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Ionic Co., Ltd.
Only on November 25th [Limited time 10% OFF coupon + points up to 30 times + points up to 7 times] The day when you get 5 at the official Kiss You direct sales SHOP Rakuten market store! Point up campaign now being held!
-Let’s achieve a “smile 100 years old” with the most recommended periodontal care by periodontal authorities! ~

Ionic Co., Ltd. (located in Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture, CEO: Mitsuru Nishikawa, hereinafter referred to as “Ionic”), a leading company in ion toothbrushes [with cumulative sales of more than 200 million ion toothbrushes], announced on November 25. As long as (Friday), the official Kiss You direct sales SHOP Rakuten Ichiba store has started the “Day with 5! Point UP campaign”, so we will inform you.
Please take this opportunity to use [periodontal care recommended by the authority of periodontology].
[Image 1

■Day with 5! Point up campaign
Entry URL: Valid period: Friday, November 25, 0:00-23:59
Target: All products of the official Kiss You direct sales SHOP Rakuten market store
Rakuten store URL:
■ How to get a coupon [Limited time 10% OFF coupon]
Coupon acquisition URL:–&rt= Coupon validity period: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 0:00 to November 27, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59
Coupon target: All products of official Kiss You direct sales SHOP Rakuten market store
Rakuten store URL:
■ Points up to 30 times: Featured products
・DP-111 IONPA home body
[Image 2

・DH-311 dry battery type IONPA home body
[Image 3

・DM-011 IONPA body
[Image 4

・IONPA beauty body (BDM-011PG)
[Image 5

・[Sterilization rate 99.9%] Ultraviolet + ozone Decomposes toothbrush odors and causative bacteria UV sterilization case with USB power supply Dry battery type
[Image 6

・[New product] Medicated toothpaste for adults “Ionic Beauty Gel” [Image 7

■Periodontal care recommended by periodontal authorities.
Electric toothbrush with ion effect and sonic vibration, IONPA series
[Video 2:] Dr. Yuichi Izumi, a leading researcher in periodontal disease research in Japan, has developed a strong desire to create an electric toothbrush with gentle vibrations that can be used as if you were manually brushing.
Izumi-sensei chose Ionic, the leading ion toothbrush company, as his partner. The “IONPA” series is a completely new electric toothbrush developed with a high track record of over 200 million ion toothbrush sales and technology backed by over 30 years of research.
The “IONPA” series, which adds sonic vibration to the ionic effect, loosens the bond between teeth and plaque with the ionic effect, so even if the vibration is not strong, plaque can be removed
efficiently. *
This electric toothbrush provides ideal oral care that can be used by people who are sensitive to strong vibrations and the elderly. The “IONPA” series is an electric toothbrush with an ion effect and sonic vibration that is recognized as the best authority in
*According to a test conducted by Tokyo Medical and Dental University, it has a plaque removal rate of 196% compared to manual brushing. The plaque removal effect of the IONPA series was announced at the international conference EuroPerio 9 held in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands in June 2018. Chihiro Kano, Koji Mizutani, Takahiro Ikawa, Takeaki Sudo, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Yuichi Izumi “The effect of electric-powered ionic toothbrushing on plaque removal – randomized clinical trial -”
■ IONPA series
[Image 8d27282-92-6b4affb43afe21f184d6-7.png&s3=27282-92-58b50ef9486f0cc373a0f4974f1fdb94-1112x584.png
■Company Profile
Official Kissyou direct sales SHOP URL: Company name: IONIC Co., Ltd.
Head office: 〒270-0145
914-1 Nazukari, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture
Phone: 04-7145-3516
Fax: 04-7143-0876
Representative: Mitsuru Nishikawa
Business description: Manufacture and sale of oral care products Main product: electronic ion toothbrush
Brand name: KISS YOU, IONPA, ionic
Corporate Philosophy: We are the leading company of ion toothbrush ・With a single toothbrush, we will protect the health of the whole body through the health of people’s mouth, and contribute to the realization of “smile 100 years old” to spend a lifetime with a smile. ・We aim to be a company that specializes in oral care and creates unique products that utilize ion effects and is loved by people all over the world.
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