ISARIBI Co., Ltd. TV animation “In a different world with a smartphone. 2” Broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS TV To kyo, and AT-X from April 2023! Main visual & first PV released!

TV anime “In a different world with a smartphone. 2” Broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo, and AT-X from April 2023! Main visual & first PV released!

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Ban information
〇Broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo, AT-X from April 2023!
〇 The first PV released!
〇 Main visual released on the official website!
〇Cast comments have arrived!

The original series has sold over 2.5 million copies! A new, stress-free life in another world that’s cuter and more fun! Although he died once, Mochizuki Touya, who was reincarnated in another world by the power of God, makes full use of his smartphone and travels around the world with his cute fiancée, who are increasing one after another. Let’s be together”, the popular different world fantasy with a cumulative total of over 400 million PV and a total of over 2.5 million copies in the book series, “In a different world with your smartphone. ] will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo, and AT-X from April 2023!
The official website has released the main visual, as well as the first PV using the main video, and the main cast’s comments during dubbing.
Main visual release
The main visual will be released on the official website.
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PV 1st release
YouTube channel: First PV:
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I’m Katsumi Fukuhara, who plays Mochizuki Touya.
Once again, congratulations on the broadcast of “In Another World With Your Smartphone.2”!
Along with the cheat class status received from God and the smartphone that is becoming more and more versatile,
This time, we will continue to deliver adventures, battles, and leisurely lives! Don’t worry if something disturbing happens in the story! For now, Touya will do something about it!
Look forward to Touya laying on the buttocks of the cute and reliable wives and the Babylon Sisters!

Marika Takano (role of Yumina Elnea Belfast)
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Continuing from the 1st term… Yumina-san in the 2nd term is quite aggressive! Since the 1st episode, she has been demonstrating her unwavering sense of being a legal wife, so be sure to pay attention to her!
During the post-recording, from the heart-pounding sweet scene, to the familiar non-stressful development,
And the script was full of humor and the scene was friendly from beginning to end! Please look forward to the activities of the cute new characters who will increase your guesses!

Maaya Uchida (role of Elze Sileska)
[Image 12

Second season of Isesuma!
Touya, who has more and more wives, is amazing…!
I was thinking that I would be happy if I could see a lot of Elsie’s happy faces in the second season as I went into the recording. Please look forward to what kind of story it will be ♪
I look forward to the second season of Isesuma!

Yui Fukuo (role of Lindze Sileska)
[Image 13

Isesuma 2 dubbing has ended!
Ugh, I was really happy to see Lindsay in an animation after a long time…! ! In the 1st season, Lindsay was often with her older sister.
From the 2nd season onwards, the number of exchanges with the people who became brides together and the girls who became new companions increased.
I recorded each episode with a fresh feeling.
And most of all, I loved how he and Touya became friends with each other…! ! During the recording period, I was excited every day to be touched by the happy world of Isesma. I’m looking forward to the broadcast date of the anime! !

Chinatsu Akasaki (role of Yae Kokonoe)
[Image 14

It was a fun recording to meet Isesuma members after a long time. At the Isesuma post-recording specialty, “Introduction from the teacher”, we received Sendai’s famous confectionery at the beginning of the Hagi month, as well as confectionery from all over Japan. I remembered the atmosphere of the first season.
I want to have a tea party with my teacher someday!
In the recording, the heroines and Touya, with the slogan “Bright, cute, pop!” And the conversation between the wives progressed lively with the “usual feeling”.
Of course Yae has cute scenes, but I would like you to pay attention to her crisp and brave appearance.
Season 2 will be more global than ever,
Touya is the same in many ways, so I’m relieved (laughs)

Nanami Yamashita (role of Susi Ernea Ortlinde)
[Image 15

I was able to play Lean after a long time, and it was a lot of fun! A new friend…? Bride…? Despite the appearance of , Rin is happily messing around with Touya, praising her curiosity and grinning as usual. Please pay attention to the cute efforts of the brides!

Miyu Takagi (role of Lucia Rhea Regulus)
[Image 17d60459-248-945cd6ee801be68c8ecc-10.jpg&s3=60459-248-546caaa3d4953647d77552c83c6816a1-1366x2048.jpg
Isesuma 2 is very exhilarating as it unfolds steadily!
I wonder how far Touya will be able to match both adventure and love at the post-recording site? !
I was looking forward to it every week while talking about it. Lucia is a new character from this season, but she’s a really good girl…! The way she thinks hard about what she can do for Touya-sama is very brave and cute.
Also, besides Touya and all the heroines, there are many unique characters that appear, which is gorgeous!
Look forward to it! !

Yu Serizawa (role of Hildegard Minas Restia)
[Image 18d60459-248-1b7a2d24059eb0677feb-14.jpg&s3=60459-248-70c228a4003f613550b37677230a9c4f-1800x2700.jpg
It was my first time playing Hilda since the voice drama,
The anime was filled with more Hilda’s maiden parts and was unbearably cute. I was able to communicate well with Mr. Fukuhara during the recording, and I was able to communicate with Mr. Touya.
I finally realized that I was able to join the Isesuma family. I hope you enjoy the gap between the strong Hilda and the girlish Hilda. Stay tuned for the anime broadcast!

