IoT supports your training! App-linked training machine Mobi rowing machine ProMax is now available for limited pre-sale at machi-ya

LEAGUE Co., Ltd.
IoT supports your training! App-linked training machine [Mobi rowing machine ProMax] is now available for limited pre-sale at machi-ya To the ideal body while having fun! Enjoy full-body exercise with games!
LEAGUE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo) will help you achieve your ideal body while playing in your spare time. The app-linked training machine [Mobi Rowing Machine ProMax] has been announced on the crowdfunding site “machi-ya” from Monday, November 14, 2022.
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Get addicted to the game. Full content with a dedicated app! Effectively train your whole body. Aerobic exercise and calorie consumption in the gap time!
No storage space. Beautiful wood grain design that harmonizes with your interior!
[Mobi ProMax] is a rowing machine that perfectly reproduces the movement of rowing a boat using real “water”.
It is possible to effectively perform full-body aerobic exercise in a short time by linking with the app.
Enjoy your ideal body while staying in your room.
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You can enjoy training content in conjunction with a dedicated app. Dispel the loneliness of training with the sense of connection with game and friends.
You can make a habit of exercising without getting bored and get the ideal body. [Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

“High-quality aerobic exercise” using the “whole body” is possible. In one movement, about 84% of the muscles of the whole body, such as the muscles of the trunk, buttocks, arms, and legs, are used. You can get a healthy and beautiful body because you can train the whole body in a well-balanced manner.
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Adopt elegant and stylish design.
It harmonizes with the interior and does not spoil the impression of the room. It does not require support and stands on its own, so even women can easily stand it up without feeling the weight.
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Product Specifications
Gross weight: 20kg
Size when used: L199 x W48 x H55 (cm)
Seat height: 22 (cm)
Sheet size: L31 x W25 (cm)
Rowing length: 104 (cm)
Storage size: D55 x W48 x H199 (cm)
Height limit: 195cm
Capable load: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Supported OS: iOS, Android
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