Miyaoka
2-1 My standard product
Makoto Tanijiri, Kenichi Aono, P, Akira Sorimachi, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Hiroshi Eguchi, Takako Kida
2-2 Next
Keigo Kamide, Yuki Fujisawa, Meicho
2-3 Send words
Yuko Fumizuki, Ameko Kodama, Shigeto Kawahara, Kotobuki Shiriagari, Yuka Eda [Image 3d10620-222-061d7b3e744513d8b29b-2.jpg&s3=10620-222-2d8fda543ec6d20f73a59635f7aa4bee-3900x2619.jpg
1: Megumi Shinozaki (Flower Creator)
2: Noriyuki Morioka (Owner of Morioka Shoten Ginza) & Kaoruko Noroyama (Director of Western Confectionery West Co., Ltd.)
3: Natsuko Higa (Anthropologist)
4: Japanese culture of giving
Origata: Nobuhiro (Director of Origata Design Institute) Closing: Miyuki Sekine (Director of “Yuu YUU”)
Noshi: Noshitaro (Director of “The World of Noshi”)
Ichiro Matsuoka (Mayor of Higashikawa Town) & Shin Kikuchi (Manager of Industrial Promotion Division)
Izakaya “Rishiri”
Kita no Sumai Sekkeisha + Gurzy Calm Works
Kenji Oda (chair researcher)
1: Yasuhide Ogawa (Director, Gift Mall Online Gift Research Institute) 2: Naoko Yoshida (translator)
Chihiro Tamaki (MONO NO AWARE/MIZ) & Kentaro Cho (fashion designer) Creative planning
I have (not) lost it. Yusuke Kajitani (Writer)
● Special feature name: “Gift”
– Release date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
●Price: 880 yen
Issued by: PLAID Co., Ltd.
XD MAGAZINE is available at bookstores nationwide. We are looking for bookstores, cafes, general stores, etc. that can sell directly. If you wish to sell, please use the inquiry form
( 88%E3%82%8F%E3%81%9B).
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