ISARIBI Co., Ltd. METEORA st.’s proud anisong dance performer “REAL AKIBA BOYZ” will appear at the worldwide YouTube community festival “YouTube FanFest 10”!

METEORA st.’s proud anime song dance performer “REAL AKIBA BOYZ” will appear at the worldwide YouTube community festival “YouTube FanFest 10”!
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The popular anime song dance performer “REAL AKIBA BOYZ” (belonging to METEORA st.), whose YouTube channel subscribers exceeded 500,000 at the end of September the other day, will perform at a special venue in the Republic of Singapore on November 11, 2022 (Japan time). Appeared in the YouTube community festival “YouTube FanFest 10” held at ISARIBI Co., Ltd. will deliver an after-sales report on this event, which was distributed in real time and attracted a great deal of attention not only from Japanese fans but also from all over the world.
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event report
The “YouTube FanFest 10” held this time is a world where creators and broadcasters from all over the world who have gathered a lot of attention and a large number of subscribers that year gather together and talk and perform live on a special stage at the Singapore venue. It is the largest YouTube official event.
At the event, the Indian rapper and comedian “CarryMinati” who boasts about 37 million subscribers, and the popularity that gained about 500,000 subscribers in about a year after opening the YouTube channel. K-POP idol “Billlie” appears. Among Japanese-speaking groups such as “Travis Japan” and “Akane Kikaku”, REAL AKIBA BOYZ, along with their co-stars, gave a big boost to the special stage set up at the Singapore venue and to the streaming audience.
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 Eight members of REAL AKIBA BOYZ, excluding “Ness” (Ness did not participate in this event due to her solo performance in Japan), appeared as dance performers at the end of the event. Despite the pressure of big co-stars who boast tens of millions of channel subscribers, their first world-scale stage, and worldwide
distribution, they showed a brilliant performance.
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REAL AKIBA BOYZ, who appeared in response to the MC’s call, first performed a dance performance of “Gun’s & Roses”. Each member’s solo dance was fully fascinated with the cool brass rock. REAL AKIBA BOYZ overturned the Singapore audience’s first impression of a strange group of Japanese people dressed in checkered shirts with sharp windmills and head spins.
Also, one of REAL AKIBA BOYZ’s characteristics is that they are not only cool, but also attractive. Cheers and loud laughter erupted from the audience at the moment when Atsuki Suzumiya, Maron, DRAGON, Toushi, and Ryu performed a combination technique and a human bicycle in the song. .
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In the performance of “Gurenka” that followed, there was a complete change from the previous solo performance, and a dance filled with a sense of unity with breathing was performed. The beautiful
choreography, in which Toushi, who is surrounded by everyone else in a circle, expresses flowers in full bloom with Tat Dance (a dance that is expressed only with fingertips and hands), is particularly impressive.
The finale was the dance to the song “New Era” centered on “Ryu”, the youngest active high school member who joined REAL AKIBA BOYZ the other day. Only a few months after becoming a member, Tatsu was able to take on the big stage of overseas performances and real-time broadcasts all over the world.
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After the song ended, “Keitan” greeted and thanked the audience and viewers, and then REAL AKIBA BOYZ left the stage. Although it was a short time with only 3 songs and less than 10 minutes in total, there is no doubt that it was a dense stage that demonstrated its presence in the world.
In addition, the distribution archive of this event can be viewed for free from the official channel of YouTube FanFest. For those who want to watch the stage again, as well as those who couldn’t watch the live broadcast, please see the archive below.
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【event name】
YouTube FanFest 10
[Distribution archive]
[Event official website]
[Event official SNS account]
・ Twitter
[Performers (listed only for Japanese-speaking YouTubers)]
REAL AKIBA BOYZ/Travis Japan/Akane Kikaku and others
* Additional performers for the Japan performance will be announced on the official Twitter account above!
REAL AKIBA BOYZ information
A big announcement for REAL AKIBA BOYZ’s 15th anniversary!
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-Nissin Tsukiho- Live will be held from 19:00 on Sunday, December 18, 2022! Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the activity, REAL AKIBA BOYZ, a representative Akihabara otaku dancer team with over 800 million views of related videos on the Internet, serves as a backing band at live performances, and is a soul mate band that develops many song collaborations. Held an online live at Nissin Foods Powerster Reboot with the first Gian!
After the live, REAL AKIBA BOYZ x the second Gian will deliver a special after-talk!
Don’t miss the excitement of the two groups of “Nissin” Tsukiho, just as excited as they were at Hibiya Noon’s one-man show! !
■ Performance time
・ 19:00 ~ 21:30 Live performance + after talk
*There are several 10-minute transitions between the main part of the live and the after talk.
*Delivery time is subject to change.
*For details, see the official website
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RAB ESPICE 2nd Anniversary Live “ESPICE CountDown ~Onedari Ranking~” ■ Held at Shinjuku FACE on Friday, November 25th!
#ESPICE 2nd anniversary
Reception URL:
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 REAL AKIBA BOYZ will make a major debut as a dance artist from Victor Entertainment for the first time in Japan!
Scheduled for release in spring 2023
*Details will be announced at a later date
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The total number of related videos played on the Internet exceeds 300 million! Represent Akihabara’s otaku dancer team “REAL AKIBA BOYZ”!
In the field of breakdance, while still making achievements such as participating in world competitions as a representative of Japan, he continues to post “dancing videos” choreographed for anime songs, vocaloids, and JPOP on the Internet, and works that exceed millions of views one after another. and is produced.
Appeared in the official YouTube “YouTube FanFest 2021”, and in 2022, the world’s largest anime song festival “Animelo Summer Live” and the music festival “Kuro Fes” hosted by Shigeru Matsuzaki. Expanding the range of activities as an artist and YouTuber.
・REAL AKIBA BOYZ Official Website
・REAL AKIBA BOYZ Official Twitter

・REAL AKIBA BOYZ Official Facebook
・REAL AKIBA BOYZ Official YouTube
・REAL AKIBA BOYZ Official Bilibili Video ・REAL AKIBA BOYZ Official TikTok
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REAL AKIBA BOYZ/Komazawa Isolation/GinyuforcE/FLAVA
JAPAN/datto/Hayaken/NARI Digitz/Atsuki
Janai!/Ryu/Gear/ Getz/Takuya Shiono (Umebou)/DJ Caesar/RK/Keisuke Terashima (A.T.E)/Keigo Inoue/Maron/Yuta ONE/Hidemasa Jinguji/Yuki Hosaka/Tomohiro Yamashita (Nurunuru Co., Ltd.)/Ryu/D / Love Matsu / Hisano Motohiro / Iresu / SHO / SALT COMMUNICATION / Kurusu Usako / DJ Michii Yu / Matsushita Riko / Shiho / MISAKI / Taguchi Kayu / Hamunezuko / Kashiwamori Tama. / Suzuno / Uni Amatsu / Prince Ponyo / Ichiho Shirahata / Hikari Izumi / Mikuno Tachikawa / Kana Sekiguchi / Aonoa / Tamaki / Yuriko Tiger / Risamaru
“I will destroy the “me” I have been up until now.” With the theme of “”, otaku of all genres who can be active in the world belong, centering on dance, we will develop business with the aim of being an office, agent, and training organization for creators with influence ability in the music and art field. increase.
“METEORA st.” is a music and art influencer label for creators with influence abilities, established by ISARIBI Co., Ltd.
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