Miyu Kubota (role of Sakura)
[Image 19d60459-248-9be5db6a1614e2f902ef-15.jpg&s3=60459-248-a0dbbae39f48b7749ac7d12b8c3233bb-1800x2700.jpg
Up until now, I had been voicing for the drama CDs without visuals, so it was a little thrilling to voice Sakura while she was in the video…!
I myself am excited to see the movement in the completed animation! I would be happy if you could look forward to it until it appears.

Outline of work
With the addition of a new bride candidate, Touya becomes increasingly lively, and the romantic comedy and adventures of the nine heroines unfold.
In addition, Touya’s cheat ability is also powered up, a new series that fans in Japan and overseas have been waiting for.
Mochizuki Touya, who died due to God’s mistake, starts a second life in another world.
Touya has a body raised by God and a smartphone that can be used in another world.
While meeting various people and gaining precious friends, the protagonist will eventually learn the secrets of this world. Inheriting the legacy of an ancient civilization, joining forces with the kings of a carefree world, together with unique girls
He travels around the world carefree.
■ Work name
A different world with a smartphone. 2
■ Broadcast information
Broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo, AT-X from April 2023
■ Staff
Original: Patra Fuyuhara (published by HJ Novels/Hobby Japan) Character draft: Age Usagizuka
Director: Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Series composition: Deko Akao
Character design/chief drawing director: Chinatsu Kameyama
Art Director: Eiji Iwase
Color design: Eiko Nishi
Director of Photography: Yutaka Kurosawa
Editing: Ayumi Yamagishi (REAL-T)
Music: Kei Yoshikawa, Kohei Yamada
Music Production: Pony Canyon
Sound Director: Takumi Ito
Animation production: J.C.STAFF
■ Cast
Mochizuki Touya: Katsumi Fukuhara
Yumina Elnea Belfast: Marika Takano
Elze Sileska: Maaya Uchida
Lindze Sileska: Yui Fukuo
Nine fold double: Chinatsu Akasaki
Susi Ernea Ortlinde: Nanami Yamashita
Lean: Sumire Uesaka
Lucia Rare Regulus: Miyu Takagi
Hildegard Minas Restia: Yu Serizawa
Sakura: Miyu Kubota
■ Official website & Twitter
TV anime official website:
TV anime official Twitter: Recommended hashtag #Isesuma
■ Work credit
(C) Patra Fuyuhara Hobby Japan / In a different world with a smartphone. 2 Production Committee
*Please include the above copyright when posting images.
■Original information
[Image 20d60459-248-f383cf05aeac0460bc90-6.jpg&s3=60459-248-381f774ad582e760ddb5d5d9990573b6-1512x2220.jpg
“In a different world with a smartphone. Volumes 1-27”
HJ Novels (Hobby Japan)
List price: 1,320 to 1,430 yen each (tax included)
HJ Novels Official Website:

[Image 21d60459-248-8c5798129dd2d84ae21b-20.jpg&s3=60459-248-68ed3ebf9e6468e8ef4a4b63ac4a594c-703x1000.jpg
“In a different world with a smartphone. 1 to 12”
Kadokawa Comics Ace (KADOKAWA)
Regular price: 638-704 yen (tax included)
Comp Ace Official Website:

Corporate information
Established: April 2020
Representative: Keita Sakakibara
Location: LIFORK AKIHABARAII R5C, 3-13-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Business: Entertainment production / promotion and planning / entertainment content / event production / artist/creator management ISARIBI Co., Ltd., centered on CEO Keita Sakakibara, has received capital investment from HoriPro International Co., Ltd., Anomaly Co., Ltd., and Global Business Lab Co., Ltd. All 10 up-and-coming creative companies (Abu Co., Ltd. Stream Creation, Azbit Co., Ltd., Anera Co., Ltd., ARTiMADE Co., Ltd., Shibutoshi Co., Ltd., Rebrast Co., Ltd., Speedy Co., Ltd., addgroove Co., Ltd., FNMD Co., Ltd., Sekikan Co., Ltd.) Our mission is to create new next-generation entertainment and develop innovative businesses with 13 talents and technologies. Focusing on planning and production functions, sales and advertising agency functions, we provide “planning and directing business,” “live production business,” “festival business,” “management business,” “IP creation business,” “video production business,” and “dance business” that accompany the entertainment business. ”, “Influencer business”, “Internet related business including YouTube”, “Regional and regional revitalization business”, etc. .
WOWOW 30th anniversary original feature animation “Eien no 831” advertising production
Johoku Shinkin Bank “COSA ON online” Creative
■ TV anime “Digimon Ghost Game” ending theme/theme song creative (music/choreography/MV)
■ Professional Dance League “D.LEAGUE” Participating Team KOSE Co., Ltd. “KOSE 8ROCKS” Producer, Management Support
TBS “The 63rd Shining! Japan Record Awards” Special Award Ado Special MV “Gira Gira / Ado” Creative
■ Google “I DISPLAY music.” illustration
Produced by Fuji-Q Highland NARUTO VR attraction “NARUTO x BORUTO Fuji Konohagakure no Sato”
“METEORA st.” is a music and art influencer label for creators with influence abilities, established by ISARIBI Co., Ltd.
ISARIBI Co., Ltd. is the TV anime “In Another World With Your Smartphone. 2” PV, logo, etc. I am in charge of design related to work production.

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