IPG Co., Ltd. G-GUIDE OTT Link Service, “Panasonic” TV Receiver Starts to Be Provided

IPG Co., Ltd.
G-GUIDE OTT link service, “Panasonic” receivers start to be provided
IPG Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, President: Kento Okamoto, hereinafter “IPG”) is an electronic program in the target model * 1) of the Panasonic 4K TV “VIERA” released after 2020 from November 15th. We will start providing OTT link services in the table “G-GUIDE” (hereinafter “G-GUIDE”).
In addition, “TVer” and “TELASA” have been added to the distribution service linked from the program guide “G-GUIDE” by the OTT link function, and “Hulu” has been newly added.
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*1) Target model of Panasonic*4K TV “VIERA”
2022 model: LZ2000/LZ1800/LZ1000/LX950/LX900/LX800 series
2021 model: JZ2000/JZ1000/JX950/JX900/JX850/JX750 series
2020 model: HZ2000/HZ1800/HZ1000/HX950/HX900/HX850/HX750 series ・Update to the latest software is required.
The OTT link service is an extremely convenient service that displays links to missed distribution services and paid distribution services for each relevant content at the end of a TV program broadcast, enabling viewing of distributed program content directly from the program guide. is. Users’ viewing experience will be more convenient and enriched by being able to select the viewing method based on the program content, instead of the conventional style of selecting viewing content based on the distribution service.
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IPG will continue to work on expanding its distribution services and destinations, and will provide a rich viewing experience by developing highly convenient program viewing leads from the TV program guide “G-GUIDE” to broadcasting and communication content. will contribute to society.
About IPG
[IPG Co., Ltd.] https://www.ipg.co.jp/
Representative Director: Kento Okamoto
Capital: 100 million yen
Established: April 22, 1999
Location: Tokyo Portty Takeshiba 10F, 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Distribution business related to viewing content data, operation business
IPG is an official partner company that officially receives content information from broadcasting stations and distributors nationwide and officially operates viewing content metadata. We aim to revitalize the viewing industry by providing advanced viewing content metadata, maximizing the contact between content and viewers, and providing a rich viewing experience by operating G-Guide and providing promotional measures.
[Image 3d107518-6-28a22de4f9218a56cc88-4.png&s3=107518-6-657cfb4b91f1ae1bfa6c7e376ba4f1bf-214x72.png
* “G-Guide” is an electronic program guide (EPG) service provided by IPG, developed based on the electronic program guide technology of TiVo Corporation of the United States.
* “G-Guide Mobile” is an electronic program guide (EPG) service for mobile phone users developed based on the electronic program guide technology of US TiVo Corporation and provided by IPG.
*TiVo, G-GUIDE, G-GUIDE, and the G-GUIDE logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Corporation in the United States and/or its affiliates in Japan.
*G-guide related products are being developed and popularized in the Japanese market through collaboration between TiVo Corporation and IPG.
[Image 4d107518-6-cca00d9be5e3b171394a-5.png&s3=107518-6-2082477d53d2240f51e90281b395ba12-222x98.png
About Panasonic’s 4K TV “VIERA”
[Image 5d107518-6-9e0c68a72419a5bbb024-6.png&s3=107518-6-36c0742f74359c9d48e57a9ecfdac870-186x60.png
About Hulu
Online video distribution service launched in Japan in September 2011. More than 100,000 movies, dramas, variety shows, animations, music, and other works from Japan and abroad are available. You can also enjoy real-time distribution of sports, documentaries, and news from Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
You can watch it on a TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. that is connected to the Internet.
Monthly fee is 1,026 yen (tax included)
*We offer a 2-week free trial to first-time Hulu subscribers. https://www.hulu.jp/
[Image 6d107518-6-3348bf99cb2456b4f88f-7.png&s3=107518-6-f079037ca0d1c220ca661fd59cdcc864-158x86.png
About commercial broadcasting official TV distribution service “TVer” It is a free video distribution service that allows you to watch safe and secure content produced by commercial broadcasting stations completely free of charge.
In addition to free missed broadcasts on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and TV apps, live sports broadcasts, and real-time broadcasts (simultaneous terrestrial broadcasts) of programs centered on five commercial broadcasters during golden and prime times are also available.
[Image 7d107518-6-8ab82944179cf59afd92-8.jpg&s3=107518-6-9a7eaf9a58c778a0df5f12f6408a546e-232x100.jpg
A video distribution platform that started in April 2020.
As we enter the 5G era, whenever and wherever you like, in addition to TV Asahi’s popular programs, dramas, variety shows, anime, special effects, sports programs, domestic and foreign movies, documentaries, etc., new and original We offer a wide range of products, including You can watch it not only on your smartphone or PC, but also on the big screen of your TV. If you download it, you can enjoy it without worrying about data communication charges. The monthly fee starts from 618 yen (tax included). The first two weeks are free.

[Image 8d107518-6-4324645beac851ad20bd-9.png&s3=107518-6-d55d4675e7a9a55f862baf468cee5b41-252x98.png
[Image 9d107518-6-a5cf763c04b5de014e9b-10.jpg&s3=107518-6-2f8b9a6430bcc4e93a4978e65762ef32-304x126.jpg

About TiVo
TiVo unites entertainment. We help our viewers easily find, watch and enjoy. Live TV, on-demand services, streaming services, and countless apps to find the movies, shows, and videos that are right for you, so you can watch them the way you want. Analyzing audience fan bases to help production companies, TV stations and advertisers improve ratings and engagement on every screen. TiVo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc. Please visit https://business.tivo.com/en/ for more information.
About Xperi Inc.
Xperi invents, develops, and delivers technology that enables unprecedented experiences. Xperi’s technology is available through its own brands, partnerships (DTS(R), HD Radio(TM), IMAX(R) Enhanced, TiVo(R)) and startup Perceive, and powers billions of consumer devices worldwide. and media platforms to strongly support smart devices, connected cars, and entertainment. Xperi is building an integrated ecosystem to reach highly engaged consumers to add value for partners, customers and consumers. In 2022, Vewd was acquired by Xperi Inc. Xperi, DTS, IMAX Enhanced, HD Radio, Perceive, TiVo and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xperi Inc. affiliates in the United States and other countries. All other company, brand and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Contact information
IPG Co., Ltd. Corporate Headquarters Public Relations Team Person in charge: Ishino, Suzuki
Contact form: pr@ipg.co.jp TEL: 03-6860-2811

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